Crystal City - January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

Share Some Tea
Asteria had a deck of cards strewn out on the table in front of her, looking over the cards. She picked up one by the corner of the card and she slowly began to pick it up, her free hand pressed flat against the table. A lot of people thought that tarot cards were tools that could be used to divine the future or to speak with the dead. On Kinmoku, they could be used as both. She couldn't see the future or speak with the dead. But sometimes when she was uncertain of what she should do next, she would dabble with the cards. As it was, they were also a part of who she was by being connected to one of her attacks as a senshi.

Her guardians weren't currently in attendance, but that actually helped her focus. She loved them more dearly than she loved almost anything else. Her husband and her people would always come first, but her three soldiers had been nothing but faithful to her and she appreciated everything that they did for her. She appreciated them for going to such long lengths to try and save her from Galaxia.

On more than on occasion, she had been forced to remind them that she didn't blame them for her untimely death. There wasn't much more than they could have done to prevent it, after all. She didn't blame them for anything that had happened. She just wished that she could have saved them from that fate as well. She wasn't as strong as she could be and she had been pushing herself. She turned the card over that she had been holding in her hand and turned it sideways, frowning slightly. From what the cards told her, her future wasn't looking as bright as she wanted.

Was something troubling coming? She mentally reminded herself that there wasn't any danger coming that could face the threat Galaxia had been. And she wasn't able to tell the future, not even using the tarot cards.

"Queen Fireball? The queen would like to speak with you. Are you currently taking guests?" Asteria heard the faint polite knock of a maid and she turned to look at the woman. She smiled and nodded to her. Neo-Queen Serenity was a young ruler who still hadn't come into herself. She wasn't like Asteria herself, who had been raised as a princess and had been preparing her whole life to become queen one day. She only hoped that she could help Serenity become the queen that she was destined to be and the one that the people needed her to be.

The maid nodded and stepped back. A few moments later the familiar silver-haired queen was led into the room and Asteria turned and stood to greet her properly. While she was a queen herself, she would be polite and mind her manners. She bowed somewhat at the waist in polite greeting. "Good morning, Serenity. How may I help you?"

Ever since Serenity became queen, she had to become accustomed to waking up early. It was a huge change, she wasn’t used to her privacy being invaded by ladies-in-waiting in the morning and other palace staff making sure that the queen got ready for the day on time.
It made her miss being a kid. There were times that Serenity had wanted to regress and be with her mother and father again, but she knew that that was even more of a hassle. While her parents still owned their original home, they oftentimes lived in the palace with her.
By the time that Serenity was ready, it was already close to 9am and it was awfully early. She wanted to curl back up in her bed, but recent events were preventing Serenity from doing so. She’d already known her guardians responses when it came to her personal safety, but Serenity wondered if they were simply overprotective since she lost her ability to transform.
Serenity had made her way to Queen Fireball’s chamber, a small smile forming on her lips. “May I please enter? I’d like to talk to Asteria.” Serenity asked, and awaited the response given to her servant. She was grateful when she returned with a positive answer, giving her a gentle nod and entering her chamber.
The dress that Serenity had chosen to wear that morning was a simple, white laced dress with no sleeves. “Good morning, Asteria.” Serenity greeted, watching as Asteria bowed. She still wasn’t all that used to it, but she’d known that it was out of respect. When she took a glimpse of the tarot cards, azure hues fluttered in surprise.
“Huh? What are you doing with these?” She hadn’t known Asteria to use tarot cards, but she’d known that the Starlights had their own fortune cards.
“I….” Serenity trailed off at Asteria’s question. She wasn’t sure how to address her issues, but she needed advice. “….Can you give me an unbiased opinion on something, Asteria? I know my guardians mean well, but….they’re overprotective at times.”

"Thank you for showing her into my chambers. If you would please give us some privacy?" Asteria asked as she looked over at the young woman. The maid's cheeks flushed with color and she quickly apologized. She bowed to the queens and then she stepped out. The queen of Kinmoku smiled gently. She seemed like such a sweet girl. She was glad that she had been able to find employment in the palace. It had to be a good place to work.

Especially since it seemed as though the rest of the world outside of the palace was filled with chaos. She had hoped that with the defeat of Chaos, the forces of evil would not be so quick to gather. Eternal Sailor Moon had been able to bring about a crushing blow. But where there was light, there was always going to be darkness.

