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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

(Open)  Day of the Dead
In the wake of what happened at the Crystal Palace’s royal ball, it quickly stirred several violent protests led by the Black Moon. Emerald was thrilled by this outcome, that Wiseman had given them the okay that it was time to launch another Operation. With White Diamond, herself, and even that loathsome Koan there, it was enough evidence that the Black Moon Clan needed.

Not that the citizens that stood before her needed to know their alternative personas, but it was added fuel to the fire. Cheers for the Black Moon roared in the back as a smug formed on Emerald’s lips. The protest was being held at Crystal City’s very own park, and without permission – she didn’t feel that she needed one.  If the White Moon were incapable of holding their own, then why should they care about the law?

“Look at what happened at the Crystal Palace! I knew people who were there, don’t you see – they cannot protect anyone! The Crystal Palace was penetrated by the darkness that surrounds this artificial city!” Emerald exclaimed as she stood atop of a wooden stage; Chiral, Achiral and a few other of her own subordinates were behind her.

“Then why should we support them!?! They’re supposed to defend us!” Emerald heard someone in the background yell.

“Then you know what you must do, support the Black Moon! We aim to eliminate anyone who supports the false rule of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion! Let’s make this planet great once more!” One of her own subordinates retorted, a young new recruit.

Emerald glared at Chiral, Achiral and her subordinates from the corner of her eye, a gesture that indicated to signal a gift from Wiseman – a dark purple cloud of darkness began to form out of thin air, creating various illusions for those trapped inside the cloud. The darkness was also designed to bring out the darkness within those in the crowd, to lure them into the fold, whereas those who were touched by the light were touched by the darkness to see illusions of their darkest deeds.


Dresden was walking through the park, as he often did when the weather was nice.  The strap of his laptop bag crossed over his chest and with the bag itself bouncing gently on his lower back from the movement.  It wasn’t long before he came across what seemed to be a protest.  Odd, he hadn’t recalled hearing anything about a protest scheduled for today.  He headed over, listening as the crowd cheered for those from the Black Moon.  

‘Ah, so this is the Black Moon.’  He stopped to listen to what was being said.  Such tactics were different than what the Dark Kingdom would have done, but he had to admit that getting the crowd on their side was a useful tactic.  What he didn’t anticipate was the purple cloud that seemed to form around him and the others in the crowd.  He wasn’t sure what this cloud was supposed to be doing, but he felt strange.  His powers, which were rooted in darkness and destruction, simmered just below the surface.  The slightest movement would summon his glaive and his transformation.

His head hurt and images started flashing through his head.  There was a woman in a purple dress.  It was Sera, he was sure of it, but he had no idea why he’d picture his girlfriend in a dress like that.  He’d certainly never seen her wear something like that before, so why did he remember her in something like that?  Then again, he knew it wasn’t her as much as he knew it was.  This was confusing.  Was his mind playing tricks on him because she’d tried telling him he was some knight from Saturn?  

More images came unbidden.  It seemed to be memories of him using his powers and he saw other people being destroyed.  He saw the bodies breaking apart and knew that it was happening on a subatomic level.  He saw several faces from several different memories all blending together.  What was happening to him?  He couldn’t actually be that knight Sera spoke of, could he?  He shook his head, trying to clear it before he summoned his glaive.  As always, when he summoned his glaive, his black armor trimmed with purple, appeared around his body.  The other people around him were too involved in whatever mass hysteria of their own to take notice of what he was doing.

“What did you do to me?”  His tone was demanding as he faced those from the Black Moon.  After years of karate, his body automatically moved into a threatening stance and he pointed his weapon in their direction.


“Green Emerald,” one of her subordinates behind her pointed in the direction of the young man who seemed to break free of the dark cloud. The energy that he had wielded stunned her, Emerald’s brown eyes fluttered as her body relaxed itself.

“Well now, we have a strong one.” Emerald informed her subordinates, chuckling as she refrained from attacking him outright. That wouldn’t prevent Chiral and Achiral from appearing behind him, but they wouldn’t attack him without her word.

