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Jeremiah, of course, stayed until the meeting came to its natural conclusion. The issue was that he was holding his hand near the side of his face, pointer and middle finger pressed to his temple--hard--and his thumb pressed to his jaw. Anyone who looked close (which had been Mason and Cynthia for the most part) would be able to tell that it was more than just an intense study of the video capture of this other Sailor Moon. It was because the corner of his eye was starting to twitch due to the number of individuals leaving the meeting before either the King or Queen--or even the leaders of the Queensguard--called it to an end.


Did they realize what this would do? All this uncertainty and, worse, insecurity?

He liked to think they did. That after everyone had time to think and cool off, they would take a moment to recognize-

Actually, Jeremiah was just going to stop thinking about it because he could already hear the rant in his head start. It was something that was sure to give him a headache.

So, the obvious solution was that he was going to get into Iseul's database (again, without bothering to use his actual credentials; as in hack in because he was a damn troll) and get his hands on the visual data for this new imposter. Jeremiah still could not accept that the Silver Crystal, something that followed the heart of Queen Serenity, would simply pass to another and grant them the powers and so much more that she had been blessed with.

It would just have to be later because his King was still present. He wasn't really surprised to find that Mason lingered behind as well, Jeremiah recognizing the look in his King's eyes as one that said they needed to talk.

The silver-haired man inclined his head, sweeping into a half-bow. "We may wish to speak elsewhere, depending on what topics you want to talk about," said Jeremiah, straightening back up. It was very possible the things they were going to discuss would not be the sort of things the Sailor Senshi would approve of. Not that it was everything nefarious, of course, but their lines of thoughts reached the same end goals through different means.

Regardless, Jeremiah followed where Mason led and waited for him to set the tone of their discussion. Clearly, something was weighing on his mind because the look upon Mason's face was a familiar one.

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Of course, he was well versed in the court’s etiquette and while he was all for some of it being avoided, he thought people would be more considerate of the regulations. He could be reasonable considering the heat that came within the moment of his absence, but he felt it really disrespect on others to just disregard Lucy’s hard work on gathering everyone together to speak on matters. Like Jeremiah he had a very disagreeable taste of how things were conducted by the members that were allowing emotions to dictate them, regardless- he’d allow for them to leave without mustering up a word to them.

It was best to let people cool off instead of forcing their hands to a meeting that went out of hand, however- what he knew best, is that he could count on Jeremiah and his court to stay responsible if anything else failed. That is why he’d linger behind and glance towards Jeremiah- instantly his old comrade and friend knew that there was something on his mind that needed to be discussed,


It seemed they were in immediate agreeance, as he’d begin to depart from the meeting room to guide Jeremiah along the twisting corridors of the Crystal Palace without anyone else following them. No doubt they probably wouldn’t want the king himself getting directly involved but this did not only affect the Queen, it would affect the entire Kingdom as a whole. Soon the two would come to the very back of the Crystal Palace, the greenhouse that was almost modeled after Elysion’s own garden, with Crystalline fixtures and texture, a fountain sitting within its center.

Of course, Elysion’s garden was pure nature, with a bit of Greek agriculture – stone pillars surrounding but while it was fashioned after Elysion it did not share the white stone pillars, instead, it shared the crystalline ones. And well, Mason would align himself next to the fountain,

“I believe it’s as you said, it’s Cynthia’s heart and the rest of them that is probably hindering her transformation.”

He’d admit, believing Jeremiah’s wise mind probably hit the issue on the head, especially after witnessing the meeting firsthand for himself. “But the problem won’t be solved so easily if that’s the case, they’re all very attached to what they feel and think right now. So if it’s true as Pluto says, that there is a chance that there is another Lunarian out there, we might need her assistance with Cynthia’s crystal. And we can’t just leave another one of Cynthia’s relatives out there by herself.”

Jeremiah probably by this point was catching onto Mason’s idea, “I want to find her and I want your help, it could be risky but with you and me, I believe we can manage it on our own.” He didn’t want to drag out the guardians because of their irrational mindset, it’d hinder the talk with the new Sailor Moon. "And if by chance she’s an imposter, we will capture her by force.”

Being within this particular greenhouse--the one that so obviously spoke of Elysion--helped to ease some of the tension that Jeremiah felt after the meeting. The stiffness in his shoulders relaxed, just a little, and as Mason settled himself next to a fountain, the silver-haired man did similarly.

Here the noises of the Crystal Palace were muffled, less of it filtering in, and it made for a perfect meeting spot.

