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It was only after checking back in on Cynthia--finding her hovering near Nasir's unconscious crystalized form--that Jeremiah finally moved on to find Luna.

(Oh, he nearly stayed with Cynthia as she sat next to Nasir, wanting to offer her support and otherwise even beyond that of the fact he would be her official protector until sense returned to Sailor Venus, but she had shooed him along. That was fine, however, because he would just return to her later on and keep her company if Mason--or someone else--was not already doing so.)

His fingers absently tapped against the screen of his tablet, notes, and more flickering across the screen as he absently checked them (the perks of being a technopath). There were only so many places that Luna could be, the silver-haired man having already ruled out her being around Cynthia after his earlier visit.

It was at the second spot he thought Luna might be that he sensed a familiar energy signature. Both Artemis and Luna registered a bit differently to his senses, vibrant in a way that stood out against the backdrop of the Crystal Palace and all the people within that had their vibrancy. Still, now was not the time to muse on such things. Not when there was one last bit of business to take care of to finalize his serving as double to the Queen.

"Luna?" called out Jeremiah, his Upper Received Pronunciation accent crisp and easily heard. He was never someone who had to yell, his voice carrying, and always understood. While certain individuals might have thought it was Kunzite's influence, the fact of the matter was that Jeremiah was nobility himself--this life and his previous--and that lent itself to him not only carrying himself well but speaking eloquently. Well, that and he genuinely did like talking fancy as he had told Cynthia the day before.

"There are a few things I need to speak with you about," added Jeremiah. The Golden King of Healing and Purification was not against a social visit with Luna--he did so admire her way with technology and the unique way that Mautians looked at it--but that would have to come after all the work talk.

"Hopefully, I am not interrupting anything."

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News about Nasir's crystallized form has spread through all associating members of the court -- including Luna who had yet to have laid eyes on the male in particular. The thought of seeing it simply brought back memories of when the group traveled to the future and she had got to see Cynthia herself inside of that crystal -- an image that made her heartbreak and yet quiver because, at that time, it was looking to be a real possibility if things did not change in their present...

Funny how history had a habit of repeating itself, hm?

The woman instead sat in the inside of one of the Palace's library rooms because she not only needed a moment but she was also rewatching the footage that she managed to grab from a local news video source to save for herself as she tried to make sense of it, tried to grab more data behind the impending darkness that was spotted in Elysion along with the light diminishing from the beautiful city.

"Queen Mother help me understand this...Please..."

She muttered in prayer to the Late Queen Serenity as in her hand lies a tablet that was not only playing the news feed in a separate box but also another box with rows and rows of data sliding up the screen as her attention was solely focused on this. It was just simply too much to bear as there was enough chaos as is, of course...that very chaos existing right within the alliance that she associates herself with. The Outer Guardians were faring off much better than that of the Inners and it simply did not help them maintain some sort of unified front as she had gotten wind of Mars being terminated after handing in her resignation as an advisor which served to be a huge disappointment to Luna considering she was doing this at a time when Cynthia needed her the most. Not to mention, they were best friends first? It wasn't as if things could not be discussed but at a later time? She understood that there were different views and opinions about the ongoing situation with Cynthia's leadership and the way that she was handling things...but it just simply showcased a lack of trust...a lack of hope that was meant to be the demise of this court. It was something that those from the opposing side could use to their advantage if the girls were not careful.

Her vision was clouded with running data as different boxes popped up with different images from different angles -- her fingers tapping against the screen as she worked to try and see if there were any security cameras that was close enough for her to get the "inside scoop" of what happened in Elysion, her brows knitting in frustration before hearing the sound of Jeremiah's voice -- which broke her concentration by the way!

"I'm in here!"

She called out as there was a defeated sigh that simply escaped her lips while the tablet was tossed upon the cherry-wood desk that set before her with her mini-laptop resting on top of it; its screen plastered with its own host of information before leaning back in her cushioned seat; an arm propping up against the chair's armrest as her chin rested on the back of her palm -- a look of unsettling emotion was prominent upon her features about all this. "I'm here to listen, I suppose it will help me take my mind off all this madness." She explained as her expression softened into something of amusement, trying to make light of the situation. "I go off for a "vacation" and come back to everyone running as if they were chickens with their heads cut off...while some are behaving as if they have completely lost all sense. But this is what comes with the territory...so I'm used to it. Just not to this extent and usually not alone since Artemis hasn't returned yet."

