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how different things would be
Date: 2013
Jade is an 18 year old who has the hots for a certain Cesario Bennet (Sailor Star Fighter). This establishes them dating before Cesario has a run-in with Cynthia.
Stars arc, Jade is 18.
Sailor Star Fighter

A Younger Perspective
Date: July 2018
Jade is 22 and meets Dean (Blue Sapphire) for the first time. They find out they have a lot in common.
Blue Sapphire

my redneck nature
Date: October 2030
Annie fails Jade's restaurant test, but they decide to start over after finding something they have in common.
Takes place in the past.

You Stole My Crown
Date: February 2031
Emerald finds out that the Dark Alliance now has a Starlight in the fold.
Saturn Knight (Spectrolite)

pop a 911
Date: February 2031
Sailor Mau, Sailor Chuu and Aventurine.



Expect the Unexpected // July 2030
White Diamond

Meant to Decay // July 13, 2030

Seeing the Plan Through // July 15th, 2030
White Diamond

Snooping // July 19th, 2030
London Marama

Something Wicked This Way Comes // July 20th, 2030
Jade meets civilian!Sailor Pluto for the first time during the blackout.
Sailor Pluto

Day of the Dead // November 2nd, 2030
Emerald's interests in the Dark Kingdom are piqued when she has a run-in with a soldier who is willing to provide her with intel.
Dresden Carey

Darkness Follows Us // November 4th, 2030
Emerald's first run-in with Queen Nehellenia and it leads to an unwanted Alliance.
Queen Nehellenia, White Diamond, Wiseman

What's Your Deal? // November 2030
Emerald confronts Nehellenia about why she wants an Alliance with the Black Moon.
Queen Nehellenia

Crystallized // January 20th, 2031
Emerald takes over Infinity Academy and has a run in with Neo Moon and Pluto.
Sailor Nemesis, Sailor Neo Moon, Sailor Pluto

gold opens all locks // January 23rd, 2031
Dark Alliance.



Let the Wine Flow // July 2030 (figure out date)
White Diamond, Koan, BMC

The Monday Crowd // November 4th, 2030
Trent Tran

Jade(d) Emperor // November 2030

An Unfortunate Encounter // July 15th, 2030
Zahid Sherazi

Had Enough // August 1st, 2030
Sailor Neptune

Moon Phase // October 26th, 2030
London Marama

Retail Therapy // January 5th, 2031
Sailor Ceres


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