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It was true that Princess Lady Serenity had told her mother that she was leaving right away. The Quartet and the rest of her court were waiting in the space-time corridor for her, ready and willing to walk directly back to the 21st century to battle whatever paradox was forming there - and it was true that Serenity intended to go there, and quickly at that. She was anticipating what was to come rather eagerly, even if it wasn't something that she was looking forward to. Going back felt like a necessity now. But... she couldn't just leave like that.

The future, past, future-past was unclear now. That entire era was hazy right now, and that was a problem, and who knew what kind of problems Serenity and the rest of her court were going to run into. She knew that there was a risk that maybe, potentially, she would not be coming back here. That was a sacrifice that she was willing to make as long as it ensured that here existed in the first place. The Crystal Millennium as important, and the peace that they had created was necessary. The lives of all the people. All of the people that existed now, even if they didn't exist then.

That meant that this was potentially the last time that Serenity was going to be able to see anyone that wasn't in her court that she cared about. Her mother, she had already said goodbye to; the fact of the matter that going back, while the princesses' idea, was one that the Neo Queen supported. She had already said her goodbyes to her mother; the other Sol Guardians were busy right now with everything that was going on, and she could still see Puu whenever she wanted to, in the space-time corridor. Her entire court was coming with her.

That left one person, one very important person, for Cidney to say her farewells to. She could have left and left him none the wiser until he was informed of where she went, but that just wasn't something that she was about to do. As Cidney walked down the corridor of the Crystal Palace, donning her uniform as Sailor Neo Moon, gloved fingers traced the crystalline walls. She was putting off the minutes as they passed by, hoping to make them take longer, longer, and longer. But as she reached the large double doors of Endymion's study, she stopped, pausing to look up at it.

This was very possibly the last time that she would stand there.

The small pitter-patter of feet against the floors of the Crystal Palace had become commonplace. The sound of childlike giggling and laughter filled the halls, reverberating and making them feel alive in a way that they hadn't beforehand. "Luna P! Come out, come out, wherever you are!" Small Lady Serenity called out, hands cupped to make her voice seem louder than it actually was as she raced through the halls of the palace. Luna P was the child's only friend - an unfortunate truth, even if it didn't mean that she wasn't loved. As she scoured the halls, Serenity found herself near her father's study, the door cracked ever so slightly. She tilted her head curiously, and walked forward, pushing into the study.


Serenity took a deep breath, closing her eyes as she exhaled and brushing away any fear and resistance that she might have had to seeing him. The bond between Princess Lady Serenity and Endymion was what might have been expected of a father and daughter; he was her hero. Her king. Her father. And all things considered, Serenity didn't want to say goodbye. But she also didn't want to leave without seeing him again and making her intentions known. She didn't want to leave him always wondering, especially if she didn't come back. And so she knocked on the large doors. Once, twice, thrice.

"Daddy? Can we talk?"

It felt like just yesterday Little Lady was just opening the large oak doors to his office without remorse for his busy schedule but it wasn’t like he cared much for the interruption, his daughter was always a welcome distraction from the awful paperwork that occasionally piled. He remembers when he’d get up from his chair and simply invite her into his arms to allow her the comfort of her father. She was definitely a precious gift from his union with Cynthia and he wouldn’t trade her even for Elysion. Perhaps it was a selfish thought, to think that his daughter was worth more than a universe’s collapse because if it came down to it, he’d always pick Cidney and Cynthia over everyone else.

Of course, he was a double standard and held many contradictions like any normal supernatural human being, because he’d sooner die himself than allow the universe or his family to- so he did respect and expect the same thing from his family in return. It didn’t mean it made those kinds of sacrifices any easier, especially not when it came down to his daughter. Overtime the rambunctious child became a refined Lady, prepared to do what was right to save the world and their people.

She didn’t run through the doors to gather his attention as energic, now it was a knock, courteous but what made him happy was that she still held onto being his little girl in some aspects of the word; daddy was all that was needed to bring a smile upon Mason’s lips. “What is it, Little Lady?” He’d question, it wasn’t every day his daughter came to him seemingly serious in her tone, by that alone he knew it was probably something he didn’t really want to hear. However, he wouldn’t ever turn Cidney away, she was his only child and daughter- the next leader of the world and Elysion when it came time for them to retire, “Of course we can.” He’d confirm the acceptance of his willingness to talk- eyes all on her.

The soft and warm voice that Endymion spoke to her with as she entered his study was one that she had become used to over the last one thousand, twenty-three years. It was still one of the sounds that she looked forward to her entire life. There was of course something paternal about the way that he spoke to her, and the sound of her his voice sometimes made Serenity feel like everything was going to be okay even in the direst of times and situations. This extended to his past self as well, when she was still learning how to be a Sailor Guardian. As much as she got her strength from her mother, Endymion was both of their rocks.

She slipped through the double doors, shutting them gently behind her, so as to not attract attention. Tensions were high around the Crystal Palace these days, and they had been for quite some time. The fact that the Future Court was practically missing from the palace right now might've been enough to normally arouse suspicions, but Serenity herself hoped that she would be gone before anyone other than the Neo Queen and her King might have noticed. She walked up to him slowly, rubbing her gloved arm nervously; the fact that all eyes were on her now hadn't gone unnoticed.

