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Jeremiah was rubbing his fingers into his right temple, slowly telling himself that he enjoyed being an ambassador and handling all this work and that he did not want to put fear into the hearts of idiotic European diplomats.

Only his father because Piers Mercer deserved fear in his heart but that was beside the point. Shaking his head, Jeremiah just closed his laptop and pushed it aside. There was no point in looking over things when he was clearly in need of a breather. Six hours of looking over agreements and disagreements and problems and-


Right now.

Grabbing his suit jacket from his chair, Jeremiah buttoned up the buttons and smoothed it out (because, if anything, he was always fashionable) before heading towards the door. What he was not expecting was the sight of Kestaria Bintang right on the other side of the door. Unlike Saariyah, Jeremiah was not nearly as familiar with her, though certainly, he assumed that things between them were amicable.

It also took a certain kind of person to be able to get along with Saariyah but then he had bonded with her over the entire what is wrong with people who try and abridge your name into some smaller form? Nicknames were stupid when you had a perfectly good full name but people were too lazy to say it. All that was to say that if he could along with Saariyah, then he certainly should be able to get along with Kesatria.

"Lady Bintang," greeted Jeremiah, not missing a beat and pleasantly formal as he swept into a small bow. "To what do I owe the honor of this visit?" Someone was definitely made of all things prim and proper, especially with that crisp Upper Received Pronunciation accent, facial hair kept at a perfect five o'clock shadow, and silver hair neatly pulled back into a loose ponytail.

"I was just about to step out for a moment but ..." He took a step back from the door, letting it open more. "Were you wanting to speak to me?" That still counted as a break in his book. Right? Right.

As she wandered around the corridors of the Crystal Palace, looking for the chamber of Jeremiah Mercer, Kesatria was wondering whether she was doing the right thing.

Truth be told, she didn't believe things would come down to it. She had no idea the presence of a certain Gaian King would get on her nerves as much as it did. She had no idea that he will be seen everywhere in this place - last time she was on Earth, he was nowhere to be found. But the fact was that he was here, and he was the ruler of this planet, and thus no matter just how much the stubborn Starlight wanted to, she just couldn't make him disappear.

Well, if she had to deal with the phenomenon that's called Endymion, she might as well learn everything she can about it.

The first idea that came to her was to ask Cynthia about him - he was her husband, after all - but after giving it a second thought she decided against it. Her beloved Queen has already had so much to carry on these narrow shoulders of hers, which she really didn't need to worry about Kesatria's problems. Plus, knowing Cynthia, she might accidentally say something about it to her husband, which would paint Kesatria in a very bad light, and as a result could affect the position of the Kinmokuseians in the human court - a position that was already shaky as it was. No, Kesatria would have to find another source of information.

The only question was, who was close enough to know Endymion well, and also happened to be trust worthy?

The answer to her question may have come from an unexpected person: Saariyah. Not Saariyah herself, that is - Kesatria doubted she knew about Endymion more than she did, or that she even cared about him that much - but rather, a particular person that she seemed to be getting closer to as of late. It was Jeremiah Mercer, a young diplomat who was in charge of Europe, as far as Kesatria knew. The silver haired lady in waiting was seen talking to him on several occasions by now, and that fact alone impressed Kesatria tremendously. If that Jeremiah person had a conversation with Saariyah of all people, and returned for another, it must've said that for some reason, Saariyah trusted him, at least to a certain degree. And since Saariyah did not trust people easily, the fact that she did trust this man must've meant something.

Or so Kesatria had hoped when she finally found the man's office, waiting outside. Just as she was about to enter and declare her appearance known, he opened the door.

She couldn't help but grin when she heard the formal way he referred to her by. Lady Bintang. Pfffft. Yeah, right. As if. It just sounded so out of place, especially given the khaki tailored pants and white buttoned shirt she was wearing, that together with her short hair gave a rather masculine vibe. "Please, don't bother. Just Kesatria will do", she answered and grinned. Never before had she actually been a lady - much to the disappointment of her parents - and she wasn't about to start being one now.

"If you want, I wouldn't mind accompanying you outside", she suggested when Jeremiah said he was actually about to go out before she arrived. If anyone knew how demanding the work of an ambassador was it surely was Kesatria, and she did not want to exhaust him even before getting to her real question. No, she needed him to be willing to cooperate.

