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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

(Invitation)  Darkness Follows Us
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Adrian was in the general area after another hard day in the office. He sighed, feeling drained from managing to keep people in line and hearing reports of the Black Moon Clan terrorizing the White Moon. Adrian encouraged his colleagues to keep working through to them; to ensure that as long as the White Moon reigned supreme, they would cease to exist. He grew frustrated, especially once more politicians began swarming to the side of those aliens.

It was absolutely disgusting and he knew he needed to stop them once and for all. For the sake of their humanity and their future.

Adrian drove himself home but felt the need to stroll around afterwards, to see what his subordinates were doing. There was something close by that he felt a familiar presence of, the sense of...Wiseman! He picked up the pace as he sought out that large source of energy and it was not long until he heard the booming voice from his superior.

"Trust you! You have shown me that your power is not even enough, compared to the Silver Crystal! What makes you think that you would really help us!" Wiseman was not impressed with this woman. She possessed great power but it was not enough for him to seize the Silver Crystal. He was not one for failures and this woman did not prove what she had to offer him. He clutched his black crystal and retreated, not wanting to hear any more of this.

"Wiseman," Adrian peered through to see the hooded figure with the two women. And of course, she had to be there. But the other woman was...curious. She bore no marking of the Black Moon so it was interesting that Jade, or even Wiseman, did not annihilate her on sight.

"What's going on here?"

"This woman has nothing more to offer us," Wiseman looked to Adrian. "Destroy her and let us be on our way."

"Why so?" Adrian sensed a form of dark energy burning within her. "I'd like to know who she is."

"White Diamond, you are foolish," Wiseman continued. "She claims to have stopped the White Moon twice but yet, they still thrive! What more could she offer us?"

Adrian scoffed, growing tired of the meaningless bickering. He approached the dark woman with some caution. She had fierce looking eyes, almost as if she had been through a lot. He smirked, curious what she had to contribute.

"I believe she has potential," he crossed his arms over his chest. "Any means to ruin the White Moon is all the more reason to hear her out. Besides, a little more support didn't hurt our far."

He continued observing this woman. Adrian just had to see what her power was if it brought the White Moon to their knees before. He kept a reasonable distance from her, out of courtesy.

"Tell me," he began. "What kind of power do you have? I'd like to see it for myself."


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With the appearance of Wiseman, Emerald should have anticipated that White Diamond would surely be not too far behind. The whole conversation was outright bizarre, and while she personally felt that Wiseman was right with his choice, Emerald was not one to normally argue when Diamond was intrigued.

Except, in this case, hadn't this woman already defied their own cause by being an alien? Who were they to accept the aid of an extraterrestrial? She was also contradicting herself a whole lot, claiming to have failed in defeating the White Moon and now claiming victory once.

Emerald wasn't sure how to feel about any of this. She was conflicted, but she was also intrigued at the fact that Nehellenia had acknowledged her power and beauty. They were already off to a good start, weren't they? It would be nice to have another woman aboard the Black Moon bandwagon who wasn't a low life subordinate.

"Potential?" Emerald inquired, arching a brow at Diamond's choice of words. "Diamond… you realize what she is, don't you?" She asked calmly, brown eyes shifting towards him curiously as if wondering whether or not Diamond had overheard part of the conversation.

Emerald stepped back a few steps, moving closer to Wiseman when Diamond approached Nehellenia. Now that Diamond and Wiseman were in the picture, she felt it was inappropriate to be so close to her. However, she was certainly intrigued with the ability to negate the power of the Silver Crystal. That supported their cause immensely.

"What do you have to gain from this?" Emerald inquired, arching a brow as she narrowed her eyes at Nehellenia.


If there had been a question before now of why the agents of Chaos didn't tend to work together - other than the fact that, more often than not, they didn't exist or operate at the same time as one another - Morrigan wagered that this was why. No matter what she offered and no matter how much sense she made, Wiseman appeared to buck at the very idea of accepting outside help. He was meant to be the leader of the Black Moon Clan, apparently, yet he lacked the tact and charisma that a leader needed in order to make certain that things would continue to move smoothly.

In truth, Morrigan was potentially ready to walk away and take back her offer by the time White Diamond arrived. It had been him that Morrigan had been interested in brokering a deal with in the first place; the actual figurehead of the Black Moon Clan. Even from his simple presence it was easy to tell that, though Wiseman claimed to pull the strings, it was Diamond that held the real power among the clan. He was the one who brought his underlings into the fold, the one that was calling the shots. The fact that he was there... That got her to shift a bit, in personage and in perspective. It was intriguing.