“I did nothing. The cloud informs you of the truth.” Emerald informed him, shrugging her shoulders as she’d teleport herself and appear in front of him. “What did the cloud inform you? Were you meant to destroy or support the blasphemous?”

Emerald was lying, of course – the cloud was meant to trigger emotions that swayed them more towards their cause, rather than naught. But this one was peculiar; she hadn’t anticipated that someone who’d be trapped inside the cloud was capable of wielding powers.

“And what are you? You don’t bear the mark of the Black Moon.” Emerald asked, gesturing towards his forehead.


It seemed to him that the woman with dark green hair was in charge of this little gathering.  He watched her carefully as she said she didn’t do anything.  She teleported herself so she was in front of him.  What exactly did she mean by the cloud informing them of the truth?  She asked him what he saw.

“It had nothing to do with the blasphemous, but rather showed my powers being used for destruction as they were intended.”  He wasn’t about to get into the whole thing about how he’d been told he was a knight from Saturn or that these supposed memories he’d just scene supported that idea.

Whether the cloud had done anything more to him was unclear as he was already on a team that opposed those from the White Moon.  He’d certainly heard of those from the Black Moon, but this was his first time dealing with any of them.  He lowered his glaive since it didn’t seem like he was in danger of being attacked for the moment, but he didn’t lower his guard.  He was still wary of those before him and he wasn’t about to take any chances.

“I don’t bear the mark of the Black Moon because I’m not from the Black Moon.”  He said, trying too hard to be mysterious.  “My name is Obsidian and I am an agent of the Dark Kingdom.  And you are...?”  He asked.

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His powers?

Emerald was immediately intrigued. Who was he, and why did he have powers that weren't given to him by Wiseman? The more that he explained himself, the more that Emerald realized that she really hadn't given the Dark Kingdom much thought.

Until now, that was.

Learning that they had legitimate powers changed a lot of things. Emerald had always believed that they relied solely on lackeys to do their work for them, and that they hadn't put much effort into doing the jobs themselves. After all, that was why there were youma wandering around, wasn't it?

Or at least that's what she always assumed. To learn that he had powers, that he had the ability to be his own force to be reckoned with intrigued her immensely.

"Oh, is that so?" Emerald grinned, leaning back a little as she placed her index finger against her chin. She soon began to circle around him, as if getting a good look at his figure while she had the opportunity. It was extremely rare for her to be up close to someone from the Dark Kingdom.

"Your name informs me that you are unimportant in your group, but how does it function?" Emerald wondered if he was willing to provide her with this much intel. For all she'd known, the Dark Kingdom had their own ranking system that differed from the Black Moon's own. It was just peculiar that he was using a gemstone as his codename.

"I am Green Emerald of the Black Moon, one of the original commanders." Emerald informed him, her eyes flickered as a brief spark of atomic energy could be sensed from within. She wouldn't attack him, only provide him with a warning of who and what she was. "I hear your Clan supports the idea of immortality, Obsidian. How is it blasphemous to you, then?"

@Dresden Carey

While he’d initially stopped out of curiosity regarding the Black Moon, Dresden was suddenly not so comfortable with his decision. He wouldn’t necessarily say he regretted it just yet, but he wasn’t so sure that he was happy in staying either. She circled him, clearly intrigued, but the whole thing made him feel much like an animal in a cage. He didn’t want to attack first and make things worse, but he would not hesitate to defend himself if he felt threatened in any way. He bit back a comment about taking a picture. He wouldn’t put it past her to actually do such a thing.

“Function? How do you mean?” He asked. He needed to be careful here. Certainly Queen Beryl wouldn’t want him giving out the specifics of how the Dark Kingdom operated. He half wondered if he’d said too much already, but yet he didn’t want to piss off the Black Moon clan unnecessarily. He’d already attacked when he clearly shouldn’t have and he didn’t need another failure on his record. He didn’t fail to notice the silent warning as she let him sense enough of her powers to know how dangerous she was. Yeah, she was not someone he wanted to piss off!

