Explosive Reactions
// July 15th 2030

Adamao Megalos

Times like this, Adamao was thankful for being able to keep his human disguise, hiding the black crescent moon on his forehead. He did not need his powers for this particular mission, only the brilliance of Sapphire, and the strength to do what most wouldn't. Unable to trust the soldiers of the Black Moon Clan to carry out such an important mission, Adamao insisted on overseeing this himself, with the help of Jade. Rubeus and his Spectre Sisters had left to go elsewhere, doing who knows what, but Adamao didn't need them today. It wasn't about a show of power, it was about a show of strength.

With a backpack slung over his shoulder and a baseball cap pulled down, Adamao didn't want to give away his human form just yet, or he would need to make a new disguise. Moving through the crowds unnoticed, people were so absorbed in their own business, on their cell phones and staring at their halogram watches, no one even cared about the man who would change their lives forever. For some, this would be their last day on Earth, and that was okay with Adamao. It took casualties for people and governments to notice just how wrong they were, and offering an extended life to people was wrong on so many levels.

The location was perfect, an outside market where a large crowd constantly gathered. There were outside vendors to buy goods from and a nearby coffee shop to visit for a caffeine fix. A toy store enticed children to drag their parents towards and a few clothing boutiques grabbed the attention of those more fashionably inclined than Adamao. No one even noticed as Adamao dropped the spheres the size of a child's bouncy ball around the market. Falling straight to the ground, they didn't bounce like the toy might, instead, they contained explosive material that would detonate from a satellite signal, once Adamao was back to a safe location. Though Sapphire had tried to protest, Adamao had been able to convince his younger brother that this was necessary, for the world to see just how wrong it was to let aliens rule them. The people now lived with a false sense of security, but they could still die just as easily as before. Adamao would prove that, and those who had no cover then the balls explode, would likely perish. With any luck, the buildings might sustain enough damage to cause further harm, but even the buildings that remained standing would further Adamao's plan, full of people who would be forced to watch the scene unfold. This would get the queen's attention for sure, and the world would know the name of the Black Moon Clan.

Leaving the balls around the exterior of the market place, Adamao then moved towards the center of the crowd, setting his backpack down on the ground as he looked over the goods of a central vendor. Turning and walking away without the bag, it would be the thing that would bring the middle of the market place down. Eventually, left in place of the spheres, once the smoke and debris were cleared, would be black crescent shaped moons, scorched into whatever surface they were on. The queen would know what the message meant, and then, perhaps, Adamao wouldn't be so lost in the crowd to her anymore, just another useless face to her. She would see what she was doing wrong, and how she was hurting people, and she would pay. And if she wanted to stay in her Crystal Jail, then fine by Adamao, her people would pay in her absence.

Walking swiftly towards an alley, the black crescent moon appeared on Adamao's forehead right before he teleported away, to where he had planned to meet up with Jade. "Now." Adamao only got a single direction out of his mouth before he heard the explosion, turning his head to see the smoke begin rising up into the air. Soon enough the Sailor Scouts would descend upon the scene to aid people, and the Black Moon Clan would be the words on everyone's lips. Once they established their strength, then they could truly show their power against the heathens of Earth, and the aliens who made them that way.

Kagawa Shizuka

The more or less harmonic symphony created by people living their lives within the man-made maze known as Orlando, was suddenly interrupted by the sound of an explosion that was almost immediately followed by a dissonant requiem of screams. Dense, pitch-black wads of smoke rose into the air, partially shading the otherwise innocent sky, while people kept shouting, crying and rushing across the place, desperately clinging to their lives. She had been roaming the city in an attempt of clearing her troubled mind; an attempt of tricking herself into believing that they could somehow return to their previous lives when the world around her was thrown into chaos. The loud bang followed by screams and smoke immediately caused the raven topped female's frame to move towards the source of the explosion, her pitch-black hair freeing itself from the ashen colored hoodie that had previously wrapped her face in shade.

No idea what had happened the young Japanese, however, didn't hesitate to transform into Sailor Mars. Aware that she couldn't possibly make her way through the streams of faces running for their lives, the Soldier of Love and Fire quickly made her way up a nearby building in order to get a better view of what had had exactly happened as she approached the explosion's ground zero. Arriving at the scene her motions froze in place and her murky orbs widened in shock as she beheld the extent of the catastrophe. A mixture of dust and smoke engulfed the area like a semi-transparent veil; one that was leavened with screams of agony and terror. With her spheres trembling and her heart rushing within the depths of her chest, Shizuka remained motionless for a moment before then inhaling slowly, carefully filling her lungs with oxygen before then emptying the same with a placidity that contradicted the madness surrounding her.