Her free hand gave the masculine a dismissive wave while the feminine figure even went so far to punctuate her point with a shake of her head. "You've interrupted nothing but a hill of frustrations that I need to get away from for a moment. Please enlighten me with whatever you're needing to discuss as I said, I'm here to listen, Jeremiah. I do hope you are well also." She said, her lips curling into a faint smile to end the sentence and allow the male to speak as if appears as though if she continued on? She might talk his ear off about how frustrated she was and that was definitely NOT advisor-like.

Any time Jeremiah saw any sort of data display--any collection of information in large amounts--his queerly bright blue-green eyes lit up in a way that said I might be married to my work but technology is not that far behind. All it would take was just a brush of his fingers, some time focusing, and he could-

"... well, I suppose I feel a little guilty then," said Jeremiah with a rueful smile, "as while what I am here to discuss might help take your mind off of those topics, it will inevitably bring you right back to them." He was also not going to make any comments about vacations, especially since he knew that the vacation Luna had taken with Artemis was not a real vacation and more like the kind he would have taken.

Where you just keep working anyway.

His hand came to rest on a chair, lifting it just enough so that he could bring it closer and set it back down to sit near Luna. "I am doing as well as one can expect given the circumstances." Reflexively, his hand went to the breast pocket of his suit jacket where he typically kept his zoisite stone. Except, of course, it was not there and he let out a soft breath.

"Cynthia and I were out at the time, coming back to the Crystal Palace. Nasir took the brunt of whatever they did to Elysion, sparing us, and ..." The corner of his mouth twitched upward into a half-smile. "My zoisite stone," what could arguably be considered a piece of his very True Star Seed, "is currently being kept by Cynthia, with the Silver Crystal."

If he was honest, Jeremiah felt better than ever. It likely had to do with the fact that his own powers resonated with that of the Silver Crystal, though what that would mean in the coming weeks remained to be seen. Regardless: it meant that his native resistance to Chaos was strengthened because of the Silver Crystal and Cynthia's care.

"That, unfortunately, is not all that I have to discuss." That rueful, apologetic expression returned as he briefly reached to touch his fingers to the back of Luna's hand (another unspoken apology). The Mercer family ring glinted on the pinky finger of his left hand as he pulled his hand back.

"I know you're aware of everything that has happened with Miss Devereaux but there have been some other changes as well." Jeremiah's poster was proper, the very picture of British nobility, as he continued to speak. "I will be taking Miss Eliott's position, serving as a protector and double in her stead."

@Luna LeBlanc

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The Mautian shook her head as he mentioned something about feeling guilty before taking note of the way his eyes lit up at the accumulation of data that was pouring into Luna's device -- a sight that was all too common for the tech whiz and of course herself as it appears as though a woman's job was never done or at least one that was in the hands of the head advisor...especially in Artemis's absence.

"There is no need to feel a little guilty Jeremiah...a break isn't meant for someone like myself who has to oversee things and be the guidance of several young adults with her husband." She broke in before quietly taking in the last portion of his statement. "Ah...I see..."

She took the moment to set the tablet that was in hand down while the other hand was already on the trackpad of her laptop, pressing pause on the video as the data didn't cease with its processing upon entrance. Of course, she and Jeremiah probably carried the same thought process when it came to these vacations...even if it sounded nice to receive a real one, it was just simply not in the cards for the LeBlanc Matriarch as her eyes took to looking him over -- though she felt like in his case it was a more likely solution considering the absence of the other Kings. Her eyes followed his movements, watching as the chair was being tugged close before nodding her head in silence as this was a sign that she was listening and prepared to hear him out on what he had to say for the time being -- taking note of the soft breath that only signaled the seriousness of this conversation and made her stomach churn in a way unimaginable.

Now she wonders... What could he possibly have to talk about that offered such a heavy sigh from his lips..? It was almost as if it was of sorrow...though the stress levels had already increased from Nasir's crystallization and of course, the news about Elysion -- which might she add, was greatly disturbing... But That was the exact thought that puzzled her mind, raising the feline humanoid's curiosity despite the facial expression upon her visage invisible of any reactive emotion.