"I've... made a decision. I was just talking to mom, and..." She took a deep breath and stopped a few feet away from him. She wasn't going to drag this out; she had all the time that she wanted to say goodbye, that was true, the 21st century wasn't going to go anywhere but she didn't want to make any kind of goodbye any more painful than it had to be. "I'm going back to 2030. To... observe," A potential lie, and one she suspected that her father would catch. She had never been very good at lying to him.

"I wanted to see you before I went. And ask if there was any sort of advice that you wanted to give."

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There was a sense of dread when he heard the first line of her sentence, just like her mother, when a decision was made- it meant her mind was made up and there was no changing it. Both were very stubborn Lunarians but alongside her mother’s traits, she also held the more practical mind of her father, to a degree. Either way, he’d smile, of course- she’d notice he was uncomfortable with the idea of allowing her to leave so far into the past to a point where he could not reach. The thought of not being able to rush to her side in order to protect her made him undoubtedly anxious about her plan to travel back in time, but something sinister was brewing and he knew she was a guardian, that duty would always be the priority of their lives.

Forever and always, “You sound just like your mother.” He’d admit with a soft sigh, “That means you’ve made up your mind then.”With a couple of steps Mason would make his way over into Cidney’s space, arms aiming to pull her into a hug, embracing around her shoulders, “Just make sure to come back when you’re done ‘observing’,” Of course, he knew she’d interact with the past’s world, as it said- curiosity killed the cat and hoped that wouldn’t be the case with Cidney’s trip. “Remember the possible consequences of disturbing the past.” That is when he’d pull back, he had definitely lingered there for a while during their conversation,

“Find Layla and work with her, she’d know the best ways to handle the past without interrupting anything. Follow her rules and regulations, don’t be too reckless- are you taking your guardians with you?”

He had to know the extent of her preparation because this wasn’t just any normal field trip and this was his only child. “And if the past becomes too much for you, come back here immediately, Cidney. Don’t risk yourself.” Though he doubts his daughter would be too impulsive- having faith and hope in her, he couldn’t help but worry like crazy, however. Not being able to watch her, not being able to protect her, all of it was nerve-wracking, “You always have people to count on, even in the past itself.”

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Of the Lunette's - if you could call Mason a Lunette, given that he kept his surname when he married Cynthia - Mason had always been the levelheaded one. Serenity might have even called her father a pragamatist, all things considered, when he was being compared to his notably more optimistic wife and daughter. It was also immediately clear that he was, perhaps, more tactically minded; he had known her well enough and long enough to know that she wasn't going to turn tail and run when things got tough, even if he told her to. Even if anyone else told her to.

She nodded, chuckling as he said it, and said, "Sure thing, daddy. Of course." There was a tinge of sarcasm that left something unspoken between the two of them: it was something like yeah, right, dad. Since when would I ever do something like that? Even when she was a little girl she was rushing head first into helping others and going that extra mile, to the point that she stole the silver crystal and went to the past when the Black Moon were on the verge of winning in the 30th century. Of course she'd do that again when they were on the verge of taking the 21st.

There needed to be a 30th century for her to see in order for her to come back to the 40th. She wasn't about to let the Black Moon take away her past, her present, and her future. When it came down to it curiosity might have killed the cat, but everyone often forgot the end of that figure of speech: satisfaction brought it back. Cidney wasn't going to come back from the past until she was satisfied and convinced that things had changed for the better. She wanted to make a difference and she wanted to make sure that this future, her future, was protected.

"Is there anything that you remember about the past that you'd like me to keep in mind? Mama mentoned something about a masquerade ball. She told me to make sure that I go there, even if I'm not entirely sure why that is..." And she could have spent all day speculating, but she didn't want to do that. She knew that 2031 was a long time ago now, but...

What concerned him most was definitely the unspoken secrets that lingered, the unfortunate underbelly of knowing his daughter too well to know she’d jump headfirst into danger if it meant saving the universe, with that, she took after both of her parents. But with the stubbornness of the Lunarian bloodline running through her veins, he realized that it didn’t matter if he told her to hurry back, because she wouldn’t turn tail and run.

He wouldn’t be her father if he didn’t phrase it though, he had to let her know he worried and wanted her to be safe, even if she already knew that deep down. Sometimes he wished she didn’t take that daredevil side of her mother, but it was a part that he also adored about them both, it’s what made them so genuine and good.

Upon her sarcastic agreement, he’d chuckle and move along the conversation without dwelling on making sure she was going to comply, regardless of what he wanted, Cidney was going to do anyway. And he wasn’t about to restrict his daughter to anything, “Anything that I remember about the past, huh?” That’d take some time to think over, “Well, be careful of Chaos.” But that’s a given, isn’t it? He needed to think of something more solid for her to look out for,

“Keep an eye out for the Sailor Guardians,”

As trouble was always lurking around them, “If you watch around them, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for, Cidney.” Because the past, present and future were always wrapped around them- so if she wanted to get something done, it was best to observe them and to follow. “Just remember not to get too close,” It’s almost like a moth to a flame, how tempting to join in another timeline, that is. He trusted Cidney wouldn’t do something to time paradox that would lead to the destruction of the timeline as they knew it.

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