They were always in perfect balance. While Chaos was something that they always needed to keep a vigilant eye on, Asteria was also very aware that balance was the natural order of things. Chaos would not be gone forever and it seemed as though it had already come back to wreak havoc in the galaxy. They were stronger and wiser now, however, so she knew that they would be able to deal with any threats that might come their way.

She smiled and she went over to pick up a few of the cards. "I use these in one of my senshi attacks. They aren't special just to my Starlights. I cannot divine the future with them or speak with the dead, but I find them soothing to the mind."

Asteria motioned for Serenity to sit down across from her as she began to pour them some tea that she'd had made earlier. It was still piping hot and she was sure that this was a conversation that would be easier to have over tea. She just hoped she could offer some advice. "I do know of what you speak. My own guardians are very overprotective."

These….cards were the ones in Aurora’s attacks? Azure hues fluttered in surprise as she gazed back down at them. She hadn’t expected that, but she supposed that it made sense. She’d experienced something like what Aurora was saying before, when Star Fighter sent her cards with various pictures on them informing her of what was to come.
She was always grateful for Star Fighter and the other girls presence during those rough times. Without them, Serenity wasn’t sure if she’d ever be able to have fought Galaxia. Star Fighter looked after her as if she was her own princess, trying to correct her own desire to block out the truth for the better good.
Serenity knew that their actions during the Great War was the only reason that the Starlights and Galactica were permitted to stay at the Crystal Palace. She wasn’t sure if her Outer Guardians would let them otherwise. Fortunately, she was a Queen now and had more of a say, but she wasn’t sure that they’d budge even then. She desperately needed Aurora’s counsel, to an extent Serenity had briefly considered extending that officially to an advisory title.
“Oh, oh! Those?” Serenity inquired, bending down a little bit to get a better glimpse at the cards. “I didn’t know you could summon those out of your form. Are those….like the ones Star Fighter uses?”
Serenity’s curiosity raised briefly, a smile briefly formed on her features.
“I’m….I’m glad that I’m not the only one. I’m…. I’m trying to convince my Guardians to me have a little more freedom outside of the palace. I feel like ever since I lost my ability to transform, that their protectiveness has become….too much. Sera and I were thinking about me going to school, but….I don’t think some of my Guardians approve. How often did you go outside of your palace, Aurora?”

Asteria smiled to Serenity and she pushed a couple of them over closer to the other queen so that she had a better look at them. The cards were different from most tarot cards and were most definitely of Kimoku design. The artwork on the cards was beautiful and they were like a little slice of home. She was glad that she had brought them with her and she began to shuffle the cards back together. She was done playing with them for now since she was going to focus her whole attention on Serenity. However, she made a mental note to offer the other queen a small lesson in how to use the tarot cards.

She might find it interesting if nothing else.

"Oh, these aren't the exact cards. But they are of the same design. These have no special power or importance." She said as she tried to explain. The Starlights had often used the cards in different ways. They made up Asteria's main attack that she often used when she was transformed. However, she hadn't transformed into Sailor Fireball in quite a long time.

"But yes, these are very similar to the cards that Star Fighter uses. Keeping them close also keep her close to me." Asteria said softly. Her three guardians were some of the most important people in her life, but it was Star Fighter that held her heart the most of the three. Even though she wasn't here right now just made her feel like she was close by keeping those cards close.

"I think that Seraphina might have a good idea. Going to classes could ease you back into society. I have never been sheltered away from my people. I walked among them since I was but a child, even when things became more violent on Kinmoku. Your guardians are there to keep you safe, but you are still their queen. If you choose to leave, you will be the one to tell them as much." She said softly. She knew that might not be the kindest way of putting it, but ultimately, Serenity was their queen.

