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The sound of stiff soles on marvel floor echoed throughout the corridors of the Crystal Palace, as the official Ambassador of Kinmoku was on her way to the offices of the royal couple. Those who knew her well might've thought that she was on her way to see Neo-Queen Serenity, but the truth was more surprising. As a matter of fact, Kesatria has scheduled a meeting with His Majesty, King Endymion.

It wasn't something that came off easily, not for the ever so proud leader of the Starlights. When they just arrived to Earth for the second time, the man's presence loomed over her like a gloomy cloud on a so far perfect sunny day. Who would've thought that Cynthia's lost boyfriend would return, and that by now they'd be married? The truth was that Kesatria didn't like the guy at all. True, she didn't even know him, but she didn't have to. Back in the day, fact that he left Cynthia alone in order to study abroad, and caused her so much pain along the way, was more than enough a reason for the dark haired Kinmokuseian to resent him. Nowadays, whenever there was a public engagement that she was obliged to appear in (and given her role, these were quite common), she tried to keep her distance from the man as much as she could, as if his very presence was toxic.

Well, that couldn't go on for much longer. As much as Kesatria didn't like to admit it, she was a guest in his court, given residence in his own planet, allowed there only thanks to his kindness and mercy. And while many things could be said about her, disrespectful was certainly not one of them. She knew she had to express at least a certain amount of gratitude towards him, even if her very flesh began to crawl whenever she saw him.

If the King of the Earth was anything like Queen Fireball, Kesatria imagined that he would have a very tight schedule, which is why she set an appointment in advanced. She did not want to be rushed nor interrupted. She was going to use this opportunity in order to study every move, every gesture of his. Maybe that way she'll finally realize what it was about him that annoyed her so much.

If there was anything that Kesatria had learned since her days in the Kinmokuseian court, it was that appearance meant a whole lot. Thus, today she decided to wear a deep blue tuxedo in a shade that complimented her eyes, with a black bowtie that matched the shade of her hair. Kesatria has heard from Cynthia in the distant past that the King favored this outfit, for some reason she didn't know about. Well, whatever the reason may be, she couldn't deny that she looked swell in that type of masculine formal attire. A self assured grin featured her face when her reflection could be seen from the crystalline walls.

As soon as the palace guard opened the door to the King's chambers, Kesatria took a deep breath and wore the most captivating smile she could ever imagine, the one that was reserved for the fans she had back in the day. "Your Majesty! You deserve a great deal of thanks for your generous hospitality. On behalf of Her Majesty, Queen Fireball, I would like to express our gratitude", she said, her voice full of confidence, as she lowered her back and bowed.

Hopefully, things won't go South from here on.

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Every day it was something new, something new that he and Cynthia had to deal with, the world was at a state of crisis- especially with the return of darkness that inevitably lingered in the background. On his desk was a singular pile of reports and possible demands from the people, things he hadn’t comb through yet because they would need Cynthia to have a discussion about and he wasn’t about to disturb her day at the moment. Sometimes the Queen needed her time to herself to think and he knew very well that everything was stressful- far more stressful than it had to be. Upon his return to the Palace, he had been adamant about taking on his share of responsibility, even though his Queen had a terrible habit of trying to take on everything by herself.

His gloved hand goes to rest underneath his chin, as deep cerulean eyes peer off at the window, perhaps looking off into the distance until interruption comes in the form of his guest for today. In all honesty, he was surprised when one of the Starlights wanted to see him since he figured they were here for Cynthia’s sake, so he didn’t expect any of them to bother with the likes of him, especially not alone. Not with a respectful request and appropriate appointment that they didn’t need to do. They were guests, special- to him and Cynthia they had every right to just walk in and begin any conversation they so desired, but this one decides to follow protocol and he wouldn’t deny them their right to act any way they wished.


He removes the hand from his chin, averting his eyes from the window to the woman that stands before him- unaware that she was his rival for his soulmate’s hand. However, that probably wouldn’t change the way he’d treat her. Who could blame her in reality? Cynthia’s allure was surreal, unnatural, and captivating, if anything he would’ve been able to sympathize with her heart’s passionate infatuation because she had won him over just as badly as Kesatria herself had been. In reality, the two were the same in regards to their feelings and he wouldn’t dare to squash on someone else’s emotions, especially since he trusted Cynthia impeccable. Either way, he’d give her a smile of appreciation at her words,

“That’s thoughtful of you, can I get you anything to drink?”