She needed to calm down, to stay focused as she had no idea who or what had caused this incident and there were people that desperately needed her help. Swiftly making her way to the streets below she headed straight for a man whose leg was buried beneath a pile of concrete. Trying to free the poor soul's trapped limb, the ravenette couldn't help, but think that she was the least suited for this kind of rescue work as she wasn't as strong as Jupiter or Uranus and didn't possess any abilities capable of stabilizing injured people or damaged structures. Why was it always her luck that she got dragged into these kinds of situations? Not intending to give up just because this wasn't her forte, Sailor Mars kept trying her best, smiling at the injured soul as she tried to reassure him that everything was going to be okay.

Song Cordelia

"Mama. Mama. Mama, Look," the little boy continued tugging urgently on his mother's sleeve, barely remembering his inside voice, which he wasn't sure why he had to use when they were technically outside. Mortified, his mother handed her card to the market vendor for her Non-GMO, cruelty free raw honey. A lot of fancy words that somehow justified it being three times as expensive as Walmart. "MAMA," the voice became more insisted, colored with amazement and awe, as her son tugged harder. "Its her. She's a sailor scout!"

Cordelia witnessed this from the corner of her eye and, when the other woman met hers in embarrassment, the Violinist offered her a small, placating smile. "It's all right," she said softly as she was handed over her bag of fresh, locally grown vegetables. The outdoor market was one of her favorites when the farms were in town. Charlie always seemed to enjoy the meal that came of it. Decades of fame had taught her how to handle interactions such as these gracefully. She was still adjusting to this being one of the reasons why, though. "How old is he?" She waved her fingers at the boy, whose eyes widened and glistened like he was meeting his favorite superhero in real life.

Solemnly, Cordelia realized that was probably not far from the truth.

"Six, as of a few weeks ago."

The Violinists smile became a bit more genuine, fond, if still closed-mouthed. "Ah. Yes. My daughter was very voracious at that age."

The other woman's shoulder's relaxed as she released a tension Cordie doubted she realized she had been carrying. That was all it had taken. Showing that they had something in common. That the Planetary Guardians were people who did People things, too. This was where she and Charlie disagreed when it came to the Queen. Given the sensitivity of the issue with the ex-racer, it was an argument she had conceded not to have with her spouse quite yet.

"Can you really make giant toonamie waves???" the six year old broke in impatiently, having held off long enough.

Flirting a hand over her mouth to hide her smile, Cordelia sat carefully down on her haunches so she could be eye-level with the child. Something she had also learned from raising Sera. Sera had been a very special child of incomprehensible intelligence, but she found most children preferred to be approached as little adults. She opened her mouth, but before she could deliver whatever witty response she had concocted from him, she stumbled as if struck. The warning of danger crashed into her like the sea when it flashed against a rocky shore.

Her eyes widened. "Look out!" she gasped, grasping the child and reaching from the mother. But it was already too late. The world dissolved in a concussive explosion.

The shock wave hit first, blasting the market stands apart and slamming into the buildings, making them groan on their foundation. Cordelia did the only thing she could, and wrapped her body as a shield around the younger newer soul before her. The roar and heat of fire came next, volatile and sudden, and gone as quickly as it had come. It took Cordelia several moments to realize that, not only was she alive, but nothing hurt as much as it should.

Opening her eyes, she carefully untangled herself from the screaming child - and looked up. Her Talisman hovered in the air before them, the reflective surface of the mirror facing outward, and a circle of aqua-green encased them, a forcefield that had left Cordelia - and the little boy by proxy - undamaged from the devastation around them. Rising to her feet, Cordelia reached from the Aqua Mirror, her fingers connecting with the smooth gold of the handle in another flash of light. When it faded, the Talisman looked like nothing more than an ordinary mirror again, and Sailor Neptune stood where Cordelia had once been.

The smoke was heavy, making it hard to breath and see. Neptune coughed into her hand, the ringing in her ears dying down enough for the shouts of confusion and mismay to reach her and --

-- "MAMA!"

Closing her eyes briefly, Neptune already knew what she was going to face before she turned around. She reach for the boy, picking him up from where he was clinging to what was left of his mother, pulling him away.