“I could care less about the idea of immortality, personally, but I’m not okay following a queen who is only in power because they stole it from someone else.” He shrugged. There was the whole matter of revenge too, but honestly, he was really only there fighting because his queen asked him too. They gave him a place in the world and something to be a part of so if Queen Beryl thought things were unfair, he’d still fight regardless of his own opinions on the matter. That’s what loyalty was, putting someone else’s happiness and well being ahead of your own. His eyes widened slightly as an image of Sera appeared in his mind and he quickly brushed it to the side.

“So are you guys stuck on this whole immortality thing or is there more to what you’re fighting for?” He asked. Since he was this close to the Black Moon, then he might as well learn what he could while he had the chance.


[Image: ee0f4bbc363788b6b1a4f41a6642a779.gif]

Emerald was intrigued to find such a liberal Dark Kingdom member, especially one who was stupid enough to reveal information about his kingdom. Well, she supposed that she was also a little foolish because she was intrigued enough to be so up close to a Dark Kingdom member, and one who was willing to relay information.

If she could somehow pry information out of him without having to reveal the Black Moon's structure, she'd be in a good position. She believed that it would not only please Adrian, but it would also please Wiseman immensely to know more about their enemies.

She just needed to tread carefully.

Brown eyes flickered at his next remark, stopping in her tracks as she leaned in slightly. "Yes. How does your clan structure work? What is your rank?" She asked finally. "And wouldn't you be hypocritical if your Queen were to obtain the throne of Earth by having stolen it from Neo Queen Serenity?" She asked.

"The Black Moon believes that Earth should belong to humans. Extraterrestrials are blasphemous to the planet, we don't need them here and we don't need them to rule a planet that is not their species. We aim to restore Earth's greatness once again as a human planet. Anyone who believes that extraterrestrials and the White Moon should remain are enemies." Emerald informed him, knowing that that information was already public so it wasn't harmful to relay. She was, after all, responsible for several protests.

But from behind them, the black cloud would begin to release its energy, slowly killing the humans who it detected to possessed immortality.

@Dresden Carey


Dresden knew he shouldn’t even be talking to anyone from the Black Moon to begin with, but he couldn’t help being curious. Besides, if he could learn something useful, then it made it worth the risk, right? He was already at the disadvantage after his powers had gone crazy so it was a risk no matter what. Still, he was already in trouble for his past actions. He was the idiot that had attacked Neo-Queen Serenity and failed. If he screwed up again, he was pretty sure he’d be exiled if not killed.

“I’m just a lowly grunt so I don’t really know how it works.” He shrugged. The lowly grunt part was true enough given his current position. “Is it really hypocritical if she’s only taking back a throne that should have been hers in the first place?” He countered. He listened as she explained the beliefs of the Black Moon, or at least as much of it as had already become public knowledge. He didn’t know if there was anything else in their motivations that they weren’t explicitly stating. Although, there was one thing that didn’t quite seem to make sense to him just yet.

“For people who claim to want to restore Earth to greatness, you certainly seem like extraterrestrials yourselves with your black cloud and a name like the Black Moon,” he said. There was much more going on here than the explanation covered. He was simply trying to connect the dots and see what else they weren’t saying. Was the Black Moon after the silver crystal as well? Did they even know of its existence? If not, then maybe the Black Moon should just step aside and let the Dark Kingdom bring down those from the White Moon.


Well then, the fact that he was just a soldier changed a lot of things. Brushing her hair aside, Emerald scoffed at the mere thought that she was interacting with someone so lowly ranked in the Dark Kingdom.

"Then a majority of my information will be withheld," Emerald's index finger was underneath her chin, and she moved that very same finger to Dresden's own. "You mean nothing to the Black Moon with your status. What a shame... Here I was under the assumption that you could put up a fight. Someone with that talent fighting against me would be acknowledged as a commander."

Emerald wasn't lying. It was partially why she continued to emphasize that her own subordinates were well on their way to becoming commanders by right, they had the ability to do so. They knew how to function in the most unlikeliest circumstances even when their powers differed.

"Do we?" Emerald's laugh was high-pitched and humorous. "I can assure to you that we are 100% human, and so is our leader, Wiseman. Our mark is making a statement that we are against the White Moon in every way, their antithesis."

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