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What the hell was wrong with the world that one of the Golden Kings was calling a meeting? Apparently, it was urgent enough that it was basically an all-hands on deck type situation with whatever was going to be discussed but ...

Well, no. Kasidhe needed to step up her game, after all. Clearly, her leaving the Guardians to their own devices had led to them giving Cynthia ideas. She actually had been running patrols and then some whenever she was not working, doing her part to help lessen the presence of the Dark Alliance, but it meant nothing if she did not keep the others informed.

(Even if, in the back of her mind, she was beginning to feel a little targeted with some of the youma she had dealt with. It was almost as if someone was trying to say something, send a message, about her. As if annoying, whiny, youma that could barely warble much less hold a tune was meant to be a dig in someway. That was just ridiculous to think about. No one within the Dark Alliance would have any reason to be that targeted.)

Since when did a leader need to keep those within their crew informed?! Leaders just did what needed to be done and told the rest afterward! Okay, so, maybe she should have kept them better informed, up-to-date with what she was doing but should've, could've, would've got her nowhere. What she needed to do was get back into the Crystal Palace and just ... reaffirm her place.

Remind them that there was a reason she was Sailor Venus, leader of the Sailor Guardians, Protector and Double to Neo Queen Serenity. Which was why her first stop before whatever stupid meeting happened--look, she knew Elysion was a big deal and all but Nasir was okay-ish and clearly, they could figure something out to take it back--was to speak with Lucy.

Clear up any misconceptions there were.

Make sure that she knew that Kasidhe was not going to let the team fall apart just because-

Just because Cynthia was getting them all up in arms about the fact she could transform again.

This is what brought Kasidhe inevitably to the training room, catching sight of Lucy who most certainly looked like she was trying to decimate one of the training dummies. Not that that ever intimidated Kasidhe or made her rethink the entire approach and way she imagined this going in her mind.

Nope, she was going to bulldoze right through the situation and get it done.

"Hey, Lucy!" There was no inquiry in her voice, just the assumption that Lucy would give her the attention and focus she was here for. "We gotta talk."

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Lucy had thought that she'd gotten all of the frustrations about the situation with Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars out of her system. She was wrong. Everything to do with the Galactica and Sailor Star Healer had effectively allowed it all to bubble to the surface again - with that added, extra stresser. Star Healer was their ally even if Saariyah Bhasin wasn't Lucy's friend, to be completely honest she thought that Saariyah was stuck up and had since before she even knew that she was a Sailor Guardian, but that was besides the point. She was still a fine warrior and now the relative inaction of the Crystal Empire had led to them harming their greatest allies.

If Fireball wanted to declare war on the Earth and all of the guardians of the Sol system Lucy wouldn't have been surprised. One of her personal Guardians had been taken from her, the result of something that they had done, and ultimately something that could probably have been entirely preventable. She'd have a talk with Jeremiah, probably a stern one, about why they thought what they were doing was smart in the first place. She was going to have to have words, she knew that much, but the point of the matter was that it was all just sort of boiling to the surface again like it had months ago.

At least she could apparently count on Cynthia listening to her. She was the only one that seemed to be doing that recently.

She was grateful for the conversation that they'd had months ago. Without it Cyn probably never would have tried to take back the keys to the kingdom, and she never might have tried to reclaim her position as Sailor Moon - especially with another one wandering about in the world, which was another thing that while Lucy wasn't overly concerned about was on her mind. The Dark Alliance even being a thing, who was involved with it, the new presence of an apparent prince... Yeah. There was a reason that when her fists connected with the training dummy in front of her, she felt it. And it could be heard from the halls.

She had connected a punch when she heard the call of Kasidhe's voice as she approached her. At first, it wasn't entirely recognized that it was Kasidhe so Lucy let out a deep sigh and turned toward whoever it was with her eyes closed. Her hair was up in a messy bun but the edges still showed sweat from the training; she'd have to shower before the meeting. "I asked not to be disturbed, what is i--" She stoppped at the end of the sentence as her eyes opened and she saw who it was standing in front of her. There were a lot of things that she wanted to say to the woman in front of her, but she started with...

"What do you want? The meeting isn't until a few hours from now." It was a harsh greeting to be sure, especially for someone who she used to be close with. But that talk in Infinity City, at the church... that bothered her. It stuck. Kasidhe really thought that she was still doing what was expected, that she was free to do as she chose here in Crystal City even while it burned down around them. Because of the fact that Mars was also fired by Neo Queen Serenity, her inability to do her judge had led to Cyn promoting Lucy twice, effectively. She was alright with that.

