Crystal City - January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

Old Habits Die Hard
Tag: Mar
Serenity had already taken the first step yesterday outside, against the advice of her guardians. It was that step outside that encouraged Serenity to take yet another risk today. After dismissing her ladies-in-waiting for the day, Serenity was excited to open a small little package that rested on her bed.

Opening up the package, Serenity unwrapped what was inside to reveal normal civilian attire. The specific package was delivered by one of Serenity’s ladies-in-waiting at her request, as she didn’t want to use her disguise pen.
Earth was not dangerous. She was not weak. Serenity was able to control the power of the Silver Crystal with her fingertips even from a great distance. Any weapon that she needed she could summon with ease. No one expected Serenity to ever step foot outside of the palace, therefore surely, if she made a brief appearance outside as Cynthia Lunette it wouldn’t be too harmful, would it?
Changing into the attire that was inside the package, Serenity let her hair down and slipped on a pair of white flats that were also inside the package. The baby blue pants and white tank top were unexpected for the Queen to wear, as she’d normally wore gowns while out and about in the palace.
Quietly, Serenity her chambers and made her way towards the entrance of the Crystal Palace, carefully observing her surroundings in the process. It was daytime, which wasn’t the best time for these things, but surely everyone was already busy?

Marcelline had the day off but she wanted to go out and do a little shopping. She brushed her blue hair and pinned it back. She checked her make up in the mirror. She was used to not wearing makeup on Mermaid because it was under water and well everyone was natural. It had been interesting on Earth when she discovered so many different things that were new to her. Mar was happy to be on Earth though she missed her home which is why she would call her mother with her shell phone when she got time.

Being satisfied with her purple and teal outfit she grabbed her bag and made sure her shell phone was inside and checked her chocker around her neck before turning to the aquarium where Klocto lived. She leaned in and stared at him. ”Behave while I am gone. No escaping and taking things. I’m still in trouble for the last thing you stole.”she said to him and Klocto pretended to be innocent and Mar just rolled her eyes before exiting her room.

Sighing she adjusted her bag and headed out to go into town. As she was headed out she saw someone wandering towards the entrance of the Palace. She raised a brow as from the back of the head it looked like Serenity. Walking toward the person she laughed softly to herself as she came up next to Serenity. ”Ello Queenie. Are we trying to sneak out again?”she said with a smirk on her face as she walked beside the Queen. Mar had a feeling that she was trying to go out and about. Mar knew that Serenity didn’t like being confined to the palace but she honestly didn’t blame her.

Serenity stopped abruptly in her tracks, her shoulders raised and tension increased when she heard Mar. Of course she’d be spotted, there was no way she was leaving the palace especially alone. Fortunately, Mar was young and a lot more easygoing than her guardians.
A small smile formed on Serenity’s lips as she turned to look at Mar. She was careful not to reveal her features completely, she didn’t want any of her guardians or servants getting the wrong idea or informing one of her guardians, for that matter.
She understood her guardians intentions, certainly. Their past lives were examples of just how mischievous she could be, but her intentions weren’t meant to be harmful. “You’ve been here for such a brief time, yet you know me too well, Mar.” Serenity teased lightly.
“Please keep it quiet, alright? I just want to go outside and do some light shopping at one of the nearby businesses. It’s my money, you know?” Serenity informed her, giving her a rather hopeful look that Mar wasn’t nearly as strict as her own guardians.
“My guardians have been a little strict with me lately….with the riots. I understand their intentions, but….it’s not me to be confined here.” She frowned. “I can control the Silver Crystal from a distance, so…I should be fine.”

Seeing the smile on Serenity’s lips she smiled herself and knew she had caught her trying to sneak out. As she spoke that Mar hadn’t been there long but she already knew her so well. Shrugging she just smiled, ”I hear things.”she said laughing softly as she stood there with the queen. She was only on the planet as a support and knew that if the Queen’s guardians discovered her trying to leave, they probably wouldn’t be too happy with her. Mar planned on keeping it a secret as it wasn’t secret to tell. She should probably have someone around in case of attack despite being able to control the Silver Crystal from a distance.

