CDF Customization

Character Development Customization

Do you use your character development board often? Do you want it to have a unique image in the forum description? What about a description? This is for you. If you want a topic stickied, this is also the place to request that -- we'll get to you as soon as possible.

Only our forum description and image requests require a form. If you want something stickied, just say so. Same with something moved out, etc. Please provide me me a 72 hour wiggle room for customization requests, as I'll (Vii) be doing them when I get free time! <3

Members, please be mindful with your requests -- do not request an image change often. I do resize thee images myself for the skin.

Forum Description & IMG Request

[b]Your Forum[/b]: Link to your character dev forum.
[b]Requested Image[/b]: What image do you want for your forum? Please keep it clean and appropriate to the forum. No fanart please! Images used should be of high quality.
[b]Forum Description[/b]: Provide us with a little blurb about yourself! No more than 6 sentences.
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