Rising up from his seat he’d walk around the desk that occupied most of his time lately, “You don’t need to make appointments either, my office is always open to you and your people.” There was some lingering regret that he hadn't made his own time to share with their guests, as he was busy, and trying to comprehend their new threats wasn't that easy. “I assume there’s something on your mind, maybe a concern? Since you’ve gone out of your way to make an appointment and all.” But it also could’ve been a show of common courtesy on the woman’s behalf or rather, on the behalf of her kingdom. He did want to delve into the conversation, as she did go out of her way to see him,

“I’m open for anything, just speak it.”

However, he couldn’t promise something unrealistic if she decided to actually be here for something regarding that aspect. While he was a king, it didn’t mean he could do whatever he wanted. Or maybe it did? He wasn’t that kind of person to take his spot for granted though, so that was definitely out of the cards. “I do hope you and your people are making themselves at home and if I can make you more comfortable, don’t hesitate to ask for it.”

A grin featured the Kinmokuseian's face when Endymion offered her something to drink. "Isn't it a bit too early for that kind of offer?", she asked him playfully. She was only teasing, though; she was certain that the King of the Earth didn't mean any alcoholic beverage. And even if he did, not like Kesatria was going to have any. If there was one thing that she remembered from the parties she attended to back in her idol days, it was her attempts at drinking, which more often than not ended up badly. Apparently, alcohol wasn't beneficial for Kinmokuseians, who reacted to it much more severely than humans did.

He then went on to say how she didn't have to actually set an appointment to talk to him, to which the dark haired woman just shrugged indifferently. "I figured that as the King of this planet, you're probably a busy man. I did not want us to be interrupted", she replied.

Well, that, and there was also the fact that she didn't feel comfortable enough around him to just approach him casually. Had it been his wife she wanted to see, she would've just gone to her chambers and fetch her. But she was close to Cynthia, and actually felt fond of her. Her husband, on the other hand, was a completely different story.

Not that there was a need to say it straight to his face. She didn't come here today to fight, and promised herself to try her best to not get to it.

It was a challenge to keep her composure, though. She could feel her hands clenching into two tight fists as she heard him speak, his tone calm, serene and polite. Why was he so nice to her? Didn't he know about her history with Cynthia, about what happened between them when he was gone? Didn't he perceive her as a threat to his marriage? Kesatria knew that had it been the other way around, she wouldn't act so indifferently around a possible rival; she just couldn't bear the idea of having a rival. As much as she hated to admit it, maybe Endymion was a better person than she had initially thought. And that thought alone just made her even more frustrated with him.

Her train of thought was stopped at once when Endymion spoke once again, requesting that Kesatria would speak. "Well, I just figured that I don't really know you yet, and thought it's time to change that. This is your kingdom, after all", she said.

Then, Kesatria turned her head away from the man in front of her, her deep blue eyes gazing at a distant point in the horizon as the memories of the past returned to her. "Your wife did tell me about you, though. Back in the day, when you weren't around, she wouldn't stop talking about you", she added, trying to hide the bitterness in her voice as she spoke the last words. Did Cynthia ever mention her in her conversations with her husband?

Kesatria then turned her head back towards Endymion, her eyes gazing deeply into his, a firm expression featuring her face. "She truly loves you, you know. With all of her heart. I don't understand how you could leave her behind like that".

It might've not been the wisest thing to say in such an early stage of their encounter, but Kesatria felt as though she just couldn't hold herself anymore. She had to know the answer to the question that bothered her about the man in front of her for such a long while, pretty much since the moment she had known about his existence. Having seen how much Cynthia had suffered without him, she just couldn't understand - how could he have done this to her?

He then proceeded to ask whether the Kinmokuseians felt welcomed on Earth, to which Kesatria replied with yet another shrug. "Unfortunately, it appears that you and the Queen are the only ones who are actually pleased about our presence here. We've received a rather lukewarm reception from the Princesses of the Solar System, especially the Outers", she answered in a serious tone.

She wasn't surprised about Uranus and her group acting all suspicious around them, but the reaction of Cynthia's personal Guardians did leave her rather shocked. They used to admire her back in the day, and now they behaved as if she was a bother! After all she and her comrades have done to help them save their planet, too!