As Serenity requested for her to keep quiet she grinned and nodded. ”As you wish.”she said then hummed softly in reply. ”I’m going shopping as well. Perhaps we can go together if that would make you feel better about them reprimanding you.”she offered as a response to her going out alone. Mar nodded understanding then took a light breath. ”To be honest I wouldn’t blame them for being slightly protective. Wouldn’t want anything happening to you but if I’m there perhaps that will help if they found out.”she said once more wondering if she would actually take up the offer.

Serenity looked at Mar with a dumbfounded expression. Was…was she really just that predictable? Or was she just too noisy? She’d lost her touch since the Silver Millennium, when she’d been able to leave the Moon Palace at night with utmost ease. Her mother hadn’t made it that difficult, of course. Granted the Lunar Guard had been posted outside doing night patrols, but they were very easy to evade after a quick study.
Serenity bounced and clung to Mar’s arm when she announced that she was also planning on going shopping. “That’s great, Mar!” Serenity replied happily. She didn’t know much about where the Mermaidian liked to shop, but Serenity was eager to learn more about her. It was good to be able to spend ‘quality time’ with the Galactica.
After all, while some of her guardians may not have liked their presence, Serenity was hospitable as long as they sought peace. They hadn’t seemed to be a threat, not with Fireball around.
“What were you planning on shopping for?” Serenity asked, and nodded her head. “I know that everyone means well. I’ve been meaning to talk to Charlie about it, but….” Serenity gazed downcast, unwilling to admit her own discontent with the potential confrontation. The streets were dangerous, yes. But Serenity didn’t believe that everyone was a threat. The only way to make peace was to show them that they meant no harm.
“I need to be think about my choice of words.”

Mar smiled at the queen then saw her expression and she knew she should probably clarify. ”The others mentioned how you have always been restless and honestly if I was locked up in the palace all the time I would want to escape as well.”she said grinning at the queen hoping she didn’t misunderstand what she had been trying to say. But it never hurt to double check just in case someone did misunderstand.

As the queen bounced and clung to her arm she beamed at her as she seemed happy with the news. ”Then shall we get going so they don’t catch you, your highness.”she said with a giggle as a tease though she said it quietly so no one could hear just in case. Mar tapped her chin in thought trying to think of the things she needed to buy. ”Well I need to get Klotco something new and shiny as he’s getting bored with his other toys. Don’t want him escaping and trying to steal something. By Poseidon I hope he doesn’t try to steal anything from anyone…That’s all I need.”she said before sighing.

It was well known to the Galactica hadn’t exactly been welcomed by all and Mar didn’t want people thinking she was a bad guy. Fireball had told her what her fri..ex-friend had done after killing her and she didn’t like it one bit. Turning she smiled at Cyn and tilted her head. ”It’s alright. I understand. We are outsiders and as such people don’t always trust outsiders. Don’t worry about it too much.”she told the queen as they headed out of the palace being sure that no one was around to see them.

Serenity giggled when word reached Mar that she was a bit restless lately. She’d known that the walls had ears, nothing was private in the Crystal Palace even if you were in the presence of your most trusted servants. Serenity had briefly considered whether or not her habits of escaping the Moon Palace were returning.
Serenity had always loved the Earth, even more so now that she was living here. But Serenity, even when she was known as Cynthia, was never one to settle down in one single place. She was always roaming Orlando, visiting parks, people and different places and just trying to keep busy.
Now it was all about her personal security. Serenity briefly missed the ability to transform into Sailor Moon in order to ease the worries of her Guardians.
“They told you about that?” Serenity asked. “I….I can kind of understand my past life a little more now, I suppose!”
Old habits were hard to break, and Serenity wasn’t about to break this one so easily. “But yes, let’s go. Thank you so much, Mar. We’ll go shopping on my treat~!” She offered, leading the way out of the Palace. She’d hoped that Mar would focus more on her backside, knowing that her Guardians had a habit of randomly appearing.
“E-Eh? Klotco?” Serenity paused, turning back towards Mar. “He hasn’t stolen anything important, has he? What do you think will keep his interest enough? Luna wasn’t that much into toys.” She was grateful, too. She wasn’t sure if she could ever see Luna playing with toys.
“No, that’s not okay.” Serenity quickly corrected Mar. “People need to start being more accepting of others, even from outside of this planet. There’s so much distrust right now that it’s really a shame. You’re welcome here, just as someone who’s a native to this planet and you have the same rights.”

