(Open)  What The Future Holds
// January 3rd, 2031

This world was strange. It was nothing like the Dead Moon Kingdom, what little she could still remember of it. The sudden shock of breathing and feeling her own physical form after so long of nothingness still lingered. How long had she been dead? Truthfully, it didn't matter. Helenia… Morrigan was alive and well. They had another chance now.

The White Moon held power here in a budding kingdom of their own, a legacy that rightly belonged to Morrigan. But they would have to be careful to avoid repeating the same fate they met against the Elder Serenity. Now was the time to move forward.

Zirconia was grateful to discover her abilities were restored to this new body. It was an even greater boon to discover those abilities were popular parlor tricks to the people living on this planet. Hide in plain sight? Perfect.

Her shop seemed to spring up in the city overnight. An old building suddenly renewed, windows with starry curtains behind them framing displays of candles, crystals and statues. The carved sign above read "The Owl and the Serpent".

A quiet bell rang out in the dim light of the shop, catching Nemain's attention. She offered a slim smile to the days first customer. "Welcome, dear. Are you here for a reading?"

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