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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

Alya King, Sailor Uranus
Alya King


Alias: Lee
Silver Millenium Alias: Kalani
Age: 36
Faction: White Moon
Pronouns: He/Him, She/Her
Ethnicity: American
Occupation: Head of Security
Play-by: Erika Linder
Personal Belongings:
  • Cell Phone: This is a pretty basic thing as pretty much everyone has one of these and carries them everywhere.
  • Communicator:  As head of security, this is a must for Lee so that he’s able to stay in contact with the other sailor soldiers even when in a situation when cell reception isn’t available.  He’d also requested for communication device be created for all of those working under her to keep Neo-Queen Serenity safe so that he’d be able to stay in constant contact with them as well as the other sailor soldiers.
  • Sailor Crystal:  As Sailor Uranus, the Sailor Crystal of Uranus is her most important possession as it not only designates her as the Sailor Soldier of Wind and Sky, but is also the source of her powers. 
  • Space Sword: The Space Sword is the talisman that belongs to Sailor Uranus and one of the three talismans needed to awaken Sailor Saturn.  The jewel encrusted sword allows her to channel the power of Uranus through the sword when needed for an attack.


Name: Sailor Uranus
Element: Wind/Sky
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Part of what makes Sailor Uranus so fast is her enhanced reflexes, both in her human form and as a sailor soldier.  This is tied in with her precognition power that allows her to prepare for what’s coming before it’s there.
  • Sword Fighting: Along with using the Space Sword, Sailor Uranus has this innate ability to use the sword, both to channel her planetary energy through it for attacks and to be able to use it on its own in a fight.
  • Precognition: While not being able to predict the future or see visions in dreams, Sailor Uranus is able to get a general feeling about things such as if something is good or bad and when danger is nearby.
  • Flight: As Sailor Uranus, she has the ability to fly, but she is extremely limited with distance and speed.  She cannot use this ability to travel large distances and she cannot travel any faster than she can run.
  • Teleportation:  Like with her power of flight, teleportation is very limited as well.  She can only teleport to someplace she can see which means the place she’s going must be in her line of sight.  This also limits this ability distance wise since she has to be able to clearly see where she’s going.
  • World Shaking:  With this attack, Sailor Uranus uses one of her hands to collect energy from the air above her head.  When she closes her hand around the energy, a golden sphere forms which she throws toward the ground near her target. 
  • Space Sword Blaster: Sailor Uranus uses the Space Sword to channel energy for the attack.  She raises the sword above her head and energy gathers in a golden sphere around the blade.  When she lowers the sword in the direction of the target, the attack sends several crescent shaped energy blasts toward the target.
  • Space Turbulence: To begin this attack, Sailor Uranus collects energy between her hands as she holds them above her head and when pushed toward the target, several energy beams strike the target.


Lee doesn’t remember a whole lot from his childhood, but what he does remember was mostly happy memories, at least until middle school.  Before he got to middle school, his parents were happy do indulge their daughter by calling Alya by his chosen nickname, Lee and allowing him to dress like a boy.  His first year in middle school, they told him it was time to start acting like the young lady he was supposed to be.  Of course, being the independent and stubborn person he’d always been, there was no way he was going to just follow along with something he didn’t want to do in the first place.

Naturally, Lee rebelled at the idea and it made him even more determined to wear the boys’ uniform for the private school his parents were forcing him to go to.  They were well off and status was everything to them.  It was all a bunch of bullshit and he knew it.  It was about the same time when he heard about the transgender movement and started looking into what it was.  What he found was people like himself who didn’t feel they were the gender they were assigned at birth.  While he’d never really considered the possibility of becoming a boy before that, he was glad to finally have a term for who and what he was.

When he came out to his parents, they weren’t at all receptive to the idea.  They flat out told him that he couldn’t be a boy if he wanted to continue living in their home.  He decided that night to run away.  He ended up going to stay with a friend, one that had helped him figure things out to this point.  His friend’s parents allowed him to stay with them for the next few years.  They weren’t as well off as his own parents, but they knew who Lee was and supported him which meant the world to him.

As he got into high school, he joined the track team and found he was quite good at running.  It was something that gave him a chance to escape.  It was about the same time that he started feeling like something was coming for him.  He didn’t understand what it was or why he felt it, so as he trained to get faster at running, there was some part of him that seemed to think that if he could just keep moving fast enough, he could outrun whatever was coming.  It didn’t stop at running either.  His need for speed soon included anything with a motor: dirtbikes, motorcycles, race cars.  He was good at it too.  The more races he entered, the more he kept winning and as he continued to win, he made quite a name for himself.

Of course, as he started becoming well known, his parents re-entered his life.  In the time since he’d moved out, they hadn’t bothered to check on him once and now that he was getting to be famous, they were all but begging him to come back home.  There was no way he didn’t see straight through that!  Although, with them throwing money in his direction, it was also hard to completely ignore them.  He’d earned a tidy sum of prize money, but it was nowhere near enough to live on plus afford better parts for his car to be able to go on to compete in the bigger circuits.  He decided to reconnect with his parents, but made sure they knew it was a business deal first and foremost.  He’d acknowledge them in public in exchange for them funding his racing career.  Although, he began referring to them as his patrons rather than his parents, a fact that only those closest to him are aware of.