"Save her, Sailor Neptune. Save her." He pleaded, hiccuping through his tears. People began moving around them, pouring out of the buildings as they evacuated and ran for their lives.  "Why can't you save her? PLEASE. We're im-imortal, right!? WHY-" The screams and wails of a child dealing with more sudden heartbreak than he knew how to emotionally processed continued, even as she gently shushed him and press his sobbing face into her neck, little hands and feet beating their protest against her.

The dust was shifting now and Cordelia saw it, scorched into the ground like a crater. An inverted, pitch-black crescent moon. Before she could fully process that, the building in front of them groaned, its architecture older, and Neptune heard the exterior crumbling before it began to rain down on them. They had to move. Despite the protests of the child, Neptune ran, leaping to an area where the smoke was thinner, and the people who were running away - instead of injured or dead beneath the rumble - was thicker.

Neptune grabbed the arm of the most trustworthy looking person who collided with her, convincing him quickly to take the child with him to the safety of the army of sirens coming in their direction. Neptune detached the wailing, screaming tiny human being from her, ignoring the accusations even as they got louder and more vicious when he finally traded hands.


Neptune hesitated for a moment, but only a moment. Her expression evened as she stowed Cordelia away and let the soldier completely to the forefront. Now was not the time for mourning the dead. She had to get back, help those she could, and figure out if this danger extended to the Queen. Touching her communicator earring, she relayed what she could as she ran, trying to gain the locations of the other guardians.


And explosion rocked the city and Seraphina was on her feet almost immediately. She was in the middle of class, but she knew. She just knew that explosion hadn't been an accident. For the last three nights, she had been having awful nightmares about the city being on fire. And it hadn't been an accident in her dreams either. Someone had done this is an act of terror. Her heart was hammering away in her chest and she looked over at the professor, giving him a grim look. She was a guardian senshi. It was her duty to go when she was needed and the university had been made aware of this when she had enrolled in the nursing program.

It was kind of odd to think about, that her work as Sailor Saturn would be a reasonable excuse as to why she had to skip a class or lecture from time to time. But the rest of the class was now in an uproar. The other students were screaming and afraid of what had just happened, she knew she couldn't put it off any longer. She nodded once to the professor who looked paled but shouted that she needed to go. They would be fine.

Sera bolted out of the class and made for the stairs to the roof of the building. She didn't know if any of the others had made it there yet or not, but she was going to get there as quickly as she could. While flying wasn't the faster method of travel, it would be faster than trying to take a car or bike in the middle of the terrorized citizens that were storming the streets.

"Come on. I need to get there faster." Sera muttered to herself and she thought about the transformation words. It was second nature now, but she had become more aware of how strange it was to say those words around other people. Thankfully, the stairwell was devoid of anyone else, so she wouldn't feel like too much of an idiot. "Saturn Eternal Power, Make Up!"

The bright flash of violet light erupted around her and she found herself running faster. She angled her shoulder so that she could push her way through the door to the roof without being slowed down. She ran faster, the clicks of her heels pounding in her ears. She pushed herself off of the edge of the roof and took to the air. She was close, thankfully.

She could see both Mars and Neptune at work below and she was grateful that they had been close enough to arrive on the scene immediately. She tried to ignore the stench of death, but it was reeking all over the place. Death was part of her domain but she never enjoyed it. And now she was going to try and prevent further death.

There was screaming far below and she saw a young mother clutching her children close to her chest while she sobbed in fear. Sailor Saturn's eyes sharpened and she summoned the Silence Glaive into her hand, dropping down in front of them and she raised the infamous weapon of the goddess of death, allowing a solid violet wall of energy surround herself and the family. "Silence Wall!"

A large piece of the building from above glanced off of the barrier that she had created and she allowed it to dissipate, turning to look over her shoulder. "Go. You must hurry."

With that, the Guardian of Silence hurried into action. She saw Sailor Neptune off to the side and she jumped over a car to join her. "Mama. What happened here?"

