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Dion had been good.

In fact, he was still being good. That he had not just bulldozed his way through the Crystal Palace and demanded to see his daughter showed incredible restraint on his part. Yet he could wait no longer, especially since he would have to cover what happened with Elysion as soon as possible. Dion had already given the go-ahead to release an update with what they knew so far but ...

They had to provide the people with the truth.

Of course, that was only part of what had him practically storming his way through the Crystal Palace. The other part was that he knew what had happened to Nasir. More than that: he knew that Cynthia, Mason, and those Golden Kings had also been hurt in the process!

That he had not just kicked open a door and demanded answers was a miracle in of itself. Though the fact he had dedicated time to reassure his wife and son that their daughter and sister (respectively) was alright had helped secure that miracle. (The texts he had exchanged with Cynthia, as well as the short phone call, had just barely been enough to keep him from showing up.)

Now, however, that did not matter.

Anyone in his path was ignored, politely moved past, and not paid any attention. Dion headed straight for where he knew his daughter would be, once again just barely resisting kicking the door open. He did practically throw it open, mouth opened to ask for answers.

Only for him to blink rapidly at the sight before him.

His mouth closed with a resounding clack, Dion continuing to blink over and over again. There was not one person but two people behind his daughter's desk. While it was not entirely out of place, the fact that both individuals looked like his daughter was.

Raising a hand, Dion slid his glasses off to clean them and then looked once more when they were back on.

... there were still two of his daughter with matching expressions (never mind the matching attire).

"Papa? Are you okay?" asked the Cynthia on the left side. Even the worry in her voice and look in her baby blues was spot-on.

"Yes, I'm-" started Dion before quickly shaking his head. "No! There's two of you! That isn't even why I am here but let's cover that before we begin discussing what happened with Elysion and if you're alright." His gaze flicked between both Cynthias, looking for not only some sort of tell but trying to spot the differences. (So far, of course, there was not any.)

Cynthia knew that this was a bad idea.

When word had reached her and Jeremiah that her Papa had arrived, the fact that they’d decided to use this as a test made Cynthia uncomfortable. Soon, her Papa made his way into the room, and Cynthia felt tense.

She wasn’t good at feigning these sorts of things. Sure, she was good at feigning when it needed to be, but…. This wasn’t one of those moments where she felt so intensely sure that she couldn’t tell anyone else a deep secret. Cynthia wasn’t good at lying to her Papa.

She was able to keep the secret that she was Sailor Moon for so long because she knew that it’d make her family worry, that they wouldn’t agree to it. It was an identity that for their safety, she had to keep hidden all those years – and she apparently didn’t do a good job at it, either, according to her Papa. Yet, even after all this time, it still made her giggle inside that (Shingo) admired her from afar.

When Jeremiah spoke up first, she was even surprised that he used the word Papa as that was what she commonly addressed him with. Soon, the frantic words that came out of her Papa’s mouth made Cynthia nervous.

She couldn’t keep up this act, far from it!

Cynthia stood, moving to reassure her Papa that she was okay. Her facial expressions met his frantic ones as she made gestures. “Papa, Papa, I’m okay, I promise,” Cynthia urged. “Everyone’s okay. Well, I mean…most of us are okay. But we’re working on Elysion~!”

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Dion could only continue to blink but soon enough the truth of the situation revealed itself: the Cynthia on the right side was his true daughter. As soon as she got close enough, he was reaching and pulling her into a hug (where he even properly tucked her head under her chin after gently brushing a kiss to her hair).

"I'm glad everyone is as okay as they can be then, but ..." he trailed off as the other Cynthia moved to stand up and that revealed just how much taller she was than his true daughter. The combination of the desk and sitting behind it had helped hide that fact somewhat.

He watched as the other Cynthia made a gesture with her hand, a glow enveloping her body until the attire became a suit and she became a he.

"Doctor Mercer?" Dion sounded incredulous, again tempted to check his glasses once more. The silver-haired man tucked a loose strand of silver behind an ear, a gesture that was not entirely unfamiliar to him and one he had seen Cynthia do countless times.

"My apologies for the subterfuge, Director Lunette. I've taken over Guardian Venus's duties--that of being a protector and double--and wished to test it upon someone who knows her best," said Jeremiah, adjusting his cuffs and giving Dion an apologetic smile. "In her defense, she was not keen on the deception."

At that, Dion could not help but let out a chuckle. He once again squeezed his daughter with one last hug before letting her go. "Well ... I can't be mad about that, I suppose, especially since I can understand why you would want to make sure it can pass." More than that: Dion was well aware that Kasidhe Eliott had not been a presence within the Crystal Palace for some time. It made sense that someone would take up the position.

