Eyes Of The Sea
// Jan 8, 2031

She nodded, Spectrolite was more or less giving her an update. His threats (though not veiled) was actually a menacing way of trying to protect her. She was coloring outside of the lines, and like he'd said before ' Metaria was not as merciful'.

Every commander needed to keep their soldiers in line, she knew that from time too far away to be called a 'memory'.

While her face gained no life, she was blinking more often like she didn't feel the need to have total awareness encase Spectrolite might attack again. This was trust, this was how she knew how to demonstrate it. She signed...

'Thank-you-for-the-warning, sorry-for-how-this-night-started. I'll-be-adjusting-my-tactics.' When her hands seized moving, she lowered her head like a golem that had just received a new enchanted command it must follow.

Dozens of possibilities were already at the surface of her mind, some she'd considered long ago but never wanted to taint her record with urban tactics or refuge of shadows of unworthy specimens. Yet, the words were spoken and clear (from the darkness of deaths face) 'this is not enough'.

When her eyes rose again, that staleness of a life never lived returned. They drew a verticle gaze to cut into the same air they were breathing,  shifting from moments of focus - then to devouring void. It was like dying and resurrecting within seconds of each stage of life.

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