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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

Trent Thanh Tran, Neptune Knight
Trent Thanh Tran


  • Legal Name: Per his birth certificate, Trent Thanh Hải Trần. He answers to 'Trent' or 'Thanh'.
  • Codename: Halite
  • Silver Millennium Identity: Nereus
Age: 35
Faction: Dark Kingdom
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity: Vietnamese-American
Occupation: Bartender at _____, among other places; former cat burglar.
Play-by: Johnny Trí Nguyễn
Personal Belongings:
  • Everyday Things: cell phone, wallet, keys, watch, sunglasses, cigarettes, and so forth.
  • Other Things: mala beads, crucifix, dog tags. He generally shoves these things in out-of-the-way drawers.
  • Atlantis: Neptune Knight’s weapon of choice, a rusty trident. Trent can summon the weapon from hammerspace as needed; though he can use some his gifts at will, the trident acts as a conduit for his ocean-based powers and a tuning fork of sorts for his sound-related powers, so his abilities are notably augmented with Atlantis in hand. Otherwise he can use it as regular polearm.


Name: Neptune Knight
  • Ocean Manipulation: Neptune Knight's realm of ocean manipulation isn't the ocean itself – that's properly in the hands of soldiers like Neptune and Mermaid. Instead, he can animate the ions (charged atoms, in this case, also known as electrolytes) of dissolved chloride salts present in ocean and like types of water. He also can physically draw chlorides out of salt water and into their more familiar, solid crystalline states. Naturally, this all requires a nearby source of salt water; fresh water just doesn’t do it for him.
  • Sound Manipulation: Sounds are vibrations propagating through and interacting with a medium.  Accordingly, he can absorb and redirect ambient vibrations to his advantage. So, Planetary Guardians, please feel free to let it rip with the protracted henshin and attack sequences. It just gives Halite more to work with. ^_^
  • Dark Desiccation: Fun fact - the humanoid body is, by volume, 60% saline, the constituent element of extracellular solution and other bodily fluids. Halite can forcibly draw dissolved salts out of a sentient organism's body, usually in the form of sweat and - his favorite - tears. In the short term, this attack diminishes strength and stamina. In the long term, the electrolytic imbalance causes pain, disruption of neuron signals, and, ultimately, death, leaving a dried out, desiccated humanoid husk. He must physically touch his intended target to set the process in motion, plus the rate he can pull sodium out of another's body operates in proportion to his own energy reserves; he could yank the salt out of someone all at once, but it would knock him out cold well into the next few days.
  • Salt Summon: Likewise, he can pull sodium from liquid bodies (ocean, brackish, swimming pools, big vats of Gatorade, etc.) to sculpt various salt formations - partitions, platforms, projectiles, and so forth. While these structures can take a certain amount of force from an opponent, they have a certain way of shattering into jagged, razor-sharp pieces. 
  • Acute Senses: Most of Trent's perceptive senses, but particularly his sense of hearing, are outside human parameters. He passively dampens most vibrations is his immediate vicinity - seriously, he could take a disco nap next to a jackhammer at a KISS concert and still wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Combined with his acoustic manipulation abilities, he makes a good spy...on the other hand, as a bartender, people often volunteer more information than he'd like as it is. -_-; He finds this ability much more useful for other activities, like tripping lock tumblers.
  • Third Eye Blind: Not just a hip 90s reference. ^_^ Trent is not psychic, but, by the same token, he is unreadable to most magic users. He does not register an aura, he makes various forms of divination sprout gibberish, blends into most psychic scenery, that sort of thing. Obviously, he's outclassed by powerful/or experienced practitioners, who would consider the metaphysical null a huge red flag. You'd think this ability stems from the Dark Kingdom - yes and no. Initially, it was gifted to Nereus as a Neptunian by Queen Serenity to protect his odds of a normal life, but it has since been corrupted by Metaria and Beryl; with this ability active, Trent cannot access accurate past life memories.
  • Echowraiths: Halite's youma, shrill, shrieking humanoids that jerk and shamble towards their prey using echolocation. Echowraith(s) deafen Halite's choice of target(s), drive them insane, and siphon their energy directly to the Dark Kingdom. He can summon Echowraiths in particularly noisy environments and, occasionally, can transform particularly extroverted, garrulous, or musically-inclined individuals into Echowraiths. The creatures are blind, so the best way to avoid them is to stay quiet. Those transformed into Echowraiths can be healed by senshi and, without Atlantis, he can only summon them one at a time.
  • Life of Crime: Like many citizens, Trent got swept up in the tidal wave of crime heralding the Wiseman's arrival. He's a clever guy in most respects, but has used all of his accumulated know-how - self defense, eye for detail, situational awareness - to pursue a lukewarm career in burglary and safecracking. He studies mechanical schema to improve his ability to pick locks and disable many types of security systems, can wiggle through a wide range of window and vents, and has limited ordinance experience. He's even been known to bring Milkbones for roaming Dobermans.
  • Mixologist: Per his more mundane vocation, Trent is The Savoy Cocktail Book on two legs: there are few drinks out there he doesn't have an acquaintance with and fewer still he can't mix. He's familiar with most aspects of his line of work, makes a tidy adult beverage, and keeps a bar you could eat off of. It's a people business, so Trent also knows people who know people who know people, if you will.


