'Help' Is Relative
// Jan 2, 2031

Yes, get close - find Cynthia's weaknesses and when the inevitable darkness comes he'd just hand her over to Beryl on a silver platter...

I'd die first.

Fixing his gaze out the window, Kari sought out places he'd rather be whenever the pressure built. Pressure manifested agitation and frustration -- helplessness. A heart in those conditions sought ways to gain strength to overcome the moment, aggressive solutions that just began opening the doors to that which needed to be locked away. 

Akari's strategy was simply, deny the darkness within him oxygen. That meant avoiding situations that could give it air. Jeremiah found his way to deal with that dark - denying it's very existence and smothering it in friendly banter and unyielding duty. No doubt thinking the more he tried to protect something, the less likely he was to turn against it. 

" You're wrong, I'm in constant contact with Mason." Cynthia was omitted, their names were meant to go together but Kari's wasn't a liar. Also, it was nice to finally have a solid fact where he knew without a doubt Mercer was wrong. It also meant Mason was respecting Akari's privacy and not saying the things said in confidence to the other three.

"I'll admit none of them had The Silver Crystal, but do you know why the greatest rulers fall? Prosperity, Cynthia will give these people perfection, life, truth they will want for nothing. She will be just and fair and every time in history this happened... Mankind revolted and burned down paradise." A couple taps of his fingers on the desk gave him a moment to consider how to approach this next part."Ever seen Pinocchio? Children given full reign of the land, something that was theirs. They could do whatever they want, god's of a kingdom you might say -- and within a day they started tearing it apart, broke the windows, setting fires to something that could have fulfilled their every need... Except one, destruction."

Akari walked to the other side of the room, Jeremiah was giving him a lot to think about, but still - he knew Cynthia wasn't ready and based on her current decisions, she wouldn't take the advise that would make her so. " I'll tell you the solution, when mankind behaves and respects what it has... Alexander The Great, his people never stagnated because his vision could be shared with all who followed him. They united in his dream, they wanted to make it come true... Shes not ready for that. With the way things stand right now, one good Worm-tongue or Rasputin could whip the majority of this world in a frenzy against her."

He turned to look the 11 feet that separated himself from Jeremiah, searching for his eyes. " It's good to see you again." 

There, another truth - one which evoked a smile from Kari.

@Jeremiah Mercer

"Ever as always, Akari, you miss my point. I'm well aware of your contact with Mason," oh, not all the little details but enough so that Mason had, on the occasion, asked him to check in with Akari, though this time was of his own volition than anything else; he was, more often of late, a topic of conversation for them, "because keeping contact isn't enough. Perhaps I would not worry if you were in better condition but as it stands--as you are now--the fact that you keep yourself away, only coming when called or when you feel you must, is not enough to ensure you are protected.

"Chaos rises and you insist upon putting yourself in danger and leaving yourself in a place that you could once more be compromised. You know as well as I do that they will take what's already there within your mind and make it that much worse."
Not that, at this point, he expected Akari to listen to him. No, he already had it set within his mind that this was his path to walk, that he needed to suffer for whatever reason. Worse: that there was no way Jeremiah could understand (which, frankly, was insulting and far from the case).

"Again you make it obvious that you don't understand Cynthia. She is not trying to give perfection, she is trying to give them freedom. The ability to do anything they want, without being confined by a limited lifetime. Stop imposing what you think she is doing and learn what both her and Mason truly want. They both know what is at stake and strive to work for a future where everyone is united."

Finally, Jeremiah rolled his eyes, unable to stop himself. Had Akari grown at all since they had been revived? Or did he just hide behind psychology and telling himself that his distancing was just how he stayed neutral and helped the crown? Did he not realize how it looked to have one of the Golden Kings not within the Crystal Palace?

Even now it was likely that the forces of Chaos were watching him because he put himself out there.

"I wish it was good to see you again, Akari, I really do, but all you've done is confirmed what I worry about. You're slipping further and further away and all by your own doing. You think you can do this on your own, you think that you've the right way of it, but ..." Jeremiah shook his head. "The real truth? Your talk of Worm-tongue or Rasputin? What will you do if it's you?

"Think about that, would you? Think about what all this distancing has done and how it's stopped you from seeing their perspective. That's all I can hope for, after all, beyond the hope that you will come to your senses before the worst comes to pass. That you will come home."
A breath was softly exhaled.

"Alas, I will have to wait and see. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon," said Jeremiah, a courteous bow in the place where a more familial goodbye might have been. There was no more reason to stay and so he did not.

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