The man, who seemed incredibly prim and proper, in a level that could've annoyed Kesatria under different circumstances, then proceeded to ask what was the reason for her visit. The dark haired Starlight then leaned against the crystalline lintel, her arms crossed, her deep blue eyes gazing right into Jeremiah's in a rather serious manner.

"Well, my comrade, Saariyah - it seems that she trusts you", she started saying, finding it hard to believe that she actually said the words Saariyah and trust in the same sentence. "I don't know why, and I'm not sure to what extent, but given it's Saariyah we're talking about, it's something that raised my attention. It probably indicates about you more than you think". A charming grin featuring her face as she spoke. When it came to flattery and smooth talking, no one could ever top her.

"I also know that you work rather closely to His Majesty the King, and I was wondering if you could tell me about him".

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"Hopefully I didn't offend you too much," replied Jeremiah, referring to calling her Lady, "as I'd rather err on the too formal and adjust myself accordingly." The silver-haired man paused briefly before he added with a quick flash of a grin. "Besides that Saariyah set something of a tone for me." Which was to say that she didn't like nicknames, sometimes could be formal, but mostly just did not have time for bullshit.

To be fair: neither did Jeremiah.

"I was just going to go for a walk through the gardens to clear my head," said Jeremiah, "and the company is welcome." If only because this was Kesatria Bintang, Sailor Star Fighter. While Jeremiah spent enough time with Saariyah, he did not know nearly as much about the leader of the Starlights. Beside: anyone with Kesatria's fashion sense was someone he would likely get along with. (Even if Jeremiah had a weakness for bespoke suits.)

As soon as Kesatria's expression shifted, Jeremiah's did as well. His posture shifted from relaxed to something else, bright eyes--an eerie mix of blue and green--focused upon the woman before him. He was quiet as she spoke, listening intently to her words. It was clear that something shifted somewhere along the way, whether it was talking about Saariyah or asking about his King, remained to be seen.

"Actually," said Jeremiah after a quiet pause, studying her face, "it is mutual trust and understanding of one another." Which was a rather polite way to say he did know what it indicated about himself, just as Saariyah knew the same. After all: Saariyah was one of the few that got to see Jeremiah as the introvert he really was rather than the extroverted front the world dealt with.

... or the troll one but that was neither here nor there.

Closing the door to his office, Jeremiah gestured for Kesatria to join him as he walked through the hallways toward the gardens. "You'll have to forgive me but you'll have to be more specific," he said as they walked. "I've a suspicion you're not exactly looking to hear things that are common knowledge." At this point, the Golden King of Healing and Purification was already thinking about what he was going to say to Saariyah.

So apparently your boss wants to know about my boss and decided I was the right one to ask because we're friends. What the bloody fuck? On the one hand, he understood that Kesatria saw him as someone that could be called upon because Saariyah and he had a camaraderie. On the other hand, were you seriously using your friend's friend for intel?

Ultimately, however, Jeremiah was riding this out. Best case scenario: it was fodder for the next time he had Saariyah over for a meal to further help her acclimate to food on Earth. This could all be harmless and there was nothing to worry about, though there was the part of him that was immediately of the to learn an enemy, learn from those that are closest thought process. For now, he ignored that part.

Just be advised that Jeremiah ships Mason and Cynthia. Hard. You've been warned, Kesatria.

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A grin appeared on Kesatria's face as she shrugged at the sound of Jeremiah's explanation. "It's fine. I guess your attitude is suitable, considering we're in a court and all. It's just that. . . Well, you'll find that Saariyah and I are two very different people", she assured him. Not that there was anything inherently bad about it; but it was true. It was mostly Kesatria's appreciation to the other Starlight's abilities, as well as their shared duties and past that kept them together. In an alternate reality, the two of them might as well have been enemies.

The dark haired woman nodded in approval, and moved away from the door in order to make way for the man to go through. "The gardens sound like an ideal place to relax. You guys have pretty nice gardens here, but they're no match to the ones we have on Kinmoku". Ever the competitive, Kesatria couldn't help but mention how their gardens were the best. But what could she do? Compared to the majestic red, gold and orange flowers of Kinmoku, the greenery on Earth felt a bit plain.

