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It was days like the current one that Jeremiah was particularly grateful for his talents. With them he was able to keep going, not having to sleep as others had to. The only problem that could crop up was if he went for an extended period like this. Thankfully, Jeremiah did not plan on doing so.

No, he just needed to carry out what he had not been able to the previous day. When they had eventually made it back to the Crystal Palace, they had discovered Nasir was slowly becoming encased in crystal and his hair darkened. Despite all the attempts of healing--everyone that could have attempted--nothing could be done. Still, it had eaten the day away and left them scrambling to come up with an attack plan.

Of course, it had also helped solidify that Jeremiah would be taking a more active position in regards to Cynthia and in general when it came to working more with Alexis and Lucy to help coordinate things regarding Crystal Palace security and otherwise. The first step was to actually find Alexis and work out what details they could together, then likely find Lucy and speak with her, and then have a conversation with Luna.

Letting his fingers rest against his tablet, Jeremiah worked his magic to connect with the Crystal Palace servers and find where Alexis was. A few heartbeats later and he was heading that direction, catching sight of them and lifting a hand in greeting.

“Alexis,” called Jeremiah, “I need to steal you away for a few minutes to discuss some of the possible changes regarding security that we couldn’t talk about yesterday.” There was a warm smile given to Alexis. Typically, Jeremiah would have spoken with her about it the day of but given everything that had happened ...

A few hours late was understandable.

“I even brought sustenance just in case you’re in need.” Which came in the form of Alexis’s preferred way to have their coffee and pastries (the knowledge of what they like gleaned not only from Violet but from all their interactions over the years). Mostly, however, the reason he brought such was that Jeremiah knew most needed a pick-me-up even if it was only in the form of hot drinks and tasty treats.

There was just so much to do and not enough time in the day to carry it out.

The days following the corruption of Elysion were uneasy. Though Alexis was not as connected to it as some of the others, the change in the air was still palpable. Not to mention finding Nasir and being able to do nothing to help him. Logically Alexis knew she couldn't have done much to help but there was still a nagging voice in the back of her mind that said if you had just acted sooner, this could have been prevented.

What upset her the most was that she feared that voice was right.

The screens and piles of papers and constant emails was getting to be too much for her to concentrate on. Every day it seemed like the situation was getting more and more complicated. She needed to clear her head.

Thankfully the palace had a beautiful terrace not far from her office. Alexis found herself there a lot lately. The view overlooking the ocean horizon brought her mind much needed peace. Though, it wasn't long before a familiar voice lifted her out of her daydreaming.

"Oh, Jeremiah," Alexis turned and offered him a weary smile as he approached. His visit was unexpected but not unwarranted considering the all work he had been doing picking up some of the slack in her department.

And, the coffee and bananan nut muffin definitely helped brighten her mood.

"I'd be happy to. And, I appreciate the offering of snacks. Do you want to chat here or in my office?"

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(Clearly Jeremiah needed to just give everyone access to the PDFs and otherwise he had made of some of the forms and other documents that were a necessity for them to fill out within the Crystal Palace. It had mostly been born of wanting to make things easier for both Mason and Cynthia but certainly, the others within the palace would benefit from it.)

"Suppose I feel a little guilty for interrupting what is obviously a break but I am always glad to bring snacks," said Jeremiah, passing Alexis both the coffee and muffins to partake of. His own drink was water but that was because caffeine did nothing for him (and he preferred tea).

"Ah, your office would probably be for the best. While it's not necessarily a secret, it is still information best kept from being overheard and getting out to the populace." Which was a nice way to say that the servants and otherwise that made up the Crystal Palace staff did not need to be listening in. Jeremiah waited, following Alexis back to her office and settling into a chair with a sigh.

Sitting down just reminded him that he was pushing too many days without proper rest. After a moment, he settled properly and sat up after raking a hand through his bangs and brushing them out of his queerly bright blue-green eyes. "I honestly meant to speak to you about this yesterday but with everything that has happened ..." He shook his head, waving his hand in the air as if that could somehow capture the absolute fuckery of what had happened with Elysion.

"The short of it is that I am taking over for Kasidhe." His expression was absolutely serious. "Cynthia cannot afford to be without a dedicated double and down a protector, not right now." There was a small pause, Jeremiah taking a drink of his water before continuing.

"I talked with Cynthia first, of course, to make sure she was alright with it." As Jeremiah fully believed she had the first and final say in the matter. "She was, albeit understandably unhappy since it really means that Kasidhe is ..." His nose wrinkled up briefly before his expression smoothed out. "AWOL for lack of a better term without being absolutely rude about her behavior."

In truth Alexis was glad to be interrupted; the less time she spent alone with her own thoughts the better. Only now even as head of security, especially as head of security, there was no running off for a drive somewhere to clear her head.

Alexis made herself comfortable in the chair, the mechanism giving a squeak as she leaned back in it. Was it a relief or more a worry to see she wasn't the only one not getting enough rest? Either way, it wasn't something easily fixed.