“Your majesty, your majesty!” One of her ladies ran quickly through the halls of the Crystal Palace and into the Queen’s office. Serenity had been researching for another meeting with the Prime Minister on the holo laptop. For Serenity, the laptops were impressive. They were so much easier to use nowadays than when she was growing up. Granted, it took a lot of tutoring from Mercury, but she was able to learn them eventually.
A head shot up to gaze at one of her ladies-in-waiting. “Yes?”
“Your majesty, we’ve just received word about an explosion at a marketplace! The Black Moon!”
“What?” Serenity quickly got up from her seat, holding her palm in front of her as her Silver Crystal began to manifest in the palm of her hand. Serenity was quick to put it on as a necklace, a request she’d made to her father so many years ago growing up as Sailor Moon. As a pendant, it was easier to handle, but Serenity didn’t like wearing it everywhere.
“Inform my Guardians and the Galactica to head to the location of the incident. I’ll be right over.” There was no time to wait for a limousine. Angelic white wings formed on Serenity’s back, and briefly, she smiled at her lady.
“But your majesty, it isn’t safe—“
“I’ll be all right.” She said reassuringly, exiting her office through the balcony and taking flight. She knew her guardians would surely be at the scene, therefore Serenity wasn’t alone. And if the Black Moon were actively attacking the city, Serenity wanted them to know that she wasn’t going to put up with it.
When Serenity arrived at the marketplace her lady-in-waiting informed her of, she could see the smoke clearing. Before anyone could see the white gowned Queen, Serenity’s wings vanished when she landed on debris. It was from that angle that Serenity was able to see Sailor Mars trying to assist an injured person. Quickly, Serenity ran towards her direction and offered to help her.
“Mars! What’s going on?” Serenity asked, putting a palm underneath the pillar. Serenity wasn’t strong, no, but she wanted to help. Even with all the power that the Silver Crystal offered, Serenity could only use it under certain circumstances.

Kali Portner

Standing in her kitchen chopping vegetables, Kali was quietly humming to herself as she worked to prepare the dinner for the Outer Guardians. They made up their own kind of family, and with Sera busy with school, Charlie busy keeping the queen safe, and Cordelia keeping her life as a musician, Kali often had the most free time to do such normal household things. She worked as an advisor, yes, but in a way, everyone worked as an advisor to the queen, and the queen certainly didn't need Kali there all the time. Though Kali had been taught to cook when she first left the time gate, she found that chopping still took the most time for her, and so she always tried to start early.

Slicing through the carrot, Kali's head popped up at the distress message from her communicator, just as Kali brought the chef's knife down on her finger. "Ow!" Pulling her hand back, Kali wrapped it in a nearby towel and ran to the window, looking at the smoke forming in the sky. Normally for little things, Kali didn't join her fellow guardians, to further keep her true existence a secret, but this didn't look small at all.

Dropping the towel where she stood at the window, Pluto didn't pay any mind to the cut on her finger. "Pluto Eternal Power, Make Up!" Shouting the phrase into the air, Kali transformed into Eternal Sailor Pluto, before lifting her Garnet Rod into the air and using her control over space and time to transport her to the area of the wreckage. It was like carnage all around her, screaming and running frantically, smoke clearing, but slowly, black crescent marks all over the place.

Near her boot, Pluto bent down and picked up a familiar piece of a sign, wiping the ash and debris off it. Gasping, Pluto's heart sunk when she saw the painted rose that was so iconic to Sailor Jupiter's restaurant. It wasn't just people hurt in the moment, but the pain that would continue on, well after the debris was cleared, and Sailor Jupiter's dream...but that couldn't be Pluto's focus now. Dropping the piece back to the floor, maroon eyes lifted to see the queen, struggling to help Sailor Mars.

Lifting her Garnet Rod, Pluto pointed the end of her staff at the rubble they were trying to clear, speaking softly as she did so. "Dead scream." The energy flew out of her Garnet Orb, breaking up the concrete rubble that Mars and the queen were trying to move. Pluto would have run to help them get the civilian to safety, but a new sound stole Pluto's attention, watching a pillar on one of the nearby buildings crack apart and fall. It wasn't the pillar that concerned Pluto, but the building itself.

Running to the space that the pillar once stood at, Pluto jumped onto the pile of rubble, smashing the bottom of the Garnet Rod into the ground. The Garnet Orb glowed, a purple ball moving outwards from it, spreading until it fully protected Pluto, the top of the ball pushing against the area that the pillar had held up. "I don't know how long I can keep his building stable, but there are people inside!" Calling out to her fellow Sailor Guardians, Pluto hoped she could buy enough time for everyone to get out to safety.

