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Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

Explosive Reactions
Kali Portner
Holding the building with her garnet shield, Pluto watched as Venus and Uranus worked together to get the surviving citizens out of the building and off to safety. It was a quick action, but even so, the building still continued to crumble and nothing would be able to stop it. When the last person was safe, as well as her fellow guardians, Pluto held her staff tightly and ran away from the building, her shield protecting her as she moved. Behind her, the building crumbled and a wave of dust blew over Pluto, temporarily blocking her sight as she heard the queen's voice.

"No." Speaking softly to herself, Pluto moved until the dust no longer obscured her vision and watched the queen, standing right where Pluto had left her, raising the Silver Crystal. It was a bold move, and one that was very dangerous, but Pluto stopped moving and stood silently. Ultimately, the queen was to be protected at any cost, but Pluto knew there would be no talking her out of this act. Her heart was big, it was the very reason their entire team had joined together once more, and telling her not to care about others was an impossible mission.

Holding a hand up to cover her eyes when the white light spread over the area, Pluto briefly looked away until it dimmed down, allowing the green-haired guardian to look up once more. People were moving beyond the queen, and while some continued to cry, others seemed overwhelmed in their delight. Not everyone could be saved, it was a truth that Pluto had known the moment she came to aid the situation. Everything in life came with casualties, and no one knew that better than the Guardian of the Underworld herself.

A soft thud brought Pluto's gaze back to the queen, the young woman having collapsed. Pushing off from where she stood, Pluto glided through the air towards the queen, landing near her body. It moved with every breath, she lived, but this was no place for them to remain. The queen was in need of medical attention, and that could only be done properly at the Crystal Palace.

Raising her staff, Pluto closed her eyes as she prayed. "Chronos, my father, I call upon you to give me a door of space and time." Speaking as softly as she could, Pluto summoned the large white door of space and time, knowing it was the fastest way to get the queen back to the palace. Opening her eyes, Pluto lowered her staff to point the garnet orb right at the door, unlocking it and opening the door before the other guardians.

"Sailor Saturn can guide you. Focus on where and when you want to be, and be very precise, do not stray from the path. I will close the door when you are all through." Speaking authoritatively, Pluto stepped into the door, though rather than arriving at the palace, Pluto remained in the realm of time and space, on the other side of the door, watching to ensure the other guardians made it through the door safely.

It was dangerous to summon the door in public, but Pluto knew that without saving the queen, they would all be doomed anyway. The queen came before the door, and the possibility of breaking the second taboo of time. So long as everyone remained on the path, moving only through space, things should be fine, but if any of them dared to move through time, that was when Pluto felt as though she would fail Queen Serenity.

When the news of the explosion reached the finely tuned ears of a certain black cat Luna quickly stood from the pillow where she had been taking a quick little nap.  Getting where she needed to go would be quicker on paws than it would human feet so it was a cat that slid out the door, or the swinging cat door built into it anyway.   Silently she ran down the hall, sticking close to one side to avoid the chaos that erupted at the Queen's departure.  Yes she could go there and offer an extra set of hands for the cleanup but really she had much more important things to do with her time right now.  And that was where she was headed.  Luna needed to get to the command center, they all needed information on what had just occurred and that was something that she could try and find.  The senshi could handle the scene itself.
Hallways changed and crowds thinned as the cat traveled deeper and down into less public areas of the palace.  Servants cleared making the path easier to follow, not that they weren't all aware that the cats had free run of the place.  None would had trod on her, not intentionally anyway, but you could never be too careful when everything went into an uproar like this.  That was why she still stuck to the edges.  Another cat flap gave entry to her destination.
In a few moments a human form slid into a chair, bare feet dangling freely as the monitor lit up at a touch.  One might wonder just what Luna hoped to accomplish from her position safely clear of the smoke and destruction.  A few quick taps had communication lines wide open so she could listen in as those in the field talked to each other.  A few more had a map of the city pulled up and filling the screen.  Fingers zoomed in on the market far enough to identify buildings.  First one was selected and sent to the next monitor over on the right hand side.  Then another was sent to the left hand one.  This continued until the handful of screens that sat in a half circle about her chair were filled with buildings that had been placed strategically within the scene.  Her attention then shifted from the central map to these individual scenes. 
Starting at the end of the circle commands began being input on each.  It was a simple request she made, she searched each to see if they had security cameras.  Of those that did she then began the process of attempting to recover any data that may have been recorded, both at the time of the explosion and the aftermath.  Not all requests came back positive, several had been destroyed in the attack.  Most had sustained damage, hopefully though there would be enough left to see just what had gone off.  The moons left behind showed who was responsible, but maybe just maybe they could get a glimpse of the perpetrators themselves.

