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Twenty years ago, [Motoki]'s parents owned the Crown Arcade and Cafe that the Inner Guardians used to hang out at! As a result, almost each and every one of them expressed interest in him at some point - he was cute, he was older, and he was nice to them. I think for Lucy, [Motoki] was the first boy to actually see her for her and beyond her apparently rough exterior... and probably the first boy that was actually nice to her after she moved to Florida and after her rough ex-boyfriend.

Nowadays, I would like to see [Motoki] as not just the son of the owner - but the actual owner of both the Crown Arcade, which has stuck around as what is effectively a historical monument, as well as the Crown Cafe. Up until July 2030, Lucy owned, ran, and operated a bistro in infinity City; I would actually like to see something where [Motoki] and Lucy were sort of rivals in a friendly kind of way. In July, however, the cafe was destroyed and she has since rededicated her life to serving as a Sailor Guardian.

What I'd really like is for these two to bond over their past rivalry - and maybe even some past threads where the rivalry can be explored - and for someone to just... help Lucy relax a little bit! Someone that can show her that letting her hair down isn't and shouldn't be a crime. And, you know, that all work and no play makes Lucy a dull girl.

A name for him would be entirely up to whoever chooses to play him, and the FC suggestion is not set in stone!

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