However, maybe Endymion did have a certain ability to affect the Senshi of the Solar System, being the King of the planet in which they all currently lived. Who knows, maybe this meeting could bear fruit, after all.

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There is a soft chuckle over Kesateria’s sense of humor, he didn’t think of that type of drink, moreso coffee or tea was on his agenda. But he did appreciate the lighthearted jokery, since most of his time had been spent serious and coped up in this office to take care of official business. “I barely drink that kind of stuff, only occasionally- like at parties or holidays.” He’d admit, hand waving in front of him for the seats aligned in front of the desk for visitors. “You’re not wrong, I do tend to be busy lately, but those aiming to aid our Kingdom are more than welcomed to just come in,” However, he could understand not wanting to be interrupted, if she had made an appointment- it meant everything else was pushed aside momentarily for her assigned to visit. It was indeed very clever,

“I can understand that. Well, we won’t be interrupted, I assure you.”

In all honesty, he had no clue about Kesateria’s feelings, that time has not been discussed- probably because of the intense traumatic events that had occurred within the time of Kesateria’s and Cynthia’s bonding. Not only that his own lapse of memory made it hard for him to remember things precisely to points and edges, but he had also gained some of his past memories from Elysion, from the time he had spent with his friends, family, and lover. Though a lot of his stuff was still foggy in certain aspects, he needed things to jog them for him to remember and understand completely.

“It’s not just my Kingdom, but I get where you’re coming from. Whatever you want to know, ask it. I’ll do my best to answer you.”

As soon as Kesateria’s head turned so her eyes could advert, he could get a sense of something was wrong, however, he wouldn’t comment yet. The Starlight would immediately let it be known her problems, issues, and worries with him. “Back in the day?” Mason questions, it was like Cynthia to talk about him though, that for a brief time brings a smile to his face, liking the fact she spoke of him to everyone. It meant he was on her mind as much as she was on his- that shared feeling was a good one. Then the tone of it changes, all of it seems to go down a dark void of confusion and lack of memory- that’s when he’d get pain within his head, as he tries to think of the time she’s mentioning and he does not recall.

Unless she meant his Elysion visit, where Cynthia pushed him to regain his memories, he was only gone for a week but that week could’ve been pressuring on Cynthia. “I didn’t want to leave her. But if I was going to reclaim myself for her, I had to go.” He’d admit, losing his memories was as if apart of him was stolen and he wasn’t going to let Beryl win. “I know she was lonely without me and I assure you I’ll make up for it. I won’t let it happen again,” His fingers would clench at the cup in front of him, upset at his own inability to protect himself and always causing Cynthia such heartbreak. It was a very terrible feeling; how could he call himself a man if he couldn’t protect the person he loved the most in this world? He believes Kesateria is right in her feelings of disappointment and anger,

“I promise I’ll take care of her better now that some of my memories have returned.”

Elysion’s past was now coursing through his mind and body, so he could be of better assistance to this world and to his Queen. “I will talk with them and see where their head is at, I want nothing more to show you the appreciation your Queen and yourselves deserve.” After all, without their assistance they wouldn’t have stopped the darkness that was trying to steal starseeds before- but then there’s another headache- “…Ah.” His hand goes to his head as he tries to remember what happened during that time but nothing- there is nothing there for him to remember it by.

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Kesatria could feel the blood inside her veins boiling in rage at the sound of the King's question regarding the past she has mentioned. Did he really not know what she was talking about? Or was he playing the foolish one? He better not be doing the later one, because in all honesty, this whole naive prince charming facade was starting to get on her nerves. Heaven knows that had she been in his place, she would've hated her to the core. And yet, here he was, acting so indifferently, pretending to be clueless.

"Back when Cynthia and I just met. You left her in order to study abroad, and although you promised to send her letters, she has received none. She was heartbroken, do you know that? She couldn't stop crying because of you, do you know that?"", the tall woman found herself forced to explain in a harsh tone. "Does that ring a bell, or do you need any further reminder?"

And if that wasn't enough, there was also this one week in which he just had to go to that odd place called Elysion, to reclaim his memories or something like that. Kesatria was having none of it. Even if he did have to reclaim his memories, why couldn't he take her with him? His judgment was making the Kinmokuseian frustrated by the moment. What made him behave that way? Did he take Cynthia for granted? If so, then it's about time someone reminds him just how special she is.