"You may try to destroy me, if that's what you desire. Just know that others have tried, and others have failed, as you likely would." Her words were sincere, and not arrogant. She was extending a sort of olive branch out to White Diamond - an ode that she was just as powerful as Wiseman, or arguably even more so. She could approach her goal without them; she did, after all, have the help of the Dark Kingdom and their Alliance already, as well as knowledge of things that most people in this time didn't exactly seem aware of that. That was a pity, but useful.

"Potential," Morrigan mimicked with a click of her tongue. She nodded her head when Diamond asked what it was that she had to offer, what power she had. "I am not going to go over the story again, but... See for yourself." With a snap of her fingers the Mirror Pareri that had been threatening and looming over Jade was by her side, and with a sinister giggle the creature started to twist and contort until eventually it's glass form became that of an obsidian mirror. The mirror floated in place in front of Morrigan and Adrian, hovering between them.

It showed them everything, perhaps in a quick, truncated fashion. The Dead Moon and its existence on the Dark Side of the Moon. Nehelenia attempting to claim the White Moon as her own, and leading to its downfall through her curse and the creation of Queen Metaria. The circus thousands of years later, and how she nearly managed to take the White Moon down again... though she kept the existence of Sailor Neo Moon close to her chest still. She wasn't ready to reveal all of her secrets, particularly not the ones that gave her more of an ace than some of the White Moon's other rivals.

And then Emerald proposed an... interesting question, but one that Morrigan knew the answer to quite readily. She smiled at her, and bowed her head - a sign of respect at the least. She, and White Diamond, were at least trying to see sense. She understood who Morrigan was, and what she was capable of. Why, then, wasn't she the one in charge? Never use a man to do a woman's work. But either way...

"In truth? I gain an alliance from this, nothing more, nothing less. I could face the White Moon on my lonesome if I so pleased, and I have done so. The Neo Queen is young and inexperienced in all of the power that the Silver Crystal has to offer her, and without... outside help she isn't as capable of defeating me as she once was. I will not be sealed behind a mirror again, White Diamond, Green Emerald... Wiseman." She paused for a moment, and turned the mirror back into a crystal shaped piece of obsidian.

"On the other hand, what does the Black Moon gain? An alliance, yes; and a powerful ally at that. One that has proven herself time and again when it comes to the White Moon, and one that has in fact led to their destruction for thousands of years. Magic. Powerful magic. Magic with which your incomplete crystal could become capable of countering the Silver Crystal; perhaps even negating it, with enough time, effort. Perhaps the effects of your crystal could even be Malefic, in time." She paused, and then turned to face the trio entirely.

"I am of the Moon. I am the mirror image of its one-time Goddess. Say what you will about outsiders, Black Moon Clan, but one thing is to be certain: if there is anyone alive today that understands the Silver Crystal and the white magic that made it, and anyone that could counter it, I am that person. And I alone."

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In his mind, Adrian was already annoyed with the fact that Jade was present. But it did not diminish the fact that she had a good point. Or maybe she had more of a liking towards another woman joining the cause. But he would not have known Morrigan's power unless he arrived sooner. He needed to see for himself what this potential ally was capable of.

"If you did not notice, Emerald..." he peered back at his comrade. "I only just arrived."

Adrian looked back to Morrigan and crossed his arms over his chest. He could trust his comrade's word for it and be done with it. But he wanted to see with his own eyes what this woman can contribute. Adrian hoped that she would not disappoint, especially with how high she carried herself.

The power that Morrigan was fascinating. This could not be an illusion of any kind. He was curious of the visions he saw through the mirror. This had to have been the past and where the White Moon came from...and the enemies they faced along the way. It was great to know they were not the only ones who tried to dismantle the White Moon. Adrian wondered if there was any chance they could all come together...they would be unstoppable if they all joined with the same motive in mind.

But there was that conflict, something that did not stir well with Adrian. She was an alien, from the moon, much like them. It would surely go against the Black Moon's philosophy if they had to pair up with enemies. But that was similar to that of politics; you had to side with those despicable in order to really know them better. It was necessary, especially in Adrian's position, given what was already shown to them.

If it meant destroying the White Moon...then it had to be worth it.

"...It seems I underestimated you," Adrian smiled. "Forgive me. With power like this...I see no reason to take you up on your offer. We could use someone like you for our cause. I'm sure Wiseman would have no problem with that."

The hooded figure remained silent and slowly shook his head after a moment. While he could just destroy Nehelenia right then and there, she had some history. As much as he did not want to admit it, he was curious as to what their power would be combined.