Listening to Mason give voice to the rest of his thoughts only had him pinching the bridge of his nose as he nodded in agreement. It had taken everything within him to not just snap during the meeting (especially since Cynthia had been openly chastised in public), his temper flaring to life, and bring up the point that what the senshi were doing--all the dissent, insecurity, and otherwise--was essentially what had happened to Endymion and his knights during the Silver Millenium.

Their downfall had come because of the lack of faith and trust in their King, exacerbated by the influence of Chaos.

Also Beryl but Beryl was merely a tool for Chaos at the end of the day.

"My hope," said Jeremiah, "is that it will not take something happening to make them realize they are part of the problem. The Silver Crystal follows Cynthia's heart but her heart holds us all within it and if there is not unison ..." There was a shake of his head as his hand fell away from his face. Things would only continue as they were, perhaps even get worse, but he thought--after seeing that spark in the Queen's eyes--that things were likely on the path they needed to be.

Jeremiah raised an eyebrow at Mason, though the way the corner of his mouth curved upward said he was exactly on the same page.

"If this individual is an ally rather than an enemy then things should be in our favor." Sliding his phone out, he quickly tapped away at the screen as he worked through the necessary hoops to access the video information Iseul had regarding the imposter.

"I think," said Jeremiah as he continued tapping away at the screen, only sparing a glance towards Mason, "what we do depends on how we wish to handle this hunt. Additional confirmation that she is an ally would be beneficial, moreso if we could bring her into the fold--if she's related, especially so--but a fair portion of this may just be us playing hide and seek with someone who probably doesn't want to be found ..." He trailed off, a soft hmmm noise made. Mason would recognize it easily, a clear sign that Jeremiah had an idea and was going to work on it.

Which meant Mason could speak once more while the silver-haired man figured out the necessary steps for what was forming in his mind.

The meeting held such pain, insecurities, and anger, that it was just feeding chaos, because that’s what the meeting was- wasn’t it? Chaos. Divide. It really worried Mason considering the Youma were practically infesting the world right now and the Court was seemingly falling apart before they could get any real work done.

“I fear something is already happening, Jeremiah.” He’d admit, his hand going to that of his chin, “Now you and I will merely have to take countermeasures to prevent it.” This is why they were meeting after the meeting; he hopes the Lunarian could be the solution. However, Jeremiah was right, did they even have any clues as to where to even look for this other Sailor Moon?

“We’ll have to follow leads and maybe find her that way.” He’d stroke his chin some more trying to come up with some solutions, “Maybe we can use the city cameras to track her down.” And of course, Jeremiah was right, she probably didn’t want to be found- they had their own reasons for that because they would’ve reached out for the King and Queen first and foremost if that weren’t the case.

“I usually respect other boundaries and personal space, but I’m not sure if we have enough time for that consideration. As much as it bothers me to hunt down someone that may not want direct involvement with us, we have to.” Then Jeremiah had something up his sleeve, that hum only indicated he thought of something and that is when Mason would go silent to allow the other to gather his plan pieces and elaborate on them.

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Within the Silver Millennium, Jeremiah had been called something else. Zoisite was the name he had been given, it was the name he used now to reclaim that part of himself, but before Beryl had him hunted down--captured and force-fed enough Chaos that it would override his body's inherent resistance--he had been Anaon. In moments like this, in Mason speaking I fear something is already happening, Jeremiah, he thought about that long-gone life and similar words being spoken.

Jeremiah closed his eyes and slowly released a breath.

"Countermeasures is putting it lightly," he settled on saying, "because I fear that our enemies have gotten wiser and worked themselves more into the world in ways they did not in the past." Though he had no concrete proof, not yet, but the moment he did ...

Well, that would be another meeting for those of the Crystal Kingdom.

Still, Jeremiah was mostly in his thoughts, listening with half an ear as Mason spoke. His fingers stopped moving against the tablet, each and every word that had been said filtering through. "To be honest ..." The corner of his mouth twitched upward. "I was honestly considering luring her out in much the same way I did you once upon a time." Which was to say disguise himself as this new Sailor Moon.

"That, however, goes hand-in-hand with what I wish to do." For a moment the tablet was set aside, Jeremiah's queerly bright blue-green eyes fixed upon Mason. "With everything that has happened--especially with Kasidhe--Cynthia is without her body double and dedicated bodyguard." The corner of his mouth curved upward into a half-smile. "I wish to offer myself in that place."

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