Cat-like hues remained upon his person as the male began his explanation about what truly transpired with Nasir and the effects from Elysion, prompting her heart to sink as there was a small smile that was pretty mixed with genuine emotion, glancing at the palm pressed against his pocket following the news that came behind it. Such news was relieving but...at the cost that was paid? She couldn't have been more somber...but there was always a risk when it came to working with the royals -- risks that one wishes they could avoid but for the sake of the people as well as their own safety..? It was just simply not possible without sacrifice, a thought that recollected within her mind during the era of Sailor Moon as certain scenarios popped in her mind...including the battle between Pharaoh 90 and the Guardians where Cynthia would sacrifice her life...

Her lashes fluttered as a quiet method to jolt herself back to reality while nibbling on the bottom portion of her lip idly before releasing it and giving him another nod as an acknowledgment that she was not only listening but she was taking things in as well. A hand would soon lift to lay upon his own as the apology would be accepted with unspoken forgiveness; bracing herself with the news that was all too...unsettling. The Empire has lost both its Leader and Co-Leader all in one fell swoop? This is absolutely unacceptable and defiance from the two women who took a vow before Queen Mother herself was appalling.

"I am very aware of what happened with Jacquelyn...and while it is unsettling, I cannot help but wonder the purpose. The sheer lack of respect and faith that was possessive in the words that I heard is heartbreaking and I'm sure Cynthia is having a tough time with this but I suppose this is her way of punishing them both, though I do not think she realizes how much harder this will be for her going forward." She admitted and gave the male's hand a small caress with the print of her thumb, her lips curling into a smile as it appeared as though she wasn't upset...or maybe it's just that for the moment she did not show it. Her anger, if any, was definitely towards the Guardian of War and the Guardian of Love as the two behaved in such a dishonorable fashion -- with one daring to throw the Leader card as if she had been around, to begin with. It was unlike her -- very egotistical and prideful.

A small sigh parted her as her eyes shifted to meet his focus. "In fact, I do not think that any of them realizes the consequences behind their actions and yes..that includes my beloved Cynthia...now is not the time for pettiness..and it is certainly not the time to lose faith in the one person who empowers them to save the universe...she needs them just as much as they need her...and that realization should come sooner rather than later..or else...the very light the brightens this universe would soon become dim...and all hope there ever was would cease to exist..."

She gave his hand a squeeze as her gaze became sympathetic along with her tone of voice as the words continued to flow from her lips; somber yet stern as the maternal nature that was present was obviously coming out as natural as it felt.

"I do sincerely apologize for the weight that has only gotten heavier on your shoulders, I'm sure...as the Heavenly Kings have their own matters to tend to with Mason and Elysion and of course..the High Priest himself...these chains of events almost give me the eerie feeling that perhaps Chaos has unknowingly crept its way into the palace and that no one is paying attention...to the crumbling of a foundation that was solidified for years...I worry about our future days going forward....as it seems as though we're experiencing one hit after another...and we haven't even had the moment to breathe.."

Truthfully, there was a comfort that came from speaking with Luna. Perhaps it was because her demeanor reminded him of his mother--not his mother of the Silver Millenium, no she had always had an aura about her that spoke of things he could not understand, but Jeremiah Mercer's mother--and that put him at ease. (As the case was, he adored his mother in both of his lives even if in both he had not been around as much as he could have been in his youth.) He smiled again when her hand touched his, that rueful half-smile was once more visible.

"Truthfully, with regards to Miss Devereaux, I think it was more a matter of her worries, fears, and concern for Cynthia causing her to last out." Which he understood but at the same time: it was not productive and did not help. Perhaps if they had talked sooner than her temper erupting ... "I do not think her faith in Cynthia has wavered, only that in these trying times she is worried that our Queen is losing sight of the dream they all share and cannot put it to words through her anxieties." Not without it coming out in an explosion because Jacquelyn had likely been imagining everything that could wrong with Cynthia transforming once more and putting herself out there.

It did not particularly matter that Luna was not mad or upset--at least not in his direction--because he simply found no satisfaction in all the news and otherwise that had to be shared amongst those that were meant to know all that went on within the Crystal Palace. Regardless, his hand turned over slowly to catch Luna's and squeeze softly before releasing.

"Cynthia acted impulsively as well but ..." He shook his head. "I promised her I would place no blame. Not on her, nor Miss Devereaux or Miss Eliott. It is not productive and will not promote the process of repairing the rift between them all." Jeremiah pressed the tips of his fingers together, pointer fingers tapping out the staccato of his heartbeat. "It is very disconcerting to see the Sailor Guardians like this," admitted Jeremiah, thinking of the past; of the Silver Millenium and what had come,  "because I have seen such behavior before. I do not think it is as severe a situation but I've no doubt that you understand how disturbing it can be to see."