From there, things just kept getting better for him as everything just seemed to fall into place.  He was winning nearly every race he entered and even managed a full scholarship to one of the local Universities.  It didn’t take long before he heard about some famous violinist that was attending the same university.  He saw her give a concert and couldn’t help wanting to meet her. Sure he’d flirted with a few of the girls here and there, but he’d never really felt much drive to go beyond that, until now.  He was ecstatic when he heard she wanted to meet him as well, up until she started talking about some shared destiny mumbo jumbo that sounded completely like crazy talk.  If it hadn’t been for the monster that attacked, Lee would have left right then and there.

Sailor Neptune would have been hurt or possibly even killed by the monster if Lee hadn’t accepted the transformation rod and turned into Sailor Uranus right then.  Despite feeling the weight of the world resting on his shoulders, Lee never regretted it.  Sailor Uranus was the strong feminine part of himself that he’d tried (and failed) to deny was there, but made him feel complete without having to give up the male persona he’d so carefully cultivated.  It was about the same time that he first heard the term gender-fluid to describe someone who was both masculine and femine and decided he liked this label better than the transman one he’d previously been trying to live up to.  It allowed him to acknowledge both sides of himself without having to deny any part of who he was, even if people were still having trouble understanding the concept of him being both man and woman in the same body with him typically presenting as masculine in his human form and feminine as a planetary warrior.

In Sailor Neptune, Lee found a lover, companion and a partner in every sense of the word.  The memories of his past life as the Princess of Uranus and planetary soldier slowly came back, but he soon found himself with a mission to save the world by preventing Sailor Saturn from awakening.  Of course, things didn’t quite go as planned, especially once Sailor Moon and the sailor soldiers of the inner planets decided to involve themselves.  Sailor Saturn was awakened and thankfully was the one to prevent the world from being destroyed, but used so much of her power, Sailor Saturn was turned into a baby.’

It was Neptune that suggested they keep Sailor Saturn and raise her themselves.  Lee wasn’t so sure at first, but soon found himself adapting to a fatherly role as easily as Neptune seemed to take on a motherly one.  Things were peaceful for a time, but it did not stay that way.  They fought against Queen Nehelania and then Sailor Galaxia after that, but eventually peace did come.  Since Sailor Saturn was once again needed, his daughter, Seraphina, grew up literally in front of his eyes, but with all threats out of the way for the time being, they could finally be a family again.

Lee continued his racing career and felt it was about time that he finally married Neptune, the love of his life for this life and the one before it.  He happily gave her the wedding of her dreams.  It was well worth it since she was the woman of his.  It was the happiest time of his life.  Of course, he couldn’t have asked for a better life since he’d found his place and his purpose, people that not only accept, but love who he is, so what was there left to want?

When Neo-Queen Serenity formed her court on Earth, Lee was there having exchanged his racing career to take over as the Head of Security and also to continue his duties as Sailor Uranus.  He knew he’d eventually have to take his place as a guardian of the outer solar system, but for now, the winds were telling him about a coming danger and he was prepared to stand and fight.

Writing Sample

If there was one thing that Lee had always understood in live, it was a need for speed.  There was nothing else like being able to speed through the city on a motorcycle to make a person feel like they were flying and as a Sailor Soldier, Lee knew what it was like to fly, really fly, just him and the wind.  Riding a motorcycle wasn’t an exact fit, but it was the closest he could come when in his human form.  Besides, he couldn’t actually fly as fast as his motorcycle so it was better in some ways, especially on those deserted highways outside of the city when he could really go as fast as the machine could handle.

Earlier on in his life, he’d tried to picture what sort of life he wanted or might be able to make for himself.  Never in his wildest imagination could he have ever come up with the reality he now lived every day.  It suited him though.  He had a beautiful wife whom he loved, a friend he knew was there to help him, more love and support than he ever thought someone like him could have, plus a beautiful young lady for a daughter.  It was a little overwhelming to think about sometimes, but all good nonetheless. 

He could feel the wind and it was restless.  The wind was fairly restless on a good day, but this was something different.  It brought with it the feeling like something bad was about to happen.  It was the same sort of feeling he had back when he first found out he was Sailor Uranus and every time an enemy appeared since then.

As he slowed in front of the palace, he saw someone waiting for him.  He knew some called him a pessimist despite repeatedly countering that he prefered thinking of himself as a realist, but usually someone waiting for him meant something was wrong.  He assumed it wasn’t an emergency since they hadn’t bothered to contact him through his communicator.  Still, having someone waiting for him usually wasn’t a good sign, even when it was just something minor.  His bike skidded to a halt and he turned the motor off before removing his helmet.

“So who broke what this time?”  He asked, grinning slightly at his own joke.  He kicked the kickstand out and leaned the bike against it as he climbed off.


Your Name: Dragon
Age: Ancient
Pronouns: He/Him
Contact Details: Discord/PM
Time Zone:  EST



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