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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

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It had been more than a week now since Nehellenia had returned to this plane of existence, and was no longer stuck inside of the mirror. She had already gained a foothold in this new world; as Morrigan de Lune she was an invaluable asset, an ambassador to Crystal Tokyo from the United Kingdom... or at least that was what she was for all appearances; how true that was didn't seem to matter. Morrigan did her part to keep up appearances, but she still had her own agenda besides. Her meeting with the Black Moon Clan, forced as it was, yielded promising results but that had only been one part of it all.

There had been one person that Morrigan owed her return to this realm, and she knew that. She was well aware of who it had been that bade chaos return his other emissaries either to the land of the living or this realm entirely; she knew from the moment that she had first appeared in the Crystal Palace, wine flute in her hand. She could feel the power, and even if she hadn't been able to, Metaria had made it a point to announce her presence to the Neo Queen of the White Moon. Metaria's power was palpable, especially with Chaos on her side, and familiar.

All things considered, Nehellenia was the closest thing that a being like Queen Metaria could have to a parent. It was Nehellenia's magic that created her, borne from the curse that she had cast on Princess Serenity when she was just a babe; Metaria was, after all, the very same downfall that came upon the white moon kingdom that Nehellenia had foretold. That she had made true. In that sense, Nehellenia's magic and Metaria's magic were related just as Nehellenia and Metaria were related, and in more than a few ways Nehellenia could practically taste it in the air that night.

There was only so much avoiding each other the two of them could do, especially considering that they were - for all intents and purposes - part of the same faction. Even if Nehellenia did have her own lackies and foot soldiers, the Dark Alliance was still aligned with the Dark Kingdom, and both Nehellenia and Metaria were queens - and politicians in their other guises. They had perhaps chatted once or twice in passing in the past eight days, but Morrigan was moving quickly, and making grand gestures, catching up to what had been happening in Crystal Tokyo...

And suffice to say, she wasn't entirely pleased with what the Dark Kingdom had accomplished so far; other than the ball the biggest attack on the white moon had been when the Black Moon destroyed one of the Sailor Guardians' place of business, months ago. Neither faction entirely impressed her, but that had been why she reached out to the Black Moon. The Dark Alliance could use the Black Moon for their own purposes; Morrigan just needed to convince Lilith of that.

That was why Morrigan made a dinner reservation at one of the most popular, most expensive restaurants in the city and invited her daughter along for a chat. In a public place the barbs were less likely to be out, and an ambassador meeting with the mayor of the city wasn't likely to be seen as very suspicious. Morrigan arrived first, shortly after seven, dressed in an elegant black dress, her long hair cascading down her shoulders and her back, blending into the material.

She sipped from a flute of deep red wine, waiting for her dinner partner to arrive.


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Lilith wasn't the sort to normally avoid people, it was usually the exact opposite... except for well, this case. She was grateful that nobody dared questioned her past, how the Great Ruler of the Dark Kingdom came to be. The only one who had the right, if any at all, to question that was Queen Beryl.

Her subordinate knew better than to ask that, though. She knew just the extent of Metaria's own fury for such a foolish question. Only Lilith needed to know where she came from, but never in her lifetime did she ever expect to have to come face-to-face with that reality.

Maybe she should have anticipated it when she struck the deal with Chaos, but from her current position she’d known that without striking the deal that the Dark Kingdom would surely fail in their task.

The knights, however loyal they may be, were lazy. They hadn't garnered enough energy to satisfy Metaria's needs let alone Chaos's own, and Lilith was disappointed with the direction that the Dark Kingdom was taking. It was time that she took matters into her own hands, and the royal ball was the result.

Lilith was glad that her knights had stepped up to the plate and attacked their enemies at the ball. She hadn't expected them to, but when one stood up and acted, the others would surely follow. It was that alone that Lilith had to make sure to recognize Roxanne for her leadership and judgment. She’d meant to do a lot of things within the past few days, but with the new ranks joining the Dark Kingdom, Lilith had a lot on her plate.

Beryl did, too. In fact, she hadn’t informed her subordinate of any of her plans. But the lack of action that she and her knights were taking recently didn’t seem enough to warrant much recognition to Lilith.

