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Tag: Alexis // Jan 22, 2031

Serenity was filled with a mixture of emotions of a training session with Alexis following the reveal of her transformation into Eternal Sailor Moon. She didn’t want to even talk about the meeting, that was completely irrelevant to the current situation at hand. Well, at least Serenity thought so; she felt uncomfortable that Layla hadn’t appeared at the meeting as she’d hoped, so she was sure that the Outer Guardians held their reserves on the subject.

Not to mention the meeting that had taken place a day before that.

There were a lot of negative energies within the Crystal Palace because of that meeting, and Serenity fully intended to remedy that within the upcoming weeks (preferably days) if she could help it. But she wasn’t going to change her mind on certain matters, which only complicated things in regards to her team.

Now, just a day later after the reveal of Eternal Sailor Moon, Serenity was pumped up – she was ready to get started and hoping that she could trigger a much more stable transformation into Eternal Sailor Moon to be able to spar. If she couldn’t stabilize her transformation, Serenity was prepared regardless to focus on the powers of Neo Queen Serenity, knowing that she had to work on that as well.

During her walk to the barracks Serenity took deep, calming breaths, trying to calm her mind and ensure that no negative thoughts had rushed into it that may have hindered her transformation at the barracks. Lately, it seemed as though her power alone was solely fueled by her emotions and it was time to correct that.

Arriving at the barracks and seeing that Alexis had already arrived, Serenity greeted with a waved, “Okay, I’m here!” Serenity bounced eagerly, putting on a friendly face as she pulled out her transformation brooch. 

Hope you don’t mind that I said that she was there already, but here you go~! <3

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The constant meetings were getting on Alexis' nerves, especially since they didn't seem to accomplish anything meaningful. Or worse, they just caused more problems. Her time was better spent actually working on the security for the palace and tracking the Black Moon. That was stressful enough since it seemed an impossible task for no good reason.

So when Cynthia had asked for another sparring session, it seemed a welcome relief. It wouldn't exactly be a real workout for Alexis since she'd have to be careful not to hurt Cynthia, but even a little bit of physical activity other than going for a run would be helpful.

Alexis had read in her note that Cynthia wanted help with her transformation, and she'd hoped it meant that Cynthia had managed to access her power more readily. Once again Alexis wasn't exactly sure what she could do to help, but winging it seemed to be her strong suit so why waste time preplanning, right?

By the time Cynthia arrived Alexis was casually stretching against the wall, making sure she was in good shape to do this. "Oh!" She glances at her watch. "You must be excited about this. You're actually four whole minutes early." She teases.

When Alexis announced that she arrived on time, Serenity was stunned. She sheepishly placed a palm behind her head, her smile bright as ever. Heee! I guess you could say that, I haven’t been able to transform in a long time! I’m trying to be more optimistic about it!”

And after Serenity mulled it over, she realized that there was more to be optimistic about than not. She wasn’t sure why she was so hysterical that night when she de-transformed, when it was something she should have been happy about! Was it the pain that she felt in her chest from the forced de-transformation? Or the events that occurred earlier?

It was a possibility that it was both, but Serenity wasn’t going to let her thoughts overthink it. Point was, was that here she was, with her brooch in hand, ready to give it another go. The nice thing about having access to a barracks meant that it gave her and Alexis free reign to be as destructive as they wanted to be, even though that certainly wasn’t the goal – but she wanted to push her limits.

Without wasting time, Serenity took yet another deep breath, raising her brooch in the air as she shouted, “Moon Eternal, Make Up!” and transformed.

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