As Serenity got a good look at the cards, she wondered just who made them, or if they manifested into existence. Regardless of how they were created, Serenity was grateful to learn about them. It let her learn a little bit about Asteria and Kinmoku culture.
If they weren’t the same cards as the ones in her attack, then that suggested that they were made by someone. Serenity gazed at them with curiosity, her azure hues widened a little bit until Asteria mentioned that it was almost like a memento.
She frowned.
Serenity never gave any of her guardians a memento. Did….did that make her a bad person? She didn’t think so, but Serenity never thought about it. They gave each other gifts on their birthdays and for holidays, but nothing exactly special like these.
“I….I’ve only given something like that to Endy.” Serenity frowned. “You must be really close to Star Fighter. I never thought about having something like that for my guardians.”
But at the same time, they never truly needed something like that….did they? They were together always, they were almost inseparable at times. Now it was even more so.
She cupped her hands and placed them close to her lips, her gaze downcast as she silently contemplated on Asteria’s remark.
“I think they’re worried. Our enemy who destroyed our kingdom is back, and there’s just a huge backlash to the Crystal Palace’s and Crystal City’s formation. Mamo-chan’s coronation and mine was…was unexpected. America was never supposed to be a monarchy, so I understand the civilian concerns….There’s just so much going on that I just don’t know if that’s realistic. I want to be close to people like I always have.” Serenity gazed back towards Asteria.
“I’ve…I’ve never been so sheltered like this before. I used to make friends with people on a daily basis and I was very outgoing and social. I love my people, and I love this planet so much. Queen Beryl….Wiseman…they’re creating such a divide right now…it’s hard. I understand the concerns of everyone if I went back to school… Mercury would encourage it, and it’d help me learn a bit more about our government…”

The cards meant something when Asteria utilized them in one of her attacks just like Star Fighter did. It was one of the many connections that the two of them shared. Whether it was because of their strong personal relationship or if it was all by coincidence? It didn't matter. The cards themselves were things that could be used to divine the future in the right hands. Or they could be used to communicate the dead. She had seen members of her people do some very impressive things with the tarot cards. She had never been able to use them that way, but she still admired those that could.

She cocked her head to the side at the look of surprise on Serenity's face. Had she said something that confused her? She didn't know what was going through her mind, but she didn't have to wonder for long. Serenity quickly spoke up and she smiled gently.

"These weren't specifically given to me by Star Fighter. They just... remind me of the cards that she and I use in our attacks." She said as she picked up one of the cards and she looked down at it. Her expression grew somewhat somber. She sometimes wondered if she should have left her guardians at home. She felt like she was just bringing them into danger again by returning to Earth with them.

"Star Fighter is my dearest friend. She is what I would consider my sister. She has been very supportive of me and my husband and our rule over Kinmoku. Without her, I doubt that I would be the queen that I am now." Asteria sighed quietly and she folded her hands over the cards. Star Fighter was her most precious friend.

She was family.

"Oh Serenity, your guardians will forever be protective of you. You will be their priority and they only want to keep you safe. I can understand that. However, I also understand your need to be out there with the people. They are unsure and afraid. You need to be the one that reassures them. You need to become their confidant. They need to know they can trust you." She said kindly, though firmly. The guardians were only making things worse by hiding their queen away.

"They mean well, but you are the queen. They are bound to follow your orders. Personally, I would agree that it would be a good idea for you to get back out into the world. And taking classes could help you grow." Asteria said firmly. "Your guardians are there to keep you safe, but you have the last word. If you wish to leave the palace, you can and will inform them that you intend to do so. They cannot act against you."

Serenity wasn’t expecting that. She was already under the impression that they were given to her as a gift. She understood why they were special though, there were certain items that they’d encountered in their everyday lives that reminded her of her own guardians. But she never would keep them with her just because they reminded her of them.
Serenity wasn’t sure how often Asteria was away from her guardians, or if she was like her. But Serenity was always with her guardians, they were inseparable. Even now, when they were all grown up and focusing on their lives and duties, they were still together. They were a call away, and they were able to get to each other much faster than they were before.
That’s why Serenity never believed that she’d ever truly be alone. Her guardians were always by her side, even when they weren’t.
She smiled at Asteria’s remark. She was grateful to hear that, she’d always been grateful for Star Fighter’s actions during the war. Without her, she wasn’t sure if she’d ever truly be able to recover from the loss of Endymion at the airport. The mere thought destroyed her mind, seeing him taken away….
No, never again. Serenity refused to ever let anything like that happen again, no matter what.
“I’m so glad that you and Star Fighter were able to come. Star Fighter helped me so much back then…” Serenity trailed off, though briefly reminded about her own guardians discontent at their ‘intrusion’. Serenity refused to consider their allies during the Sailor Wars intruders.
“Yes,” Serenity nodded her head, smiling softly. “I thought so too. I’ve been so scared to go into meetings that I’d feign sickness. Academics have never been my thing, I’m terrible….but I know that for me to become the queen that they want, I need to learn too. To show interest in what they hold so dear, to show them that I don’t fully intend to change their ways simply because I have power.”
The idea that she had the last word startled Serenity. No, it was never her way to be demanding to her guardians. She might have been a princess back during the Silver Millennium, but Serenity knew what they were doing was right.
“They’re my friends, and I don’t want to overstep my own boundaries… The last thing I want is the idea that power is getting to my head.”