"Good. Because Cynthia is something special. She's a real treasure, you know. You have to work hard to keep her in your hands. You don't just stumble upon people of her kind and get to keep them just because". She has known that from a personal experience - the first time she has ever met Cynthia was when she bumped into her at the airport, and many years later, she didn't get a hold of her, although she's tried.

The dark haired woman tried to calm down when Endymion said he'll speak to the Solar System Guardians and ask them to show some respect to their guests from Kinmoku. They do say around here that even a broken clock is right twice a day, and apparently the saying was applicable for the King of the Earth, as well. For someone who wasn't around at all at the time, he surely understood that without the Starlights' aid, they'd probably never be able to beat Galaxia.

Kesatria was just about to say how she appreciated his exceptional willingness to help - and for once, she was honestly giving him a compliment - when all out of a sudden, the King placed a hand on his forehead and an exclamation of pain slipped his lips.

What was going on?

"Your Majesty, are you alright?", Kesatria asked and approached to get a closer look. Never before had she actually thought she'd feel that way, but she was really worried for Endymion's sake.

In all honesty, he was caught off-guard, very confused on that- he doesn’t have any memory of that, what had happened after the rebirth and renewal was completely different. He had decided to stay here with Cynthia because she was very uncomfortable with him going overseas and the educational system here wasn’t bad. And thus, he became a doctor, anything other than that, was not really computing- “…I did?” Why didn’t Cynthia bring this up? If that had happened perhaps it’s why she was so against him going a ‘second’ time after purification and if Cynthia hadn’t brought it up- it was definitely a bad memory,

“…All I know is that the Starlights assisted with protecting our planet before, my memory from that time is not intact,”

However, he wouldn’t allow anyone to question his love for his wife, the one woman he sacrificed all of Elysion for, “But my memories from long ago, far too long ago are back and I can tell you, that I would just not contact Cynthia like that.” There had to be a reason as to why he didn’t but what was it? He’d never leave the country without constantly checking in with her, even during his trip to Elysion he had others reporting between them back and forward to make sure everything was fine so if he needed to rush back to her side he would. A hand is slammed against his desk, prompting the king to rise-

“I have never once questioned or doubted Cynthia’s love for me because our love transcends time itself!"

They were destined to be- ever since birth, she was his soulmate, there wasn’t a time he doubted her love, but there was a time where he doubted, he was the right fit for her. Another pain of strain of remembrance threatens the king’s head, but he’d raise a hand up to try and dismiss the Starlight’s concern for him, “…I’m fine. It happens when I strain to remember things that aren’t eas—” His sentence is cut off as his eyes widen- staring directly at Kesateria, he remembers something that is not what he wants, but it comes back to him in the darkness of regret- he finds himself staring into a mirror, but it’s not just him, is it? Within the reflection is a dark and scarring smile,

“…. Ugh….Ne..heliena?”

He questions out-loud, it seems he needed a refresher on what happened indeed, did he…get corrupted again? Is that why Cynthia never brought up anything more from that time? And then, there is a flash of light that startles him, while he pushes back from Kesatria in a huff of shock and lack of understanding. “…I don’t know. I’ll have to ask Cynthia further on this matter.” But he feels bad for raising his voice at the Starlight who seems to be just concerned for the well-being of Cynthia's relationship,

"I apologize for my outburst."

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So it seemed that Endymion refused to admit his past deeds, instead just wondering aloud if he had actually done them, almost as though he did not remember any of them.

As if she wasn't annoyed and frustrated by the King's behavior thus far, right now Kesatria furious. So far, even though his treatment for Cynthia was not something she approved of by any means, she had at least got the impression that King Endymion was a man of honor, who stood by his actions. The last few minutes of conversation with him proved her otherwise, though. What was the deal with this forgetfulness of his? Did he truly not remember anything at all, or was it just a mechanism that was meant to defend him from feelings of guilt?

Her two hands were now clenched into two tight fists, ones that she had to try her very best to not aim towards the man in front of her. Whatever it was, Kesatria was not having it. As long as she's alive, as long as she is situated in this Crystal Palace, as long as Cynthia is in her heart, she will remind him. She will be a living monument to his neglect, for his lack of care, for his. . .

