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Tag: Kalama // January 25th, 2031

In the last seven months Luciana del Rosario had become bitter. From the moment that her restaurant was destroyed, she had become angry. It was reasonable - the bistro had been her entire life, and when she was younger it had been her dream to own her own restaurant, and in her adult life it had taken quite a bit for her to make it happen. And it wasn't easy. They were popular and successful, they had their rivals but they still made it work. And then it was destroyed and much of Lucy's personal life went with it. And honestly, sometimes she thought that her sanity was gone too.

It wasn't of course. She just didn't get a whole lot of time to herself anymore. She spent so much time with the Guardians and the Queensgard, and there was a saying: all work and no play made Lucy a dull and angry girl. She remembered when she snapped at Serenity, and everything that came after that. The attacks by the Black Moon (and whoever else) didn't help things, and the meeting only managed to make them worse. There was a part of Sailor Jupiter that was under the belief that everything was starting to fall apart, before anything had truly begun.

There weren't very many people that Lucy thought she could be honest with, and not only that, for the ones that she did think she could be honest with there were even less that she could speak openly with. That was where Sailor Coronis came in. The Galactica were well aware of the things happening right now even if the Queen kept her secrets because of the fact that Kakyuu had brought them here with the express intent of helping out as the Crystal Millennium got off the ground, and even if Lucy couldn't tell Kala about Eternal Sailor Moon... She and Kala got each other.

That was why she asked her to join her in one of the many training rooms in the Crystal Palace's barracks. Lucy was dressed in a sports bra and a pair of athletic tights, gloves on her hands to protect them from any cuts or bruises she might inflict upon herself. Her fists were up, and every so often she jabbed at the punching bag in front of her. Honestly? She just needed to let off some steam, and Kala was one of the only other people that measured up to her strength-wise. The other was Uranus, and... Lucy didn't want to burden Alexis with this.

Plus, she liked Kala.

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Feeling good as hell
Admittedly, she didn't spend a lot of time in the palace. She should, to better get to know everyone, and not just the select few that she'd instantly clicked with, but she felt a little out of place, like some sort of bull in a china shop, so to speak. In short, Kala didn't like being there too much without an express reason, and luckily, today she had one. Lucy had gotten in touch with her and asked for some sparring, and Kala had gotten the impression that perhaps she needed to get something off her chest too. She wasn't one hundred percent on that, but she just had a feeling.

She had on her pretty standard workout gear - leggings, a tank top, and an oversize crop overtop of it. Her sneakers padded along the flooring of the palace as she headed towards the training room that Lucy had specified, and she absolutely didn't get lost at all, not once or even twice, nope, no way. Arriving a little late due to not getting lost, she entered the room and placed her gym bag down on the floor, giving Lucy a big smile and heading over to her, wrapping the other guardian in a big hug, lifting her up for just a second and letting her down.

"Hey girl!" She said, stepping back and giving her a look over. Kala put her hands on her hips and patted the bag a few times. "Sorry, I just love to give these things a good warm-up pat or two. I don't know why." Kala laughed a little bit, moving back over to her bag and pulling out her own wrist tape, starting to wind it around. She looked back up at Lucy as she was doing this, nodding a bit to her. "So what's up? Need to punch out some frustration? 'Cause that's my default setting, so you're in good company here." 

Maybe it was the gigantic smile that Kal wore on her face, or maybe it was the fact that she was finally going to be blowing off steam after everything with Ayaka, but Lucy sighed deeply and let her guard down just a little bit when she saw her friend. Her muscles untensed, and for the moment she felt like she was being awarded with the chance to actually get everyone off of her chest. Lucy melted into the hug that Kal gave her - she hugged her back of course, but otherwise she just sort of let Coronis do her own thing. She was a giant teddy bear that was, in a matter of minutes, surely going to kick her ass.

"Dios mio. I needed that in more ways than you understand," or maybe she did understand. Lucy knew that the Galactica weren't entirely seeing eye to eye these days, and that Kalama was at the center of some sort of tiff with Star Healer. But who wasn't at the center of a fight with Star Healer? Violet and Jeremiah, she guessed, but they more or less got along with everyone and that was exhausting. Or, well, at least right now Lucy thought that was exhausting. Ask her if she still felt the same way after the sparring session, and the likelihood was that she'd have a different opinion on that particular matter entirely.

Lucy took a deep breath when Kalama asked for an explanation. First, she deflected. "What? A girl can't want to see her friend just or some good old fashioned girl time?" She said, laughing as she did so and waving her hand dismissively. She doubted that anyone other than Kalama and Alexis would have considered this 'girl time,' because when it came down to it even Lucy didn't think of it that way. "I'm sure you heard about Sailor Mars being a estúpida perra, right? Do I need to say anything else?" It wasn't just Aya that was bothering her, it was everything else, but... that sat at the center of it all.

"I just have a lot of steam to blow off."

