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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

(Invitation)  Something Amiss
Tag: Lee/Uranus
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When word reached her that Lee hadn't made it to the ball, especially after Eleanor had appeared on stage and performed without them, Serenity was quick to worry. It wasn't like any of her Guardians to miss an important event like this, especially when a lot of political persons were invited to the royal ball.

Of all of the Guardians that had even attended on their own volition, it was Saariyah. That said something. Where was Lee?

When she managed to find an opportunity with wiggle room to sneak away, thanks to Misha's own appearance cleverly distracting the guests, Serenity did so. She used the quicker routes to the chambers, knowing that she could only be gone for a certain amount of time without being missed.

It was, after all, royal custom that the Queen set the time for bedtime. It was the Queen who the Court had followed, and she didn't want to give the wrong impression if she could help it. She wasn't sleepy in the slightest, she was actually a little wired when she had a glass of wine earlier. Just one, she knew herself and knew that she couldn't handle much of a drink.

When she made it up to the chamber floors of the Crystal Palace, Serenity made her way to Lee's and Eleanor's chamber. She was grateful that the duo had been occupying it for now, as Serenity grew more comfortable with her stay at the Crystal Palace knowing that all of her Guardians were around.

That didn't mean that they couldn't leave. They could. Serenity just didn't feel too good about it with recent events, but she kept her feelings often to herself.

Knocking on the door to Lee's chamber, Serenity took a quick peek inside without fully stepping in. "Are you awake, Lee?"


Lee wasn’t usually one to enjoy state dinners and extravagant events like the ball being held tonight. Still, he had no issue donning a tuxedo and attending if that’s what was required of him. He took his duties as head of security very seriously and it was for that reason that he had intended to just power through the night. At least that was the plan until Elly caught wind of what he was planning and insisted he rest instead. He’d barely been able to get through one song without coughing when they’d been practicing earlier in the day so Elly made him promise he wouldn’t leave the bed.

He’d been bored staying there for the evening. He’d have much rather been in attendance at the ball than stuck in his room. He’d been reading for the past hour and while he normally did enjoy reading, he could only handle so much of it at once before he became restless. He had a tendency toward restlessness anyway, but usually his passion and sense of duty kept him grounded.

He looked up, surprise evident on his face. “What are you doing here Kitten?” He asked as a grin slowly spread across his face as he used the familiar nickname he’d given her back when they met, before he realized she was destined to be his queen. “I figured you’d be busy with your guests tonight.” He pushed himself up to a sitting position. “As always, you’re welcome to join me for a bit.” His smile turned a bit flirtatious before he turned his head and coughed. Flirting with her had become something of a favorite pastime for him. They both knew nothing would come of it since Serenity was as in love with King Endymion as Lee was with Elly.


[Image: FrenchMintyBlueandgoldmackaw-size_restricted.gif]

Serenity hadn’t anticipated that Lee would be awake and reading a book. Her azure eyes fluttered, a gentle tilt of the head as she entered his room. “Geez, tell me that Eleanor made you read that. That’s no fun at all.” Serenity gestured towards the book with her free hand, still preferring casual gaming over reading.

“I thought I’d come check on you,” Serenity smiled softly. She was still grateful that Lee had continued to call her kitten and it showed on her features as she received it warmly. It still made her feel like Cynthia Lunette rather than Neo Queen Serenity, and when she was holding events like these, Serenity wanted to be reminded of who she really was.

“Endymion’s home now so it gave me an opportunity to step away. How are you feeling? You’re missing some of Luci’s finest dishes!” She was still ecstatic over the cake, it was gorgeous and so delicious! She felt a little bad having to actually eat it though because of that. She couldn’t imagine how much time and effort Luci put into the cake they had downstairs.

Serenity would then reveal what the hand hiding behind her back was holding: a slice of cake. “I thought I’d bring you a slice.”


“Not exactly…” Lee sighed. “But she forbade me from leaving the bed and she won’t allow a TV in the bedroom so it’s either this or count the pieces of dust that float by.” Given the choice, reading was probably one of the last things he’d do voluntarily to entertain himself.

“I appreciate that.” He smiled. It was sometimes hard to believe just how close he’d grown to his queen in this lifetime. They’d barely met in their past life, but their destinies had always been entwined.

“You know I hate to miss an opportunity to eat Luci’s cooking and while my stomach isn’t feeling sick, I don’t think I could eat much of it anyway.” Eating was one of the last things he really wanted to do at the moment. When he was sick he usually either couldn’t stop eating or couldn’t eat at all and it seemed this time was more the latter.

“You brought me... Wow!” Lee grinned as she handed him the slice of cake. He wasn't really hungry, but a few bites of cake wouldn't hurt anything. “Luci’s really outdone herself this time.” He took a small bite to taste it and smiled. “And it tastes amazing as always. Please let her know I said so, will you?” He asked. It wasn’t often that he had sweets in general, but Luci always made the best ones.


"That's no fun at all!" Serenity huffed, displeased with Neptune's inability to have pure fun. Well, that's what she liked to believe -- but Serenity knew from experience that Neptune wasn't the ordinary woman. Serenity herself believed that she was the ideal Queen, what she should have been -- and she'd been failing in every way possible so far to achieve that goal.

While her grace and poise was improving, Serenity's silliness was still present, which Serenity believed  should have been non-existent. "Well, if Neptune ever gives you any grief again, take one of the guestrooms or go to my chambers. I have a TV there." She winked.

Pouting at Lee's words, Serenity could wholeheartedly understand where he was coming from. She wouldn't want to eat either probably when she was sick, and she wasn't going to force the issue. With all of the fun going on downstairs it was hard to think about what being sick was like.

"That's okay," Serenity pouted teasingly. "If it's not good on your stomach, you don't have to eat it, you know. We wouldn't want you to get worse." Fortunately the Crystal Palace was equipped with nurses and doctors, so Lee didn't have too much to worry about. But Serenity sometimes missed having to actually go to the doctors, rather than the doctors coming to her.

"I will," Serenity nodded in agreement.

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