Time, a precious thing, and one that Pluto never took for granted. It was moments like this, where Pluto could feel the seconds ticking by, almost as if time slowed, but it wasn't slowed, she was just hyper aware of everything going on at once. So many times, Pluto wished that she could truly help, the way that she knew her powers could, but it was against the rules of time to alter the time-space continuum, and so all Pluto could do was watch things unfold in real time.

Xiaolong Aiko

”How about this one? It goes well with tomorrow nights earrings.”

Aiko said as she looked at the blue halter top that read pop princess on the front in gold letters. Her agent, Lee shook his head and mentioned how childish it would look. But her concerts were for everyone and that included kids. So what if her shirt was a little kiddish, it would push sales for the clothing company, express her own inner kid and equally make everyone money. It wasn't difficult, but her agent always thought otherwise, and kept pushing Aiko to wear more sexually appealing outfits, but she refused to do so and wanted to promote body acceptance.

It seemed  as though her agent didn't want to understand. He continued to ramble on about how fans would love more from her, a less safe vibe and a more serious one. Meanwhile, Aiko sighed as she slide hangers to the side, looking at the different clothes.It was clear from her last record sales she wasn't doing well anymore, before fully devoting herself to Neo Queen Serenity, she was on top of everything, even turned out to be her own agent, but with the looming threat of the dark kingdoms return, and equally the black moon clan,  it was becoming harder to do anything except her senshi duties.   She was becoming tired quicker and her muse for anything music related, felt as though it was pointless. She felt as though she could quit at any moment, but music was her passion, and being an idol was her dream.

”Maybe I should ask Shizuka about it….? She does tend to have good ideas...”

She smiled, but quietly shook her head as she took a sip of her slushie.  It was silly thinking she could possibly end her career, it was practically everything to her. ”Uggh why does life have to be so hard sometimes…” She sighed out-loud as she picked out a dark orange shirt with a start in the middle, automatically she knew that taking it home wouldn't mean anything. ”Hmm, maybe some other time…” As she put the shirt back, Lee was already behind her shaking his head,  and that was when Aiko had enough. ”Look….Lee I’m gonna have to say this now instead of later, but you’re fired. And another thi-” But before anything else could be said, the danger alarm signed throughout Orlando, advising everyone to stay inside.


She looked back at Lee with disgust, hoping he got the memo from her. ”Look just don’t bother being my agent anymore okay?” She knew it was harsh, as he stood there with his mouth gaping open but he was a complete jerk. She shook her head at his disbelief, but bolted out the door, her brown heeled boots clicked and clacked against the pavement as she ran down the street. ”Venus Eternal Power, Make Up!” In a flash of orange light, Aiko had transformed into Sailor Venus. ”I hope I’m not too late.” She said to herself as she jumped off and onto other buildings, heading towards the danger.

It was clear a much bigger problem had arrived, rubble and panicked people ran from around her. Her heart stopped as she noticed the area around her, memories of spending time here flooded her mind. The day it opened she was excited for Sailor Jupiter, it was her long awaited dream and it was meant to be. But now as she helped people up from falling, directing them to a safe area she felt rage. How could anyone do this? But for now she had to help everyone, which mean finding out the situation. As more smoked cleared and the screams around her drowned out, she looked at the situation around her.

In the midst of her observations, she found Neo Queen Serenity, and Sailor Mars. She knew Mars could handle protecting the queen, but she had to help the people in the building for now. If only she'd been on time, or around more this might have been avoided. "I need to find a way to round everyone up, but we're so scattered...for now I'll have to help where I can! She rushed to Pluto's side this time, looking at her with reassurance that they'd make sure everyone would get out. "Love Me Chain! She shouted as her chain extended to an open window, wrapping itself around the nearest ledge, she gripped the chain as tightly as she could hoping whoever was inside could slide down.

London Marama

When the explosion rocked the city, London was in a limo half way across town but he felt the aftershock from it. He ordered his driver to continue on and he was dropped off at his destination but he didn’t go inside. As his driver drove off he headed in the direction of the explosion. As he grew close he could hear and smell the dead and he wrinkled his nose at the sensation. Finally getting close to the market area he stood out of the way watching as the scouts worked to save people.

Frowning he wondered mildly who had been stupid enough to set off a bomb in town. That’s when something caught his eye. Stepping from his hiding place he headed down toward the thing and as soon as he reached it London raised one of his brows at the boldness of the Black Moon Clan. ”Idiots.”he grumbled before stepping back into the shadows to watch the events unfold. He was about to announce to the rest of the Dark Kingdom about what the idiots had done when he noticed something quite surprising.