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Feeling good as hell
"Yeeaahhh, I mean... who didn't? That blast could definitely be heard from outer space." She joked, but Mars storming off like she did wasn't unlike her from what Kala knew, but the fact that she'd done it, quit and stayed gone? That was a big damn from even the volcanically minded Kala. She twisted her lips a bit, thinking about it before elbowing Lucy in the ribs lightly. "So, you invited the bigger hot head so you could take out your frustrations on the other hot head? I'm kidding, I'm kidding." She said, laughing and putting her hand on the bag again.

"Ok, I"m not going to rib at you all day with my bad jokes, girl, so let's get going. What do you want to do first? Some yoga? Little pilates? Jazzercise?" There she went again. It was almost like she couldn't help it. Almost, anyway, She looked comically thoughtful on that last one, thinking of leg warmers and tights, from an old workout video she'd been given as a joke by one of the other athletes she worked with. That man in the tiny shorts, oh boy. "What was his name? Ricky? Richard? Right, Richard Simmons, workout guru. I'd have to not straighten my hair but I could do it, I think." She let out another laugh.

"Serious time now. Serious, I promise." She said, having finished with her wrist tape and adjusted her leggings and top. She put her serious fight face on, picking up the boxing pads from the nearby rack and putting them on her hands, patting them together a few times and then holding them up, ready to hold her ground and take the punches or kicks that Lucy sent her way, along with push back if she needed to, taunt out a 'is that all you got', or whatever she friend needed her to do.


What did Lucy want to do here, really? All of the things that Kala suggested were so much tamer than what Lucy was feeling right now; outside of Alexis the people that were here likely were too weak to really deal with Lucy full force. She wasn't called the guardian of Protection for nothing - she could throw a punch with the best of them, and while she was taller than the other Inner Guardians, she was definitely physically stronger than them. To put it simply, she had absolutely never beaten at an arm wrestling match when it came to her and her closest friends. She sighed, thinking of Jacqui for a moment, but she shook it off.

"Nah, nah. Kala. I think you know what I'm thinking about." Lucy got into a fighting stance, hopping two times and rolling her shoulders as she prepared and got into a fighting stance. She may have been stronger as Sailor Jupiter, but she was still plenty strong as Lucy... and even if she hadn't been she had been getting into fights since she was a little girl. The people that would pick on her just because she wasn't from here, because she didn't have any parents, and things of that nature... That made Lucy mad. Of course it did. Everything was making her mad right now, and it was all just sort of going together.

"Fight me, Kala. Fight me as best as you can." She said; the Galactica was one of the only other people she was sure could keep up with her. All things considered Coronis was the Galactica's answer to both Mars and Uranus, if they had to have one, and that meant that the two of them were on the same or similar levels. The moment Kala was ready, Lucy took a deep breath and pushed forward, throwing all sorts of punches, kicks, and other maneuvers. As she did so she thought of Metaria, of Kasidhe, of Jacqui, of Cyn, and of so many other things.

Eventually she stopped. When she stopped, she noticed that her face was wet from more than the sweat that had escaped from her pores as a result. She was so pent up and angry. She took a deep breath and stepped back, shaked her head and wiping the frustrated tears from her face. "Your turn, if she want it." she said, stepping back a bit and going defensive. "What's going on with your end? It can't be easy to work with the Starlights."

Feeling good as hell
"Okay then, girl, you asked for it." She said, holding up the gloves and waiting for a moment, before pushing forward against the blows that the guardian of thunder and roses unloaded, parrying each punch and kick with ease, knowing where to do just as Lucy went, and by the time she'd finished, the both of them were sweating, beads running down their foreheads. Kala took the gloves off and handed them over, before patting her forehead and face with a towel.

"Oh god, don't even get me started." She shook her head, readjusting her ponytail and sighing loudly. She reached down and picked up a bottle of water, unscrewing the top and taking a long drink, pausing after that again to wipe her mouth with her wrist tape. "Nah, nothing new on my end. Saariyah's still the biggest bitch of all bitches, I mean the QUEEN of bitches. Kes is cool. She's the only one that I can even KIND OF get along with. Chandra's Chandra. That's all there is to that." She stretched her shoulders and arms a little bit, waiting for Lucy to put the gloves up and get ready for her own barrage.

"Flipping... Saariyah was one of the first people I reached out to here after I got here and all she did was make me want to throttle her and everyone else. I mean, I'm easily pissed off, right? But I can usually manage, and Mermaid's been helping me with that, but Saariyah just... oof. All the wrong buttons. We're too different. I wouldn't be mad if she just took off on a vacation for a while or something." Another sigh came, before she got into a stance and nodded at Lucy. "You ready?"

Soon as she was given the go ahead, her arms moved and she punched at the bags as hard as she could. This was more about Lucy and her own frustrations more than Kala's, because Kala only had the one big one, but it still felt good to get in and bond with a friend that she was happy to have. She hadn't had the chance to interact with many of the Sol guardians, mostly Lucy and Alexis, because they both got along really well with her. They were a lot alike. Tough, loud, proud. Not ones to take shit from anyone, and they matched well in strength and power. She let out a long, heavy exhale when she was done, letting her arms hang beside her.



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