Hearing the giggle of the queen made Mar smile as she knew that she was still as mischievous as they all said she was. Not that any of the guardians had out right told her. It was more of through the grapevine as the Earthlings said. She was just a really good listener and observer. Shaking her head she looked at the queen once more. ”Don’t worry. I just hear things through the grapevine as you say. But I am sure if you did it in your past life then perhaps it’s still in you.”she said as Mar grinned at the queen standing before her. When she said they should go ahead she nodded following close behind making sure to keep an eye out for the other guardians to make sure they don’t catch them.

As Serenity asked about the octopus she laughed lightly. ”Not yet which is why I need to keep getting him new treasures to keep him distracted.”she said explaining kleptomaniac of an octopus. In all honesty she had started to call him a kleptopus which was a little bit as to why she named him klocto. Thinking she wondering mildly what she could get him to keep him from wanting to steal things. ”In all honesty its more treasures then toys. He loves shiny objects and hides them in his tank often so I try to keep him occupied as best I could.”she said trying to think of what they could possibly get him to make him behave himself.

Looking to the ground as the older female spoke of how it wasn’t right that they were being treated as they were she frowned and shrugged. ”People don’t like outsiders, Serenity. They don’t like people who are different than them and we are real aliens. They believe we are intruding on their world. Sadly it is how some people are. We appreciate that you have welcomed us with open arms but sadly some people just don’t feel the same no matter how much we help them.”the mermaid guardian explained to the blonde female. Mar wished there was a way to make people understand they aren’t there to harm the people of Earth in any way as the previous Galatica intruders had but she wasn’t sure if there was anything they could do that would change their minds.

Startled, Serenity hadn’t known what that meant. Through….the grapevine? Was that a Galactica saying? “Um…” Serenity gazed at her baffled, uncertain of what to say or if she’d ought to ask outright. Serenity wasn’t very good when it came to sayings and most things older folks knew. She’d only demonstrate her uncertainty by scratching her head a little.
“Is Klotco like that at home?” Serenity asked, deciding to change the subject. “I know this isn’t his home, but I’m sure he’s just as eager to be around things he knows. Maybe that might help him.” After all, something familiar always made Serenity feel safer in a foreign land whenever they absolutely had to travel. Serenity was eager to see the rest of the world, but she’d known right now it was too risky.
A frown formed on Serenity’s lips. Did that really mean that there wasn’t any hope for them at all? Serenity knew that Earthlings had a history of racism, whereas Lunarians were more accepting of other species from the Solar System. They were just unable to tolerate aliens from outside their space.
Or at least that’s what she learned from the Outer Guardians.
Serenity shook her head. “I won’t accept that. I’m aiming for change, and we need to become more accepting of others. We need to be at peace with one another. We need to stop hating each other and we need to demonstrate tolerance. They might not be wanting our help, but we should still offer it for the sake of goodness. We shouldn’t feed Chaos by creating more hate…”

Looking at the queen she seemed confused by the Earth comment she made and Mar wondered if she used it right. As the queen seemed to move on from the topic the mermaidian guardian smiled at the question of how Klocto was at home. ”I hate to say this but he was worse. Typically if he disappeared on me he was usually found among the crown jewels. I’m pleased he hasn’t been found among yours, you majesty.”she said in reply knowing fully well that if the octopus could he would gladly make a home in the vault where the jewels were located. The silly octopus was always getting Mar in trouble for being places she shouldn’t or atleast that’s how it was back home.

Walking toward the exit she listened as Serenity spoke about the segregation among her people. Old habits died hard among mortals. Mar found herself smiling at the fire that seemed to light in the queen’s eyes. ”As much as I agree it will not be as easy as you might think, my lady. I agree that peace is needed but people don’t just change overnight. At this point all we can do is show we mean no harm. But I appreciate your wish to keep the peace.”Marcelline said to the white haired queen. She wanted peace as much as the next person but it wasn’t going to be so simple as just telling them they meant no harm.

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