"Alright. Talk. This should be good." She said, taking a sip from the bottle of water that was sitting nearby and looking at Kasidhe intensely.

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"Oh, my bad," said Kasidhe when Lucy said she had not wanted to be interrupted. That explained why there was that one palace servant had tried to stop her before she had just pushed on right by them. Oh well, it was what it was and she needed to talk to her.

"What's with the tone and attitude? Rude much," she said, not missing a beat in response--because seriously what was was up Lucy?--and her nose wrinkling up. Clearly she had been gone long enough that the Sailor Guardian (and Princess) of Jupiter thought it was acceptable to talk to her leader like that and get away with. "We're going to have to work on that now that I'm back because that's what I want to talk about."

Honestly, it would not be brought up but she had given up a position within supernova to make a point. Even if that point was kind of stupid and petty; it would show that she had lost things too all because the Dark Alliance was forcing their hands. Thankfully, she was smart enough to not mention something like that to Lucy.

... for the moment.

"I'm really happy that you stepped up and covered things for me while I was carrying out some patrols and reconnaissance but you don't have to anymore, Lucy. I'm back and will be resuming leadership full-time. Cynny needs her protector and double now more than ever." A warm smile was given to Lucy, Kasidhe taking a step forward to touch her friend's shoulder. "I think you've done great, by the way, even if I don't agree with some of the things that have happened. I won't hold it against you because it's in the past and I'm not someone who holds petty grudges like that."

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Was this really the way that Kasidhe wanted to start whatever this was? The moment that she asked about the attitude Lucy's stance shifted from something that had been attempting to relax to being on guard. She crossed her arms over her chest, and her eyes narrowed. Was Kasidhe really that oblivious to the things that had actually gone on around the palace in the time that she was apparently doing patrols? Which, even if that was what she was doing shouldn't have been an actuality. Kasidhe might have still been a Sailor Guardian but she let go of any position of leadership due to negligence.

"There's nothing that has to be worked on." Lucy said plainly, loudly enough so that she knew that Kasidhe heard her - but it didn't seem like the blonde was paying attention. That seemed to be the record of Venus in general the past few months at the very least and she was making it ever clearer the more that she spoke now... and Lucy let her. Luciana let Kasidhe dig her own grave, and make her own assumptions, even if it made her angry. And it did. Lucy had inherited the position of leadership out of necessity but it wasn't something that she was just going to pass off because Kasidhe was apparently back and thought that she was entitled to it.

As Kasidhe rounded toward the end of her presumptuous, entitled insistence that she be the leader again Lucy's own smile met Kasidhe's. But Lucy's smile was different. It wasn't a soft, warm, or polite. It was cold, fake, and showed that she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Lucy had always been the type to wear her emotions on her face, and she didn't bother even trying to hide it; not when she was fourteen and not now. "Gee, you're welcome for actually stepping up and doing your job for you while you pranced around on stage and acted like there was nothing wrong." Lucy cracked her knuckles and stepped forward.

"What makes you think that you can just come back and take leadership like that? You didn't give this to me. Cyn did. And it wasn't something that she did "just 'cause." She did it because Mercury and I have been the only ones around the palace lately, outside of the Outers and the Golden Kings. I was the one that was at the Masquerade Ball when someone nearly killed Cynthia and Metaria announced that she was back. I was the one that protected her then. Jeremiah's been the one that has been acting as her body double in your absence. Where were you?" Lucy said, her smile eventually fading to the cold and severe look that had been on her face before.

"You don't get to waltz back in here and act like nothing has happened. So no, you will not be resuming full leadership until Cynthia gives us the go-ahead for you to do so and that definitely won't happen without some sort of actual effort on your side." She said, pausing. "Do you even think that you're fit to lead? Are you sure that you're up to snuff?" Lucy asked - it was a dare, because the guardian of protection was sure she knew the answer.

Somewhere, in the back of her mind, warning bells started going off at that smile being on Lucy's face. The problem, of course, was that Kasidhe had made an art form out of ignoring both warning bells, common sense, and that whisper of a voice that was her conscience going are you really sure you're doing the right thing? It was the kind of smile that would--and did--concern most. The only sign that it had with Kasidhe was that she squared her shoulders and straightened up, no longer so slumped over and relaxed.

