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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

Alexander Landon-Lunette, King Endymion
Alexander Landon-Lunette


Alias: King Endymion
Friends only: Lex
Age: 37
Faction: Golden Kingdom
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity: American 
Occupation: King of the Earth
Play-by: Can Yaman
Personal Belongings:
  • Cell Phone: This is a pretty basic thing as pretty much everyone has one of these and carries them everywhere.
  • Trunk of his parents things:  Put together by one of his social workers, this is a trunk that contains various items that had belonged to his parents: mostly pictures, his parents wedding rings, old coins and various other small items.
  • Moon Phases Pocketwatch:  Lex found this among his possessions and likes it, even though he’s not sure where it came from, he’s kept it since.  It doesn’t appear to have any special powers.
  • Golden Crystal:  This is Lex’s Sailor Crystal and what gives him the ability to transform into Tuxedo Mask (which he is still able to do, but doesn’t do very often).  It’s a powerful crystal that belongs to and is controlled by the ruler of the kingdom.
  • King’s Staff: Another symbol of the ruler of the Golden Kingdom, this staff is largely ornamental, but can focus the power of the Golden Crystal.


Name: Tuxedo Mask
Element: Earth/Dreams/Healing
  • Golden Crystal: As the wielder of this crystal, King Endymion is granted a limited invulnerability against attacks.  It’s power is directly tied to the dreams of humans, particularly when people achieve or believe in their dreams.  While not as powerful as the Silver Crystal wielded by his wife, this crystal is the root of Endymion’s healing and resurrection powers.
  • Connection to the Earth/Elysian:  As with the Golden Crystal, Endymion himself is connected to the planet and the dreams of those living there.  If people stop believing in their dreams, Endymion not only loses his powers, but his health also starts failing.
  • Healing: While he doesn’t need the crystal (or to be transformed) to heal minor injuries, he does if he’s going to attempt healing major injuries.  He is able to heal himself and individuals one at a time so he cannot heal entire crowds.  
  • Resurrection: So far this is limited to the Four Heavenly Kings whom he resurrected to once more take up their positions as protectors and friends.
  • Psychometry: This ability gives him the power to receive visions from touching objects or other people.  Typically the visions he receives are from the past, but occasionally he’ll see things that have yet to come.
  • Empathy: He is capable of forming an empathic connection with those he is closest to: Cynthia (the strongest by far), Helios and the Four Heavenly Kings.  While it does not allow him to read their feelings directly, he can sense when they are in danger or if injured.
  • Astral Projection:  In times when he is physically unable, he can project his astral self to help and guide those he considers allies.  However, he has a very limited access (almost none) to his other powers when he is in this form.
  • Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber: As Tuxedo Mask or King Endymion, he can stretch his open hand, palm toward the target, and a thin beam of powerful energy is released.


Lex had a fairly happy childhood, at least that’s what he’d like to think.  He was born to Ethan and Lyra Landon, although he doesn’t really know much more than that about his early years.  He and his parents were in a car accident when he was seven.  His parents were killed and the brain damage he suffered in the accident left him with no memories of anything before he woke up in the hospital.  The social worker that came told him his name and explained what was going on.  He didn’t have any remaining relatives so the nice lady explained he’d be going to foster parents.

The doctors told him he may or may not regain his memories.  They seemed hopeful at first thinking things would come back, but when the social worker took him to the home he shared with his parents, he asked who lived there.  None of it seemed familiar.  As time went on the doctors started saying that the more time that passed, the less likely the memories were to return.

Of course, it didn’t seem to help anything that he was having trouble with his foster family.  They kept asking him questions he didn’t know the answers to.  Did he like grilled cheese sandwiches?  Peanut butter and jelly?  The foster family almost seemed mad at him for not knowing the answers, but he really didn’t remember if he liked any of them.  He hadn’t eaten much in the hospital between the shock of everything that happened and the uncertainty of what would happen to him from here.  His foster family had several other foster kids with them so they didn’t really have the time to help Lex relearn everything which left him on his own a lot to figure things out for himself.

He did his best in school because early on he decided that he wanted to become a doctor.  There were a lot of questions his own doctors couldn’t answer about how the brain worked so he also partly wanted to become a neurologist to help other people that were experiencing memory loss.  As he got older, he began to understand why his own doctors couldn’t give certain answers and he hoped to be able to help find answers.

When he turned 16, he got a job working for the local TV station.  He made sure he was earning enough to support himself before filing for emancipation.  While he’d managed to stay with the same foster family, he wasn’t all that close to them so they didn’t mind the idea of him supporting himself.  They didn’t ever get to the point of being abusive, but he knew they were only taking the kids for the money.  As each one aged out of the system, they’d push the child to move out and then immediately take on another child so they’d be able to keep the government money coming in.  On more than a few occasions Lex had protected the younger kids when their foster parents were too impatient to deal with fears and general upsets.  He remembered how impatient they got with him when he first came to live with them so he usually tried to intervene when possible.

Once the Orlando courts granted him emancipation, he moved into his own apartment, ready to be on his own.  He found out from his social worker at the time that he had money set aside from him in a trust.  His parents hadn’t been rich, but after his parents died, the social worker he’d had initially liquidated all their assets and kept the money in a trust account for when Lex was old enough.  He saved the money for college knowing that it could help put him through medical school without having to completely rely on scholarships and student loans for everything.  His social worker had also kept a chest of small trinkets and other items that his parents owned.  She’d thought he might want them when he was older, even if his memories didn’t come back.  In the box, amid the photos, wedding rings, old coins and assorted other trinkets was an ornate pocket watch that showed the phases of the moon.  He assumed it had once belonged to his father, but had no way of knowing for sure.  He liked it so he started carrying it with him.

