is there life on mars?


Sailor Mars is known as the Guardian of War! Of course, she is one of the legendary Sailor Guardians who helped Sailor Moon defeat many evils countless times throughout the events of the multiple arcs of the series. Here, that would have all happened about twenty years ago; Mars is now a 34 year old woman, still a Sailor Guardian, and with history working closely with the Crystal Empire and @Cynthia Lunette's royal court.

What Mars has been up to since the end of the Sailor Wars (the events of Sailor Stars) are for the most part up to whatever the player would like to do with her, as well as whether their interpretation takes more from the 90s version of Sailor Mars, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, or the manga version - though the majority of the site canon matches that of the manga! Alongside her personal life, Mars served multiple years as one of Cynthia's royal advisors, giving her counsel on how to build the growing Crystal Empire... until recently.

At the end of January 2031, Mars is a little bit at odds with the rest of the Crystal Empire, believing that her words and advice has fallen on deaf ears. She quit her role as an advisor, and her status as a member of the Sailor Guardians - in a team capacity - is currently questionable... which is where you come in! Does she make up with Cyn and the other Sailor Guardians? Continue her solitary guardian shtick? That's up to you!

Mars should be a devout member of a religion, though what religion that is happens to be entirely up to you. Below I've listed a number of potential face claims!

   suggested fcs: christian serratos, vanessa hudgens, marie avgeropoulos, nafessa williams, jurnee smollett, lindsay morgan, sonam kipoor

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