Jeremiah's eyes slid shut. "I have lived the way a path like this ends but thankfully there is a better support network for those of the Crystal Empire than we had over a thousand years ago." It was something that had made recent events weigh heavily on his mind, even moreso now that Elysion had been taken and corrupted by the Dark Alliance. Queerly bright blue-green eyes opened back up, focusing upon Luna and the apology she was giving him.

"That is something you do not have to apologize for. The weight upon my shoulders is one I bear willingly." Mostly because it kept him occupied but that was neither here nor there. "If I can help ease things for Cynthia as well as Mason, then I will do so." The corner of his mouth curved upward into a wry smile. "As I said to Cynthia, we are not meant to be a Queensguard or a Kingsguard but a Royalguard." That was how he looked at it at the end of the day. "Beyond that, the Golden Kings are faring better than Sailor Guardians are." Which was a sobering thought, much like the one that Luna spoke of that Chaos might have infiltrated ...

"It is certainly possible, though if they have, it is ... someone who can hide from the likes of Cynthia, Saariyah, and myself." Others were capable but not necessarily skilled in sensing Chaos so much as detecting Star Seeds. "Just as they would have to be able to account for the Crystal Palace--the aura of purity--that would negatively impact them and give them away." There were ways around it and ... Well, if his thoughts about the Planetary Knights were actually true, then anything was possible.

"Though I will admit, Luna, part of the reason I wanted to speak with you was that I wanted to seek your assistance in creating a replica of Cynthia's crown and maybe ..." There was that bemused glint to his eyes, better than the look that had been there. "A disguise pen, perhaps? Something that would let me summon the embellishments that would only be unnecessarily draining upon my powers of transformation."

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Jeremiah would not be the first to speak on the maternal aura that resonates in her powerful presence like a magnificent star in the skies, an aura that Luna unapologetically displays with all members of the Crystal Empire, regardless of their wrongdoings as there was no sense of passing judgment, no sense of shunning another for being human, and most of all? There was no sense in kicking a dead horse when it was down -- something that she had learned to grasp the concept of when dealing with young teenaged girls whose lives were dramatically changed from being normal denizens to Guardians of the galaxy with the weight of the world placed on their shoulders. She knew it had to be hard...difficult even to just make a simple adjustment as things were dramatically becoming more different as it appears that the girls simply had to grow up well before it was their time to do so...considering some was a bit more accepting to the duty than others as it meant that things would be different from now on and the thought of being unable to achieve their childhood dreams and make them into a reality was something that placed great fear inside of their hearts... It was something that simply settled in her mind that she...while at one point regretted as it felt as though she was ruining their lives when they were at their potential peak, she sympathized with them all.

The half-smile caught her attention as it was met with one of her own as her head gave several nods in regards to his theory of Jacquelyn Devereaux which was accurate considering the times that her father had been rough on her, degrading and shunning her from the family as if she was not his own flesh and blood...even going as far as to disown her for being a "freak of nature" because she had special powers that he simply could not accept...yet she was piling this up with a world of stress that she wasn't sure Jacqui had ever allowed herself to ride out as it was always simply in the best interest of Lady Cynthia and protecting the rest of the kingdom. It was just as she had done in the past, excusing her own personal stressors for the sake of the Greater Good and throwing herself into the pits of her duties until she completely wore herself out to the point of dreadful fatigue -- even recollecting a faint memory of being worried as it posed a potential risk of her passing out and exhausting her energy once she transformed into Sailor Mars, FEARFUL that the girls would have to retreat once she passed out and that the Mautian Matriarch would have to treat her but thankfully, that turned out to not be the case.

"I agree that it might be a case of fear and a need for reassurance...I believe that several have their own reservations that are hardly expressed as they do not want to raise the heightened levels of tension that is already present in the room when they're around each other..."

She chuckled a little before lifting her gaze to the ceiling a moment as a deep breath was taken and exhaled into the air. "But I suppose one could never express it too well when they are far too caught up in their own emotions to simply...express that in the appropriate manner but that is neither here nor there..I only wish that things come to a resolution and soon."

