Welcome to Eternal, a post Sailor Moon Stars site relocated to Orlando, Florida, utilizing the canon portrayals as they were in the series. We also have a plethora of original roles for you to fill, each unique to the site itself. No knowledge of the series is required to play! We're 3/3/3, utilize real life FCs, and we're 1+ years old.

Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

Flame Sniper
Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars

34 | White Moon

The Soldier of Passion and War, Sailor Mars is needed!
Mars has a religious background and was raised by her grandfather, a priest of (insert religion here). Her father, a politician, paid her mother and her no mind even when her mother was on her deathbed from an illness. Mars went to live with her grandfather at a young age, and has since become to hate politicians because of her father.

Mars went to a private school when she was young, and during the disappearing bus incident encountered Cynthia for the first time and Jadeite for the first time. 
Now that Cynthia is Neo Queen Serenity, it’s up to the player of Mars what role she plays in it as well as her relationship with her father, as she’ll ultimately be forced to interact more with him.
Her ethnicity is up to you, but it is preferred that she is either Asian or Middle Eastern ethnicity and that she moved to Orlando, Florida, for whatever reason to be with her grandfather, but it’s ultimately up to her player! As according to the manga, Mars is second-in-command of the Inner Sailor Guardians, she may still be talented in fortune telling, psychic and archery. Maybe she even took up fire reading as a hobby.


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