Asteria's connections with her own guardians tended to be different from most. While she was their queen, she had been their princess for much longer. Since the first time that she could remember awakening as Sailor Fireball, her Starlights were there to both keep her safe and look to the safety of Kinmoku. She had relied on them when she had felt like all hope was lost. Even after Kinmoku was destroyed and her beloved was killed, her Starlights had always been there for her. That was why she tried to keep a piece of them with her at all times, even when they weren't always right there beside her.

"The Starlights are my dearest friends and my most trusted advisors. as much as they want to keep me safe, their duty is also to my husband and the rest of Kinmoku. They do their duty well." She smiled softly. She never had to doubt her dear friends in their conviction of their duties. Asteria was their most utmost concern, but there were other things that also commanded their attention.

They never let her down. If anything, she felt at times that she as not the queen that they deserved, even if they were always very quick to disagree with her on that point. She wasn't the wisest queen. She wasn't the greatest sailor guardian that had ever existed. She had her faults. But to them? She was their beloved Queen Fireball.

"I imagine that your feelings toward your guardians are similar to my own. I owe them so much more than I can ever given them. But they are selfless. They always put me and Kinmoku above themselves. In some ways, I believe I don't deserve them." She admitted as she took a sip from her tea.

Star Fighter had told her several times how she admired the then young Cynthia Lunette. She had been Sailor Moon back then. She hadn't been Neo-Queen Serenity just yet. If she hadn't known any better, she would think her favorite guardian was in love with the queen. She likely was but her duty bound her to Asteria and Kinmoku. She wondered briefly. If I let her free from my service, would she come to Earth?

"Something that you will quickly realize, Serenity, is that your duties to your people come before your comforts. I do not mean this to be unkind, but you need to put the people first. Even if you do not enjoy attending lessons, they will help you often with future situations where no one else can aid you. One thing you must always keep in mind is to trust your instincts." She curled her hands around the cup of tea. It was warm and it helped ease her mind. This wasn't an easy conversation to have, but Serenity needed to grow up and realize that she was a queen now. She couldn't just think of her own comforts now.

Her expression softened. Serenity was so kind and thoughtful. Those were good qualities to have but she also needed to be careful. "While it is good for you to want to be kind to your guardians, you are also their queen. Your duties to your people come before their own desires. They are holding you back and inadvertently making things worse. You need to know when to be more forceful. And this is one of those times, Serenity."

Serenity knew that there were some similarities to how their ‘governments’ were run, but it wasn’t all that similar too. But Serenity wasn’t sure if she had the courage to actually put her foot down. Usually when she’d done that, things were disastrous—she usually let her emotions get the better of her.
But Serenity knew that she was Queen now. She knew that she had to put her foot down sometimes, in order to become a respectful Queen like her mother. But her mother was someone Serenity believed that she’d never be able to reach. She had an ability to reassure people that everything would be alright, whereas Serenity at times was uncertain.
She hadn’t told Endymion, but she was still uncertain about her ability to rule.
“That’s how my Guardians are, too,” Serenity gazed downcast. “They’ve helped me through so much, I’d give my own life for them. I don’t think I’d ever have been able to become Eternal Sailor Moon without their help, and now…being Queen…they’re helping me with so much.”
Listening to Asteria’s advice, Serenity nodded. So it was settled then. She needed to go back to school, she needed to study politics. Whether it was outside of the palace or inside, Serenity knew that that was the right choice. Mercury would approve, she’d known it—and she’d known she’d be just as much help as she was when she was in high school.
“Then I will go back to school.” Serenity announced, smiling. “But I don’t think I could do that. My guardians know what’s good for me, they know how I am…it doesn't seem right telling them otherwise. But I will take this step without their approval and go to law school.”

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