The fact that Jeremiah had business to discuss was definietly not a surprise. After all, there were few people in the Empire that came to her for anything else. But, what he said was entirely confusing.

"Wait, Alexis leaned forward, her already tired eyes squinting at Jeremiah. "Okay. You're going to have to back up a minute. I agree that with Kasidhe off being irresponsible Cynthia will need someone to fill that role do you intend to do that, exactly?"

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Jeremiah supposed that was a fair question, though part of him wondered ... Well, it was not as if he advertised all of his abilities and talents as someone who innately held the touch of magic within them. Never mind that the Outer Guardians had not been present when he had run around as Sailor Moon.

"I will give you the same response I gave Cynthia," replied Jeremiah, giving Alexis a sly smile. It faded away, however, into an expression that was more commonly seen on Cynthia's face. It did not take long at all--the transformation faster than it had been before (was that because of the Silver Crystal's influence upon his powers; he could not say for sure yet)--as a gentle glow enveloped his body.

When it faded, only a few heartbeats later, sitting across from Alexis was Cynthia right down to the dress she had picked out for the day. "I wish it was different," said Jeremiah Cynthia, expression transitioning to one of hurt caused by a dear friend, "but Kasidhe said some really hurtful and mean things that I can't forgive her for right now." There was even a sniff, that moment where Cynthia was clearly regaining her composure. "She's even hurting you and Lucy too by being like this! It's just- it isn't right~!"

A quick smattering of heartbeats followed, Cynthia seemingly pulling herself from those terrible thoughts. The expression smoothed out, a single silver eyebrow arching at Alexis in question.


"What in the goddmn fuck..." Alexis stared at Jeremiah, or Cynthia, sitting in the chair in front of her. With the Guardian's abilities to transform and the close relationship of the inner planet Guardians, having Kasidhe be able to mimic Sailor Moon made sense. But this? It made very little sense to Alexis.

Cynthia and the others had encountered the Kings long before she and Violet came onto the scene but it wasn't really something they talked about. He even sounded like her.

What were the other Kings capable of that Alexis wasn't aware of?

"Okay. I have several questions." Alexis paused, shaking a stray strand of hair from her face as she leaned forward. "First of all, how did you figure out you could do this? Second, can you do this for anyone or just Cynthia? Thirdly, how long can you sustain it without putting a strain on your energy?"

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Honestly, it was not terribly surprising that Alexis was not aware of this particular talent. It was not as if he advertised it and, quite frankly, did not make use of it unless there was a reason to do so.

"It is something I have always been able to do, though I suppose I realized I could do it during the Silver Millenium when I transformed my features to be different. They did not take kindly to those with silver hair and fair eyes, you know, and considered those that might carry Lunarian blood to be problematic," replied Jeremiah Cynthia, rolling her eyes. Even when he was not transformed, Jeremiah did have features that could easily mark him as a sibling to the Queen for all that he was not. "I have not made use of it in recent years because there's no real reason to but ..." Pause, the expression on his face shifting to something more somber. "When I was corrupted I used it to my advantage more than a few times, including fooling the population and Tuxedo Mask into believing I was Sailor Moon."

That was one of the reasons why he had the boomerang sitting on his desk, after all. Now, however, there would not be any inaccuracies in what he wore. Not when he was going to officially be Cynthia (and Sailor Moon's) double. The answer to Alexis's second question came in the form of another glimmer, the glow of a transformation returning. When it faded, sitting across from Alexis was not Cynthia but themself.

"Anyone," replied Jeremiah Alexis. "Though obviously similarities help and the more familiar I am the easier it is for me to transform." It had taken a bit longer for the transformation to settle than becoming Cynthia had.

"I can sustain the transformation for as long as I need to." The next gesture he made was a mimick of Alexis's own, leaning forward and tucking a loose stray of hair away from their face. "Though it is easier if I make use of a disguise pen to assist with the clothing and other embellishments." There was an annoyed look (once again an expression that might have passed on Alexis's face). "I am going to speaking with Luna about that later."

"Alright, first of all that's creeping me out." Alexis laughs. "There are times I've talked to myself but this is a whole different level."

She took a few deep breaths and pinched the bridge of her nose to get herself back to the more serious end of this discussion.

"On the one hand, I can see how this technique will be very useful especially to mask movements of people within the Empire we don't need anyone knowing about. But.." There's a pause while her eyebrows furrow in trying to articulate her thoughts properly. "There are some very serious implications here. I know you of all people understand the danger you would be putting yourself in. I just worry you're spreading yourself too thin. You've been picking up a lot of slack around here and frankly, you shouldn't have to."

Of course, then the question became if Alexis even really had the power to start making some of the other Guardians get their shit together. As much as she wanted to say yes to Jeremiah, it wouldn't be fair to let him put so much on his shoulders.

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