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Cynthia Lunette, now the current reigning Queen of the Earth, Neo Queen Serenity. Cynthia lost the ability to transform into Sailor Moon when she married Endymion as her duties to her people changed. As Neo Queen Serenity, she’s currently attempting to win the hearts of her people as Earthlings distrust the Silver Millennium.

Unfortunately, Neo Queen Serenity is confined to the Crystal Palace as it is unsafe outside if she doesn’t have an escort. However, Cynthia will use the disguise of Serena Rose on occasion in order to interact as a normal human.

Serenity has very few friends outside of the Sailor Guardians and her old classmates as Cynthia.  While she might attempt to befriend servants, members of the government and secret service, Serenity has longed for some normalcy. It is why she created Serena Rose, as she desires to befriend normal civilians under a different persona.

Serenity married her first and only love, Endymion, on June 20th, 2018. She is currently not pregnant nor trying to conceive a child, as she desires to bring Small Lady into a safer environment when the world is at peace. Although Serenity’s only love is Endymion, she remains fairly attached to Sailor Uranus and Sailor Star Fighter as her confidants.  

Serenity is trying to win the hearts of Earthlings in efforts to achieve peace. As a result, many Earthlings distrust Serenity and the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom have formed. Serenity is an automatic enemy to Black Moon and Dark Kingdom members, but Serenity does believe that their members are misguided and may attempt to persuade them otherwise.

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