Yet another nod was made when Jeremiah spoke about his mutual understanding with Saariyah. "That's good to hear. You know, I was kind of worried about her that she wouldn't fit in when we came back here. I'm glad that she found a friend like you, on whom she can depend". It was merely an assumption, as Saariyah had told her nothing of her relationship with the man; but Kesatria needed him to cooperate, and having been a man herself for quite some time, she knew that the way towards a man's heart often goes through a little bit of flattery.

Jeremiah then replied to her request, saying she had to be more specific, to which Kesatria just sighed in return. As someone of whom Saariyah was fond, she has expected him to be more intelligent than this. Or maybe he was just playing dumb, because he wanted her to say the words herself? She wasn't sure. "You're right. If I wanted the dry details, I'd just go ahead and read his Wikipedia page", Kesatria replied, trying her very best to be patient. As this was her second visit to Earth, by now she was already used to browsing the internet in order to look for information; but like she said, that's not the type of information she was after. "You work with him, so you know him as a person, am I right? So I was wondering - what is he like? What's his character? What does he like, or dislike? The more you can tell me - the better."

Jeremiah was trying, he really was. The reason he was trying was that this was Sailor Star Fighter, leader of the Sailor Starlights, and therefore the leader of his friend. Otherwise, he wasn't sure he would be doing because the more Kesatria spoke, the more her words fell flat to him.

It was very likely that Kesatria did not realize that Jeremiah and Saariyah had more than a few things in common, one of which being they were both born into lives as nobility. The sort of life with expectations of a certain behavior, how to compose oneself and--this was the important one--to know when someone was utterly full of bullshite.

Which was what the problem was here. Did she think that what amounted to backhanded compliments was going to work? There was also the not-so-small fact that Jeremiah did not go for flattery. Compliments were often empty to him, never trusted except from those he held closet in his regard. It was beyond simply that of his life experience as nobility and right into the entire thought process of GET WRECKED that followed when he thought about Metaria or Beryl. The short of it being that once Jeremiah had found his way again, he took his lessons in politics far, far more seriously.

If he had, maybe he would not have-

"Saariyah may not get along with most humans, may not necessarily enjoy her time here, but I believe that she is better equipped than some to be able to adapt and adjust to living here." The smile on his face, for the moment, was a genuine one. "Besides that is always good to have a friend that will not hesitate to put you on notice if you need it and Saariyah does just that."

Jeremiah fell silent at that, letting Kesatria continue. There was even a gentle hum of agreement, though that was mostly to mind his tongue. In fact, Jeremiah smiled pleasantly when he heard Kesatria's sigh in response to his clarification about what she sought.

Her answer triggered one thing and one thing only: troll mode.

"I'll have you know I curate that wikipedia page," said Jeremiah, who absolutely did keep tabs on King Endymion's entry and edited accordingly (or deleted as was needed), "and while it's dry, it's very informative." Not that that was useful for her but ...

Seriously, what the bloody fuck?

They reached the gardens, Jeremiah once again inclining his head towards an alcove that he was particularly fond of. Even in the strange weather patterns of January in this part of the world, everything was fully in bloom and smelled pleasant (even to someone from Kinmoku, because he had brought Saariyah to help find out if particular scents bothered her along with tastes since they were often so closely tied).

After a moment of consideration and silence, Jeremiah responded. "Well, his favorite food is chili con carne." Mason's favorite food was goulash. "His favorite color is black." Nope, it was the green of the forests of this world. "And his favorite season is winter." Again, it was spring because winter was life in transition and Mason was all about life in bloom, but that sort of knowledge was not easily gained and Kesatria gaining access to the truth from the people who knew it was slim to nothing.

The silver-haired man was just going to have to apologize to Mason if those tidbits of information went anywhere. "Though I don't think those details are necessarily helpful," the smile on his face said that Kesatria had said the more you can tell me the better, "but informative all the same. The King is kind, caring, and an excellent leader." Jeremiah smiled at Kesatria. "A force to be reckoned with when he sets his mind to something. Not many with the duties of a King would still devote at least some time to working as a doctor, though first and foremost comes supporting the Queen and this Court. Though the Queen and King support one another, sharing their strength and being stronger for it. That, in turn, makes us stronger."

@Kesatria Bintang

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