About the same time, Lex started having these strange dreams about a princess and a crystal.  She was begging him to find the crystal and free her.  He didn’t quite understand who she is or what that meant.  He started researching anything he could find on this silver crystal, but seemed to find only dead ends no matter where he looked.  Then one day he transformed into some tux wearing superhero in order to save a beautiful girl in a sailor suit, Sailor Moon.  

During one of their encounters he’d found a handkerchief she dropped that had her name embroidered in one of the corners and he was surprised to find that he’d met her before.  He couldn’t quite explain it, but even from their first meeting, he’d felt drawn to her.  Sure, he’d been attracted to other girls before and being the good looking teenage boy he was, he’d been on a few dates, but no one else made him feel even half as much as when her azure eyes were looking up at him.

Through heartache and uncertainty, he helped Sailor Moon, no Cynthia and her friends, defeat enemy after enemy.  He regained his memories of his past life as Prince Endymion and learned that Cynthia was the reincarnation of Endymion’s lover, Serenity.  He’d already come to acknowledge that he was in love with her by that point so to learn that their past lives were intertwined as well only made him more certain that she was the future he wanted.  

During the battle with the Dark Kingdom, he also regained his memories about his own guardians, the four knights who’d become known as the Heavenly Kings.  They’d guarded him the way the rest of the sailor guardians protected Serenity.  Despite having been defeated in the final battle, they still used their remaining energy to save his life one last time.  From that point, he’d kept their stones, often praying over them for guidance when he felt lost or uncertain.  He couldn’t exactly say he was jealous of seeing Cynthia with her guardians and while he did his best not to show it, seeing how close they were made him miss the Heavenly Kings that much more.

Toward the beginning he wondered what good he was or why he was given another chance at life if it seemed that Cynthia kept saving him time after time, but not long after that was when he discovered his own powers.  He also came to realize that he gave Cynthia strength and a reason to keep fighting.  As he got stronger, their powers combined more and more which made him realize that she needed him as much as he needed her.

After the battle with Galaxia, it seemed peace came at last.  He knew it wouldn’t last forever, but it was more than what they had previously.  Lex finished medical school and finally married Cynthia.  Despite his plans to continue his schooling for a specialty in neurology, the Crystal Palace appeared and with it was the expectation for Cynthia and him to take the throne.  While they’d been featured on the news and all over the internet on blogs, this was the first time the public really had to acknowledge them as more than urban legends or vigilantes.  They’d been forced to reveal themselves to the world.

Ever since the Golden Crystal had appeared, the Earth had been waiting for him to take his place as King of Earth and now with the Crystal Palace making its presence known, they didn’t have many options.  Their coronations were held the same day.  He took his place on the throne of Earth while Cynthia took her place as Queen.  While it seemed Cynthia could no longer transform into Sailor Moon, he could still transform into Tuxedo Mask, but he only did so when absolutely necessary.  

Since accepting his position as King of Earth, Lex was able to unlock the full power of the Golden Crystal which allowed him to resurrect his friends, the Heavenly Kings.  He’d been secretly searching for a way to bring them back since he regained his memories of them, but hadn’t wanted to mention it until he was sure he could do it.  He knew his knights had been in love with some of Serenity’s guardians so he didn’t want to give them any false hopes that such a thing could even be possible.  Now that he’d managed to make it a possibility, he’d named them ambassadors for their rule and sent them out to help them unite all countries.

The discovery of the Golden Palace created a lot of excitement for him and it became something of a personal project to be involved with the excavation attempts.  Despite his dislike for being so far from his wife, he was glad that Cynthia supported his desire to be involved.  It had been his home once, after all.  Now that he’s back home again, he’s fully aware of the Dark Kingdom’s return and the formation of the Black Moon.  He isn’t sure exactly what this means, but he has faith in Cynthia and himself and knows that whatever happens, they’ll face it together.

Writing Sample

Lex was glad to finally be home again after having been so focused on the discovery of the Golden Palace.  It had been his home in a former life and an important piece of the person who he was supposed to be.  He’d resurrected his guardians, but he’d still been missing that piece of his history.  It still felt a bit surreal and he still didn’t know what all memories this discovery would bring for him.  He’d been there as much as he could over the past year or so.  He’d learned a lot about his former life’s past and he’d brought home a few souvenirs of his time there.

Among the items he’d found in the ruins was a rattle that he’d brought home.  It had been his when he’d been born as Prince Endymion.  He and Cynthia would certainly have at least one child and the idea of being able to give the rattle to their child thrilled him to no end.  Whatever child they had would not only be heir to the throne of the Moon Kingdom, but to the Golden Kingdom as well.  He didn’t know how long it would be before they started trying to have a kid.  They still had plenty of battles to get through and not all of them were with their enemies.  There were still those that were reluctant to accept those of the White Moon so how would they be able to wrap their heads around a child that was both of the White Moon and of Earth?

He pushed those thoughts to the side and sat down in one of the common areas to read for a bit.  This seemed to be one of those precious few moments when he got a chance to read something other than memos for meetings or treatise on all matter of subjects.  It didn’t seem like very long before he heard someone say his name, causing him to look up from his book.


Your Name: Dragon
Age: Ancient
Pronouns: He/Him
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Time Zone:  EST



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