Only then, the King stopped her train of thoughts when he rose from his seat and hit the table. He has never once questioned or doubted Cynthia’s love for him, because their love transcends time itself.

Her deep blue eyes staring at him in awe, an awkward silence occurred between the two. That that Cynthia was head over hills over him was a well known fact, even before Kesatria had actually known him. But to witness Endymion act so decisively, so passionately, about his relationship with Cynthia, to see him willing to protect their bond from whatever threat that Kesatria constituted - that was a novelty. She has always thought of Endymion as that boyfriend who never truly appreciated what he had, as the man who abandoned Cynthia to study abroad. But maybe, just maybe, there was more to him than that? Perhaps he truly loved her, after all?

In spite of their disagreement, she truly wanted to help him when he seemed to be having a headache - partly because she felt that she was to blame for it appearing in the first place. The King, however, refused to receive any help from her - he probably didn't trust her, and for that she couldn't really blame him. It was visible that he was having a hard time talking, but he did manage to say that this kind of thing happens to him when a negative memory comes to mind. In light of this new information, the tall woman couldn't help but wonder what was so bad to remember that it made him suffer so much.

At first she thought the time he abandoned Cynthia came to his mind, and that this was an expression of regret, but soon the King uttered a single word, one that raised Kesatria's concern judging by the tone in which it was spoken. "Ne. . . Helenia?", she repeated the strange word, very slowly, trying to mimic the sounds that came out of his mouth. What's a Nehelenia? She wasn't completely sure what it meant, but it almost sounded like a name, a woman's name. But if it was, who was this woman who had caused him so much pain in the past, that the very memory of her would make him feel such pain?

The moment was stressful, but brief, as soon King Endymion seemed to be recovered and well. His apology for his outburst made Kesatria feel somewhat embarrassed, and she lowered her head in reply, her deep blue eyes stuck at the marvel floor beneath her. Even though Endymion had every right to get angry with his guest, he found the need to apologize. A sigh slipped the Kinmokuseian's lips. Perhaps he was a much better person than she had initially thought, a much better person than she will ever manage to be. No wonder Cynthia loved him so much.

"Apology accepted", she eventually said and raised her head up, the familiar blithe grin featuring her face. "It's just that. . . I've grown very fond of Cynthia during my time here on Earth. Her happiness means a lot to me", she tried to explain. It was aching to accept that her happiness wasn't with her, and it surely would take some time, but at some point she will have to accept it.

"I suppose I'd want someone like her for myself, haha!", she added in that charming tone of hers, attempting to lighten up the mood. Someone like her wasn't quite the same as the real thing, but that's probably as close as she's going to get, and she's going to have to learn to live with it.

For a moment there is an awkward silence between the two, which also seems to make the King cough, he didn’t want to act impulsively or disrespectfully even in front of their guest. But thankfully once the silence is broken it’s because the Starlight accepts his apology, which is luck on his part – it showed the woman before him was someone of reasonable thought, and he can understand her concerns. He was glad that someone cared so much for his wife – in times like these, she needed that helping hand when he could not provide it.

“I appreciate you looking out for her.” Of course, he always thought she deserved better than him, on multiple occasions, but his own heart and selfishness could not let her go. Besides that she couldn’t let him go either, thus the two were to be together forever, despite their small insecurities and lapses of self-esteem. “…Also, yes, I’m uncertain of who she is, but her face and name come to me."

His admission to the gaps of memories in his head, but he is sure he’d gather all the information he needs at a later date; it was not the time to dwell on inabilities. “I wouldn’t blame you. Cynthia has always had this light that brings everyone together, I suspect that is what happened with you and her and the rest of your company.” If not for Cynthia’s efforts, they all probably wouldn’t be working together right now, as the Outers had their own views in comparison to that of the Inners and a lot happened since then. Some memories not intact from that time either,

“Regardless I’m glad she has a good friend like you, that cares for her happiness, her well-being and I couldn’t ask for anything better.” Though he didn’t want to insinuate that he also didn’t want to be her friend, that her only association would be that of the Queen, “I would like to become your friend as well with time.” Since he knew bonds did not grow overnight, it'd take time but he'd take that time to make sure everyone could be happy.

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