Beware the patient woman
Plotter //

[Image: GiantFrenchJoey-max-1mb.gif]
The Mayor of the City of Infinity City, Lilith prides herself with her high position and ability to get close to the royal family when she desires. Before Lilith became Queen Metaria, she was an open supporter of the royal family, but also a closet hater of them. She wasn’t given the gift of immortality that she so desired, and she refuses to tell anyone this.

During the blackout, that’s when it all became clear—the blackout was caused by her predecessor, Queen Metaria, as she returned to the surface and came to take over her body. Lilith is technically Lilith no more, as her mental state remains to be true to Queen Metaria, but she still seems to claim that she is Lilith in some way.

Through this charade Metaria is capable of using Lilith’s political powers to her advantage. She has recently reunited with the Dark Kingdom. Lilith still requires energy to survive and become Metaria again, and governs the Dark Kingdom with an iron fist as she refuses to fail a third time.





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