Lilith's car pulled up to the restaurant that she received a dinner reservation to from Morrigan. Getting out of her vehicle and turning off the ignition, she handed the keys to the valet and walked into the restaurant. The restaurant's routine soon proceeded from there, and Lilith was escorted to the table where Morrigan sat.

"You're punctual." Lilith chuckled, moving to sit down in the seat across from her.

@Morrigan de Lune

When Metaria arrived, the mood of the room changed almost instantly. For Morrigan it wasn't exactly for the worse; everyone else might have noticed that the atmosphere had become darker, but that was something that Morrigan enjoyed. She could feel that her 'child' had arrived, and coming from a time when she hadn't been sure whether or not she was going to be shown up, that pleased Morrigan. She sipped her wine as Metaria approached and took her seat at the table, grinning slightly as she placed the flute back on the table.

"A queen must be punctual - even early. I've never been a fan of the concept of being fashionably late, you know." She commented - and it may have been a bit of a snipe, but she hadn't intended it to be that way. "You look..." Morrigan wanted to say well, but that wasn't exactly what was coming to mind. "... different than I expected." And what had she expected? She knew that Metaria needed a vessel to survive and to get around in the humans' world, but she wasn't sure why she expected it to be different. Still, different wasn't always bad.

"I didn't ask you here to discuss pleasantries, though, and I think that you're well aware of that. So why don't we move on to business while we're waiting for our server?" Morrigan asked, peering at the menu in front of her; she had an idea of what she wanted, but she didn't exactly have a real need to eat before now. The idea of having an appetite was new and foreign, and Morrigan was working on refining her palate - and like with most things, her tastes were expensive. She was lucky to be able to afford it.

"I suppose that I owe you thanks," Morrigan again, sipping once more from the wine flask that was sitting in front of her, "for allowing me passage back into this realm. I know that wasn't a decision that Chaos made on it's own; after all, it already had you and that despicable Wiseman." She said, crossing one leg over the other and placing the flute once again on the table. She stared over at Lilith, her blue-green eyes piercing; though Metaria was able to see her true form - pale skin, pointed ears, golden eyes, and all.

"I truly am grateful."


Fixing her posture as she sat, Lilith was immediately disappointed with the lesson that she was receiving. She believed the exact opposite.

“Punctuality is expected from servants. It is them who are early, and we are always on time regardless of when we choose to arrive. We cannot seem desperate to them.” Lilith readily corrected. While she understood the distaste towards being fashionably late, Lilith believed it was a matter of perspective.

After all, no one could yell at the Queen for being late. No one would ever dare to, especially her own subordinate Queen Beryl. However, Lilith couldn't exactly say that she put her own words to the test. During her previous incarnation, Metaria was restricted to the underground ruins of the Dark Kingdom and she had no choice but to be punctual. But now that she had obtained her own body, she had also received the "freedom" that it came with.

Taking a sip of the glass of water on the table, Lilith chuckled at Morrigan's remark. "I hate this form." Lilith informed her. "Human bodies are restrictive, but this vessel has served its purpose. Without it I wouldn't have received an invitation to the royal ball."

It was a shame that she didn't have a glass of alcohol then, she would have proposed a toast between the two of them. Even if they were forced out of the Crystal Palace by Neo Queen Serenity, it was still a victory with what she'd heard all over the news since. What she heard next was stunning. Morrigan was not only thanking her, but it appeared that she seemed oblivious to the true circumstances behind this situation.

Lilith remained silent for a moment, staring at Morrigan with firm, brown eyes that slowly began to narrow as she opened her mouth to speak. "Quite the contrary. You being brought back here was not my choice." Lilith shrugged, but she did not once shift her gaze. Just as Lilith was able to see Morrigan's true self, Lilith's own shadow would have that red star on its forehead.

"It was Chaos's decision without my knowledge." Lilith pointed out calmly. "However, I believe that Chaos is insisting that we do not fail again. Beryl's knights are lazy and haven't collected nearly enough energy. The timing is perfect for us to rise and we cannot afford to fail. The White Moon is slowly crumbling from within and Earthlings are losing faith. The Black Moon, Wiseman's own doing, is proof of that."

@Morrigan de Lune


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