Sailor Saturn turned her head at the arrival of the queen. Her dark eyes narrowed but she knew better than to try and argue with her presence here. She believed that Serenity needed to be out among her people. Maybe her arrival here and desire to help would prove to them that she was the queen that they needed. However, the guardian part of her brain was telling her that she needed to be careful. She needed to keep an eye out in case a member of the Black Moon decided to make an attempt on her queen's life. Sera was willing to die to keep her safe.

What did trouble her was the arrival of her mother. Sailor Neptune had already been here. Sailor Uranus had also made her appearance. That was to be expected. The three Outer guardians were all publically known. What did worry her was the arrival of Kali. Sailor Pluto wasn't supposed to exist and no one knew of her existence outside of the Sol senshi court.

Sera raised her hand and she blocked the intense silver light as Neo-Queen Serenity raised the Silver Crystal into the air and allowed the intense healing magic to spread around the area. The light was warm and while she was not harmed or injured in any way, she felt stronger. She felt stronger than she had even just since the queen had taken the throne.

Her eyes narrowed when she heard Serenity's body hit the ground and she was quick to react. She gripped her weapon tightly in her right hand and she launched herself forward. Her strength as a guardian allowed herself to jump high into the air and then drift down to the ground beside the queen. She laid the Silence Glaive on the ground and slid one arm beneath the queen. She was alive even if she unconscious. But with so many guardians around her, the Black Moon would be foolish to try and harm her now.

"Mama. Are you certain this is a good idea? You aren't supposed to exist." Sera muttered to Kali. But she knew that she wasn't going to hear any arguments as she summoned forth the Space Time Door. She could do something about this.

"Silence Wall!" Seraphina shouted as she raised her Silence Glaive and a powerful burst of violet energy swirled around them and obscured everything inside from sight. Nobody would be able to see anything. Sailor Saturn slowly stood, keeping a tight grasp on the queen before she allowed one of the others to take her. If she was going to be their guide, then she wan't going to be able to hold and carry Serenity while she guided them.

"Stay close and do not stray from me. If you get lost here, then we may not be able to find you again." Saturn said warningly, her eyes lingering on each other other Guardians. Neptune and Uranus would know the rules, but the others needed to be careful. Being careless here could be dangerous.

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Watching the Sailor Guardians, London was curious about what the queen thought she could do. Remaining in his spot he watched the chaos around them unfold. He knew that there would be reprocusions as alot of people died from this and it might get the guardian's eyes off of the Dark Kingdom and onto the Black Moon. It would give them a chance to plot and plan. Perhaps even give them time to come up with something big. His eyes traveled from each guardian and what that were doing. He saw a green haired one holding up a building while two more helped from the inside. London was curious to who the green haired guardian was as he hadnt seen her. Soon his gaze traveled back to the queen as she made a movement and he wanted to see what she was up to.

Raising a brow he watched as she moved to the center of the explosion site and on top of a small pile of debris. Tilting his head out of confusion, he stepped out from his hiding spot to see what the queen was up to. London's eyes grew as she yelled and a glow started to come from her direction. As he was use to light since it was his gift from Beryl London only looked away when it became too much. The light finally cleared and the smoke cleared he could hear sounds of happiness that they were healed while the sounds of despair grew as the dead were not raised. London looked around but frowned as his gaze returned to the Queen.

Before he realized what he was doing London saw the Queen collapse and he moved forward toward her as a moment of strange instinct kicked in. He stopped when the guardians surrounded the queen. Shaking his head he looked down confused by his reaction and then turned away and returned to the hiding place he had been in. By the time he turned around they were gone. Though he was confused by the strange instinct he decided to just say it that he was going to take her but the guardians were there first so he couldn't get her. London decided not to mention this and hopefully no one saw it. He looked around once more to see if anyone was watching before slipping away to return to where he was headed before.


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