"...Very well," Wiseman replied. "I will allow this...but I trust you will handle this yourself if something goes awry..."

"Of course," Adrian replied without looking back at his superior. "I'll take care of it from here."

With that, Wiseman disappeared into the darkness, leaving the three alone together. Adrian kept his gaze and smile on Morrigan. There was no going back at this point and he had to continue forth with this decision.

"What do you say?"


Hook, line, and sinker. While Wiseman was threatened by her - Morrigan could tell, even as much as he attempted to hide it - White Diamond and Green Emerald were... at the least, intrigued. The moment that Diamond stepped on the scene though, Emerald took a step back; Morrigan had been meaning to speak with Diamond in the first place, but it was disappointing to see the girl take such a step back. Morrigan didn't react to that, but she made a mental note. Jade had impressed her, and Nehellenia wasn't one to be impressed so easily.

Morrigan nodded when White Diamond accepted, and she offered him her hand, confidently stretched out and composed to finalize the deal as Wiseman slipped back into his darkness. Morrigan would handle Wiseman eventually - he was a nuisance and, quite like Metaria, someone that was at the moment on the same level as her. Metaria was someone that she was more likeminded with, though; they wanted some of the same things, which wasn't to say that she didn't have similar causes to the Black Moon, but... Wiseman was an enigma on his own.

"You will learn not to underestimate me," Morrigan said, her face straight and her golden eyes staring at Adrian with conviction. She was the Queen of the Dead Moon, for whatever that meant, and more importantly she was one of the few that dealt directly with the Silver Millennium. She was Serenity's mirror. "But I will  bare no grudge, for it would do us no good. Not when our alliance is so... well... young." Her straight face turned into a delicious smirk, and following the handshake, Morrigan turned on her heel and stepped a few paces away.

And then she turned back around to face Adrian as she stood in the shadows. "We have much yet to discuss, White Diamond, but trust that you have gained yourself a powerful and worthy ally this day - and the avenue has been opened to you to widen that," she informed him coyly, as the shadows began to wrap around her legs. "I would like to be known that I do not intend to deal with your Wiseman. I will deal directly with you, or..." She glanced at Jade, "or with your direct subordinant here." Morrigan nodded at Jade, a small grin adorned on her face, and snapped her fingers. The screens of both Emerald and Diamond's phones lit up.

"You both now have access to my personal phone number, and a way to contact me if you should so wish. I... have my own ways. Trust me, I will be in touch." She paused, and took a breath. "I'll text you, my Diamond, with information about our next meeting. 'Til then," And with that, Morrigan melted into the shadows, disappearing to whence she came.

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Emerald’s figure subtly tensed, her eyes narrowed and shifted when she heard Diamond’s remark. "My apologies." She replied softly, albeit embarassed. She knew this, but she just couldn’t help it. The energy that she felt from Nehellenia intrigued her immensely, but it was also very disturbing. In many ways, it seemed to almost be in sync with Wiseman’s own. There was also something about Wiseman’s own behavior that bothered her, how submissive he suddenly seemed.

What was he thinking?

As she stood within the middle of the situation, she attempted to come to terms with everything. It would be interesting to find out Rubeus's and Sapphire's opinions on the matter as they were both highly ranked. It was a shame that they weren't here for this meeting upfront, but Emerald already knew just what sort of uproar it would cause back at headquarters.

Was she supposed to support White Diamond’s decision in making an alliance with this woman? More so, it seemed that Nehellenia would only speak to herself and Diamond. Her eyebrows raised slightly and her lips pursed, but that expression soon shifted when she saw her cellphone suddenly lit.

What the fuck? Emerald internally thought, holding her cellphone as she sharply gazed towards the screen and the new addition to her contacts. Her train of thought was interrupted when she Nehellenia's remark echoed through her ears.

'My' Diamond?

Emerald's free hand clutched into a fist and irritation soon formed on her features, but she did her best to ensure that Diamond hadn't seen her own jealousy. "Hmph." Emerald scoffed, teleporting brushing her hair aside and teleporting herself to headquarters.

'We'll just see about that.' Emerald internally growled, staring at Nehellenia's contact. Who the fuck did she think she was? Emerald was all for another powerful woman joining the ranks of the Black Moon, but not when it meant competition with Diamond's love. Emerald fully believed herself to be the best match to become the Queen of the Black Moon. But would this union disrupt that?

Emerald had every intention to prevent it from happening if it ever showed signs of leading to that, and it took every ounce of energy that she had to not throw her cellphone at the wall.

"I'll make sure we'll be in touch." Emerald growled.


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