She admitted before growing quiet at the soft squeeze that was given to her hand before being released, hearing his opinions that she nonchalantly agreed with before perking up a bit at the notion of not placing blame and that it wasn't productive and it wouldn't promote the process of repairs that were needed for the damages that all parties had created.

"I humbly agree with that as well...it solves nothing...and all it does is make the rift more potent..not to mention it just simply aids in the order of causing a potential split within this Kingdom...something that is definitely not needed and...it is very disconcerting..but I suppose you've come to learn that we both agree on several things, hm? But nevertheless...this is fairly disturbing and it's only growing even more so as the days go by...they are all acting out of character and it is simply unacceptable...and not something that Queen Mother would really want, I'm sure."

There was a light sigh while the masculine figure even went so far to even mention his own path that only made her heart ache in the painful memories that resided in the back of her mind, lifting her gaze when he mentioned how she didn't need to apologize and the weight was one he bore willingly, that warm smile soon returning as her hand laid upon his and gave it a squeeze.

"Those are words of good fortune that I absolutely love to hear and definitely a mentality that I wish everyone would fall into rather than forgetting that we are a single unit...And I shudder at the thought of them being able to do such a thing..to slide through the cracks undetected and infiltrate our ranks in favor of Chaos..but nevertheless...we will keep the good faith!"

A soft coo rolling off the course of her tongue before batting her lashes in surprise at the offer in which she'd happily accept without hesitation. This was for the sake of Cynthia and Mason and was nothing personal to Kasidhe...but the woman needed to learn her lesson about leadership and realize that the job of a leader was never done...and not one that you could just put aside for the sake of personal things that were irrelevant to the task at hand...she wasn't there when they needed her...which was the only reason why this team had fallen apart to begin with...along with other underlying emotions and matters that were probably going to get addressed when the rest were ready to do so...

"Of course. I do not mind helping you with that. We can begin now as I need to take my mind off the matters with Elysion and Nasir...I can definitely help you whip something up that could tend to all of your needs as both protector and body double of Lady Cynthia. Just lead the way and I will follow, my darling."

When it came to the Inner Sailor Guardians, despite the intellectual kinship with Janya, it was Jacquelyn that Jeremiah could understand the easiest. After all: he knew what it was like to be raised in a family that had status and expectations. It tended to result in a certain type of individual, especially if they did not buckle under all the pressures that came from being having an overbearing parent with too much political power.

Simply put: Jeremiah sympathized.

"By withholding their reservations they can foster resentments," said Jeremiah with a sigh. "We are a court and cannot afford to hold back because there is worry about increasing the level of stress and tension." There was a slow shake of his head. "... yet I recognize that they are learning and that they will, in time, find a balance and a way to speak frankly with one another." Pause. "At least, this is my hope, because they cannot continue on this way."

Which, at the end of the day, was not all that different than what Luna hoped for and spoke about herself. Especially since placing blame, as he had said, would get them nowhere. "We can only guide and assist, help make sure that this rift does not remain any longer than necessary." Still, it was reassuring to hear an echo of his words and sentiments. It even drew a truer smile from the silver-haired man. "Though I did not come to hear that we share similar opinions, it does not hurt to hear them and find them reassuring." An absolute truth, that.

In the end, Jeremiah did not want to think about the past for all that he knew that his access to his memories was far more complete than it was for others. Even if there was a section that was hard to grasp sometimes. (Oh, that was when they had caught him. During the Silver Millennium, he had not been willingly corrupted--that had taken a joint effort by those that he had once called ally--and because of it, some memories were too fractured to truly grasp beyond the pain and sheer amount of Chaos they had used upon him.) The memories he had, coupled with the life he had lived this time around, ensured that Jeremiah had a firm understanding of how things were supposed to work within a court.

They were getting there slowly, at least.

Though he really, really did not want to think about how an agent of the Dark Alliance might be able to hide within their palace without any of them aware. Regardless, Luna managed to catch Jeremiah just a little off guard. Queerly bright blue-green eyes widened, only slightly, before he let out a huff of breath; a noise of amusement.

"I should have known you would want to do something immediately, much the same as me." Shifting, he rose gracefully to his feet before offering Luna his left hand and his right holding to his cane(-sword). The choice was hers on how she wished to travel, be it within her human form and walking or upon his shoulders as a feline. "Then again, you are probably one of the only individuals I would admit that I have been preparing for a while now for potentially doing this."

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