Everyone loves a fairy tale, right?

The Moon Kingdom fit the bill: long, long ago, a wise and fair queen reigned over a peaceful system of thriving planets, one day to be ruled by her kind and beautiful daughter.

It’s easy forget that the original fairy tales often ended badly for everybody involved.

In the twilight of the Silver Millennium, Nereus of Triton was one of several children born to a pair of well-heeled but otherwise low-ranking Neptunian nobles. Initially on track to become a seer-monk, fate had different ideas on the eve of his final vows: he was selected for Princess Neptune's guard and, in time, awakened as Neptune Knight. With his princess tasked with guarding the Holy Regalia and the far reaches of the Sol System, Nereus oversaw their planet in her absence.

Rumor had it Princess Serenity of the Moon regularly stole away to Earth to spend time with Endymion of the Golden Kingdom. Nereus put little stock into idle whispers.

Though fond enough of the planetary court as he was of his own princess, he and the other Outer Knights always stood slightly apart. Not quite as chummy with the Four Heavenly Kings of Elysion as their Inner Knight peers, the Kingdom of Neptune enjoyed friendly relations with Saturn and Pluto, plus a long-standing and particularly close association with the Kingdom of Uranus. Nonetheless, as tensions brewed between Earth and the Moon, all the Planetary Knights answered the call without hesitation.

Indeed, Serenity and Endymion were hopelessly enamored with one another. Surprised but not dismayed – granted, Neptunians usually have more foresight, but he’d come to understand that love worked in mysterious ways – the greater issue at hand was the Terran revolt. Rebellion soon boiled over into war as Chaos fed past satiation. Nereus wound up just as dead as the rest as the battle claimed the whole of the Lunar Court. When it was done, Queen Serenity could not bring the fallen back, even with the Silver Crystal, but she could give them a second chance at the lives they’d lost.

Nereus was reborn to an ordinary couple. That his father was Buddhist and his mother Catholic was the least of worries in the Tran household: he had several siblings, money was tight, and, given his father’s work as an enlisted noncom, the family was constantly on the move. When his parents divorced in the middle of his teen years, he elected to live with his father, who had recently received orders to the Orlando area; as long he went to temple regularly, the Tran the Elder wasn’t around enough to enforce much else. In the meantime, Trent settled into a high school abuzz with sightings of magical girls fighting evil by moonlight.

Not interested in college, Trent followed his father and older brother into the service with plans to go career. He returned stateside once, in early 2024. He was granted a certain window of leave when his mother was killed in a car wreck. It was purely accidental: the other driver was texting while driving and a collision ensued. The trial was short - the other party was genuinely remorseful and plead guilty - but the funeral and unfortunate family turmoil that followed was long and messy.  

The next year he was approached by his NCOIC, Flanders, better known as 'Ringo'. Ringo had a proposition: he was the linchpin of a generations-old interservice sports book and, with his separation date approaching, the gambling gig needed to rest in new hands. Trent said yes. He was still paying on his Charger note. 

Unfortunately for him, Ringo was already suspect and under surveillance. The authorities swooped in for the kill, seizing Flanders, Trent, and various troops connected to the wagers pending investigation and courts-martial. Trent was subsequently convicted of Article 134 offenses and unceremoniously drummed out of the armed forces. He got a one-way ticket back to his recruitment point and all the Bad Chicken Dinner he could eat for the rest of his natural life.

The problem? His recruitment point was Orlando. His mother was gone. His father had long since moved away and disowned him after getting kicked from the service. His siblings were still salty about choices made during the divorce and the funeral and the feeling was mutual. Trent was on his own in a city where he effectively knew  no one. He rebuilt his life from scratch with the Bad Conduct Discharge following him, but he eventually found work as a barback and, later, as a bartender. His burglary career started when he lifted some product from his neighbor the dealer; inside of a fairly short span, he'd fine-tuned his skills and made a name for himself a reliable cat burglar within certain circles. 

Then came that job. Trent's first foray into armed robbery was supposed to be a simple jewel heist. He was assured the crew was solid, that they had someone inside, and that they'd clear out long before the cops were alerted. Instead, the job went south in a bad way and Trent suddenly found himself looking at a loooong time up at Santa Rosa. 

He was still in custody when he got his only visitor. The beauty of the situation, at least from Beryl's perspective, was this: she didn't even have to bother swaying Trent's opinion on Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Instead, she told him she knew he didn't harm anyone. She could tell him who he really was and finished up with a simple question: did he want spend the rest of his life in a cage, or didn't he? 

Trent unknowingly exchanged one prison for another when he became Halite and remains thoroughly in thrall to the Dark Kingdom.

Writing Sample

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Your Name: Fortune
Age: 34
Pronouns: She/her
Contact Details: CBOX, PM, Discord
Time Zone:  GMT -7.

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