"I admit it is unorthodox but aside from the height, I would say it works." Dion paused for a moment, looking back and forth between Cynthia and Jeremiah. "Honestly, if I did not know already where you were from, I might wonder if you were related to our family somehow."

Jeremiah let out a chuckle as Dion looped his daughter's arm through his and patted her arm with his hand.

"Come sit down with me and let's discuss things." Was it a surprise that there was a small loveseat for two to sit on in Cynthia's office? No, probably not, but it was there that Dion sat down so that his daughter could join him. "It's good you are here as well," added Dion, looking back towards Jeremiah who was settling back down at Cynthia's desk and looking over some paperwork, "as between the two of you, I'm sure you can help me understand what has happened. I’ve run a limited response to the public but I’m going to need to offer them more soon enough."

When Cynthia was pulled into a hug by her Papa, she welcomed it warmly, burying her face into his chest as she reassured him that everything was okay.

Well…not really, but he needn’t concern himself too much with what was going on when it was beyond his control. Nasir still hadn’t woken up yet, and while that was concerning, they were carefully monitoring him.

Cynthia’s gaze shifted upward when she felt the energy of Jeremiah’s shift into his own persona, her own curiosity to see her own Papa’s expression was piqued. She giggled, pulling away for a moment as she placed a palm on her head.

“There’s a lot of times I disguised myself and you weren’t aware it was me, Papa,” Cynthia teased, reminiscing about one of her first reconnaissance missions with Jacqui and Mercury. “I wasn’t okay with it…Jeremiah’s right, but…” Cynthia sighed.

“I’m tiny,” she pouted with a huff, crossing her arms over one another. “We weren’t sure if that was going to be a problem or not.”

The remark that her Papa gave however was surprising, though, tilting her head as she felt her Papa’s own gesture.

“Let me find out that Papa is from a line of nobility that he hasn’t been telling us,” she teased, moving to sit with her Papa. Her office was a little untraditional at best, customized to suit her needs and personality. Cynthia believed that her office should be comfortable and not stuffy, and while it was meant to fulfill a certain purpose… well, everyone was free to decorate their own office their own way, right?

It wasn’t as if she usually had meetings inside her office if she could help it. Those were meant to be rare.

What her Papa asked though, was a little unsettling – he wanted to know about Elysion and what was happening? Her gaze shifted towards Jeremiah, wondering the entirety of what they should inform him on. She would consent to him interrupting her, uncertainty of what was appropriate to reveal or not.

“Elysion…is the heart of the Earth, Papa,” her focus remained on Jeremiah, wondering if she was explaining it correctly. “The Dark Alliance took it to make a statement…”

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Sometimes there were moments when Dion wanted to just believe that so long as he could hug his daughter it meant everything was alright. Unfortunately, while part of him still accepted that as a truth, he knew that it was not quite so simple anymore. Besides: he would not trade the life that he had now for anything else. The world, he fully believed, was on the path it needed to be on.

"I certainly hope that you do not mean that party that was once thrown for the [D Kingdom] and it's Princess? My darling daughter, even without being absolutely certain, I saw you in the young woman that I caught sight of at the party." Never mind that both of her friends had only dressed themselves up, not really disguised themselves at all. Dion watched as Jeremiah made what looked like a deliberately poor attempt at disguising a laugh as a cough.

It made Dion shake his head. "I don't think the height will be that much of an issue, especially as I've worked to keep certain personal details about you out of the media." A look went to Jeremiah. "And the wikipedia articles."

"I have ceded control of Cynthia's," said Jeremiah, holding up a hand in what looked to be his version of admitting defeat, "and only maintain Mason's, the Golden Kings, and what details we want out there about Elysion. As we agreed upon, Director Lunette." Whether or not Dion had worked out a deal with Mercury, Jeremiah did not know, but that was between those two.

"Which means her height isn't known and that's to your benefit, so it should not be a problem in most instances," replied Dion, settling down on the small couch. His eyebrows rose, glasses sliding down his nose. "I suppose I could always do one of those ancestry tests but perhaps I like the mystery of it." That comment and lull between the conversation helped Dion take note of the fact that Cynthia was focused upon Jeremiah as she explained.

"She is cor-" started the silver-haired man.