"Excuse me?" Kasidhe's arms crossed, though it was the loose sort of posture that could be switched up on the fly (especially because of that crackle of the knuckles). Not that Lucy stopped when she spoke up, instead just continuing and letting it all out. None of it was anything she wanted to hear, face flushing, and anger beginning to show.

"That doesn't work," she started, trying to wrap her mind around not only Lucy as the leader but Jeremiah as Cynthia's double. "And it doesn't matter where I was but if you really have to know I was on patrols and keeping an eye on Dark Alliance movements. Someone has to be on the front lines and not here in the palace all the time!" Which had really only supported her keeping out of the Crystal Palace and furthering her career. The words, however true they were, felt hollow in the face of what Lucy said.

"If we don't have a proper presence, if we don't deal with the daemons, then the people don't believe in us!" Again, they felt hollow, and as she thought about it ... There had not been as much of a daemon presence of late, not as heavy as it had been when she first started out. They had come after her, as if sensing her presence, but now the incidents had been fewer and farther between and far away from where she patrolled.

Never mind that her transformation had felt different to her.

Yet it was Lucy's last words that really had Kasidhe's face turning red, flushed with anger. "Just what are you implying?" she snapped out. "If you think I can't still wipe the floor with you, you're out of your mind, because I can." She stalked forward, not quite reaching out for Lucy but clearly in a position to do something if it came to it. "You telling me I have to kick your ass to prove that I'm still leader, Lucy?"

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Man, Kasidhe sure had a big fucking mouth on her. Lucy didn't move when she came closer and she let her talk; Lucy didn't say anything. But her grin turned into a malevolent smirk as Kasidhe mentioned the fact that she had been out on patrol, taking out petty little demons instead of sitting around the palace. it was great that she thought that everyone was sitting around and doing nothing - it just went to prove that she hadn't been around to know any better. Zoisite was out frequently. Lucy herself was. Alexis was. They took shifts because they were needed here even more.

But then Kasidhe said something that was funny. Even when they were kids, despite the fact that Sailor Venus was meant to be the leader of the Sailor Guardians, she wasn't the strong one. She got a sword that denoted her position but otherwise, they all had the same amount of usefulness when they were on the field. They each had something that they could do that set them apart from the others - and to be completely frank, Kasidhe's wasn't hand to hand combat. It was tactics, if anything, or her charisma. It was a way of getting people to listne to her. But it was never, ever her fighting prowess.

So where the fuck did she get the idea that she could ever beat Lucy's ass? Lucy was the Guardian of Protection. She was the last line of defense. When it came to the Sailor Guardians her fighting prowess was second only to Sailor Uranus, and even then that was questionable. So when Kasidhe insisted that she could kick Lucy's ass, especially here and now, Lucy burst out laughing. It wasn't a laugh that indicated she found something funny in the normal laugh. It was cold, malevolent, calculated. Each 'ha' was it's own syllable. Lucy clapped and let it draw out slowly.

"Mind telling me exactly when it was that you could kick my ass, Kas?" Lucy said finally after allowing herself to take a moment. Her eyes narrowed. "Was it five years ago? Ten? During the Sailor Wars? Or any of the other conflicts? The Silver Millennium? Because none of those things are true." Lucy said, leaning back a bit to be at her full height. She may not have been imposing when measured up against Uranus or Pluto but she was still plenty imposing. "You were on the same level as Jacqui and Janya. All things considered, so was I, but..." Lucy got into Kasidhe's face for a moment.

"You seem to be forgetting that it was my job to be strong. To know how to fight. The fact that I've been beating up bitches who thought they were better than they actually are since I was fourteen years old." And with that, Jupiter stepped back. She could see that Kasidhe was getting red in the face and was about ready to do something. That was okay. That was what Lucy wanted. "And if you don't believe me, you're definitely welcome to try something. I want you to try something." And that was that. That was all that needed to be said.

In that same moment Kasidhe closed the distance between the two of them and attempted to swing her fist. Lucy ducked below the fist, causing the punch to go nowhere but to allow Kasidhe's arm to hang in the air. And in the moment that it just hung there Lucy reacted, grabbing onto it and coming to her full height, then tossing Kasidhe with her full strength over her shoulder. Kasidhe fell and Lucy let her go, allowing her to thump hard against the ground beneath her. Lucy loomed over Venus, but she didn't help her up.

"Any questions? Or do I need to school you again?"

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