"Correct, I know." Dion just arched an eyebrow at both of them, head inclined just so with a bemused expression. "What news and more has been released about Elysion I have devoured. Archaeology, and anthropology, to be honest, is a passion, and Elysion's discovery has revealed much about Earth's history that we might not have known otherwise ..." He frowned, pulling out a tablet--sometimes it was strange to use a tablet and a stylus instead of a pen and notepad--and tapping at the screen.

"Them taking it is a massive statement, of course, and means things are in a worse state of being, but-" He stopped mid-thought, quickly looking once more between Cynthia and Jeremiah. "Everyone is alright? I was under the impression that those of the Golden Kingdom are tied to it, so are you both truly alright? As well as Mason?" Oh, Dion had seen Mason in his office but that meant little when they could all look fine on the outside and be suffering on the inside. “I am aware that Nasir is currently indisposed before you try to say he’s alright as well.” Most likely due to the previously mentioned tied to Elysion.

"I am going to assume," said Jeremiah, "that you've picked up that tidbit of information from being around the Crystal Palace and it is not common knowledge of the populace?"

"Correct," answered Dion with a sly grin. Jeremiah did not say anything else for the moment other than to pinch his nose and rub his forehead a moment later. Sometimes Cynthia’s father was too smart for his own good.

"So do you think that this was a deliberate attack upon all of you as well as a statement? Or was it just an unintended side-effect of taking Elysion?"

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The fact that Jeremiah was there and heard her Papa say that was embarrassing. Her cheeks flushed a little, as now she couldn’t really poke fun at Jeremiah for getting the colors of her outfit wrong. He, at least, had a decent disguise overall.

“Geez, and that was only one of our earlier missions too. We hadn’t even discovered Lucy or Kasidhe yet!” Cynthia said with a whine, but her interest was piqued at what her Papa kept from the media.

“I don’t think my articles should be that hard to maintain,” Cynthia replied, but then she wondered just how much false information people could have placed when it wasn’t under restricted access. “Can it?”

“Mason’s been at Elysion within the past year for several months,” Cynthia reminded her Papa. “I’m sure that a lot of the news that’s been released on Elysion has been confirmed by him. Mason…”

Cynthia grimaced for a moment, reminding herself of the mutual pain that they both felt from the side-effects of Elysion. “He’s alright. He’s coping, and the Silver Crystal is helping him now along with the other Kings.”

Some of them, she presumed at least – she wasn’t so sure about how much it would extend to Akari as he rejected her. It seemed though that there wasn’t a point to hiding much information from her Papa, and as she gazed upward towards Jeremiah, she would leave Nasir up to him to decide.

“That’s the assumption,” Cynthia confirmed. “When the Silver Millennium ended, Queen Metaria had the whole Earth at her command. I...fear that her taking Elysion is marking a repeat of past events.”

@Dion Lunette

Let it be known that Jeremiah would not be mentioning any and all poor disguises. So Cynthia could continue with her poking fun. Dion, meanwhile, just chuckled at his daughter's response to his reveal that he had recognized her.

"Ah, it is not so much that it is hard to maintain that people do enjoy spreading false information and trying to slide false information in."

"Something to our advantage," pointed out Jeremiah.

"It can be," agreed Dion, "so long as the false information is not problematic or released by the enemies of the Crystal Empire." Which was, quite frankly, one of his largest problems. Countering the propaganda of those of the Dark Alliance was more than a full-time job it felt like. From where he was, Jeremiah let out a hum of agreement.

"Yes, it has," continued Dion, regarding the information about Elysion being confirmed by Mason, "but because Elysion is so popular, because everyone is so interested in it any news about it is quickly devoured. It is also second-guessed because the source of our confirmation is within the Crystal Empire. That is just fertile ground for the opposition to challenge it, to push for outsiders to attempt to validate it as well." He shook his head with a sigh. "The fact that it has gone dark does not bode well."

Dion did not miss the look on his daughter's face, nor the mirror of it on Jeremiah's face. That was concerning, though he supposed it made sense. Cynthia and Mason were connected, in more ways than most who were married were, and was just another worry. (Since it meant that the pain one experienced could be felt by the other.) On the other hand, he did understand why Jeremiah had been concerned about the information.

"Well," said Dion after a short silence, "I am glad that you are all right even if it confirms that they most certainly took it to send a message. It is for the best the populace is not aware of how intimately you are connected to Elysion as well." His expression had turned serious. "If it has been taken, corrupted as it were, then it could generate doubt in your rule."

That pulled a sigh from Jeremiah, who finally spoke up again. "On that note, I will be frank: yes, Nasir was negatively impacted by Elysion being taken."

"How badly?"

"... he is currently encased in crystal, unconscious," replied Jeremiah, his expression gone blank. That, in of itself, was just another clue towards the severity of the situation. It made him properly slide his arm around his daughter and hug her. It was never easy to think about the amount of danger she--and all the others--were in but this was an affirmation of it. "We are not certain when he will awaken as, from what we can tell, he is physically fine but there have been some changes."

"Such as?" inquired Dion, wondering how Nasir could be physically fine yet have changes.

"His hair has turned black and it looks like one of his eyes has darkened in color as well," answered Jeremiah. A glance went to Cynthia, from Jeremiah, who was sharing the information because it needed to be. It was not as if her father would not find out. Besides, the sooner he knew the sooner he could help ensure the information was released in a way they preferred.

Dion sucked in a breath at that and closed his eyes.

"It's good that he does not make many appearances out of the Crystal Palace," said Dion after a moment of consideration. "The knowledge of him being High Priest of Elysion is well-known, so any changes in him could potentially alarm the people if it is revealed in conjunction." It was not good was the short of it. "We'll need to be mindful of how and when he is seen once he awakens but I can work up a press release for what we will say about both Elysion and Nasir."

A breath was released, Dion not liking the way things looked. "It's a big move for them to take Elysion, it does make a statement, and I do not want to think of it as a repeat of past events given what I know."

Once more Jeremiah looked up, attention flicking between Dion and Cynthia. "Well, Metaria may have taken the Earth but as I recall Elysion never fell to her forces." Dion raised an eyebrow, not used to the silver-haired man speaking about the Silver Millenium openly (though he did so around Cynthia with frequency). He leaned forward, resting his chin on an upturned palm. "Helios--Nasir--sank it beneath the waves and into the earth to keep it safe."

"That is one way to keep a place from your enemies," said Dion. "Aside from Nasir being incapacitated--for the time being--Elysion darkening, have there been any other incidents that I need to be aware of?" Like, you know, the fact Sailor Moon was going to be out and about again.

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Cynthia’s eyebrows twitched at the conversation being held. Were they really, really considering that misinformation was beneficial? Cynthia didn’t like that, not at all! In fact, one of the main reasons that she outed the identities of the Crystal Empire and Galactica was on the foundation that lying was unacceptable.

“But…that could get really messy really fast, can’t it?” Cynthia asked. “What if someone were to find out my true height, wouldn’t they be able to do something about it? I mean, papa, you can only really do so much, right?”

At least that’s what she thought. Her Papa had worked hard in his position as Communications Director, but Cynthia had realized long ago how nosy the media could be. It amazed her at times that the friends who surrounded her had also consisted of celebrities within their own right. How were they able to deal with that pressure when they were younger?

“Do they expect us to lie about Elysion?” Cynthia’s eyebrow raised. “We’re not like the old government that was so against extraterrestrials, you know!”

She huffed, crossing her arms over one another as she pouted in her seat.

The message that the Dark Alliance was sending to them was also another legitimate concern, sighing deeply as she lowered her gaze. “That’s also why I think that it may be within our benefit to send them a message, inform them that I’m back. They’ll only have it for so long, and it will give Jeremiah the freedom to roam about as me for a little while.”

“As long as Mason presents himself as okay, I think we’ll be fine, but Nasir is our biggest concern right now too.” Cynthia’s gaze refocused on Jeremiah, before she felt the sliding of her Papa’s arms around her. She inched closer to him, taking in the comfort from him as she reminisced about the pain that she felt when Elysion was taken, their inability to contact the Palace…let alone Mason himself.

“As long as he’s within the Silver Crystal’s protection, he should be alright, and whatever corruption he may have endured from Elysion would be cast aside.” Cynthia insisted reassuringly. “There’s still a lot that we don’t know about what happened to Elysion, except that it’s blocked from us. I’m sure that when Nasir wakes up we’ll find out more.”

“I want to address the press myself,” Cynthia sighed once more at the thought of addressing the press. “Mason and I will, at least. We’re familiar with the last time that Elysion was corrupted…. but…this time it’s different. There’s no black rose in our lungs…and I didn’t detect anything from Nasir.”

Oh, that was something that she had neglected on informing her Papa about the last time Elysion had fallen. Granted, it was in the Crystal Palace’s database, but how much he’d read on his own leisure was up to him. 

“When Elysion sank, magic from the Silver Millennium was lost,” Cynthia breathed. “The Silver Millennium is slowly reviving itself, I feel it…even stronger now that I regained the power to transform into Sailor Moon.”

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