It was Neo Queen Serenity out in the open. Smirking watched in surprise curious to what the woman in white was going to do. She couldn’t transform but perhaps he would watch to see what the woman was going to do. She was out of her castle which was a surprise as she typically stayed inside her crystal palace. He decided to wait and see what was going to happen. Perhaps he would find something good enough to report back to Beryl.

Charlene Araceli

The air of silence that typically permeated the top-most floors of the Crystal Palace during this time of day was broken by a conglomeration of footsteps and shouting, and that was all the confirmation Charlie needed that something had happened to justify the feeling of restlessness that she’d been experiencing since waking up that morning.

Well it wasn’t restlessness, not exactly. Anticipation, perhaps, though with a much darker undertone. Charlie was much more confident in Cordelia’s abilities of precognition  over her own, but she’d learnt enough from their past experiences to know to trust in her intuition regardless. She’d hardly been able to concentrate on any of her work since getting in that morning, feeling an itch under her skin to run instead. But run, where? Charlie didn’t have an answer.

That was, until the communicator in her ear crackled to life and Neptune’s voice rang in clear over the receiver. She could feel a solid lump forming in her throat. Charlie knew exactly where she’d dropped her wife off that morning - and it was the exact opposite of a vacant area.

She was on her feet in an instant, and at that same moment the door to the security office went swinging open and one of Serenity’s ladies in waiting came clambering in. The chaos in the hallway was already visible from there, various attendants running back and forth without any semblance of organization. The young girls disheveled appearance in addition to the look of poorly veiled panic in her eyes told Charlie everything she needed to know before the words had even gotten out.

“The Queen-“

“I’m on it.”

With a shout and subsequent flash of light Uranus ran out of the room, barely brushing past the other woman on her way out. She was in a full sprint by the time she reached Serenity’s office, headed straight out to the balcony with no signs of slowing down. Without hesitating Uranus jumped, heels of her boots a distinct clang on the metal of the safety railing, and launched herself off the side of the balcony and into the air.

Smoke was rising up into the air out in the far distance, painting an eerily still picture of what was no doubt a clamor of chaos and panic down below. The spec white she could see flying up ahead of her confirmed what Uranus had already known to be true; Serenity had left for the site of the explosion.

Uranus arrived mere minutes later. A quick study from up above gave her an overall assessment of the situation before deciding where to land. Her initial instinct had been to head straight to the Queen - but with Mars right there and the rest of them so close by, it became very clear that would be a waste of their time. Right now, the people needed Help.

Though, Uranus also noted, despite the clear destruction and danger of the situation around them, there were still a few civilians scattered along the outskirts of the wreckage just watching. She swallowed her disdain, unwilling to let others nonsensical actions distract her from clearer priorities.

(And if any those onlookers got hurt it was their own fault for not moving to safety, dammit. The people in that building didn’t have that luxury.)

She landed a few meters off from the building instead, and Uranus only took a moment of stabilizing herself from the initial decent before running forward - past both Pluto and Venus - and taking off again, into the crumbling building through one of the closest shattered windows. If she could get the civilians headed in the direction in which she’d flown in, then it got them that much closer to safety. Venus’ chain would likely work to get a few people down for now, but it was likely they’d need to come up with a more efficient method.

But first, these people needed to know where to go. The room Uranus had entered into had been quite literally overturned, but that didn’t stop her from moving quickly. They most certainly did not have the time to waste. The minute she’d made it into the hallway several heads turned, terror written plainly across each face.

“Everyone out through this room! Quickly!”

She was issuing instructions within moments, those that could move on their own scrambling in her direction. The civilians that remained largely unharmed should have little issue getting down their makeshift rope. But if they were hurt that presented a different issue to her entirely. She had to do what she could as fast as she could - and really that was all there was to it.

Without a moment’s pause, Uranus ran into the next room.

Azure hues darted towards the direction that the attack came from that destroyed the debris, landing on Pluto. “Thank you.” Serenity smiled, allowing Mars to handle the incident as she moved to stand in the center of the explosion site on top of small debris from a demolished building.
Serenity gazed down towards her Silver Crystal pendant, knowing fully just how much energy that she was about to use. Serenity didn’t bother informing her Guardians of her plan, she knew that they’d protest, but this was for the betterment of their people. Serenity needed to prove to them that she cared deeply for this planet, and although she was no longer Sailor Moon, she still possessed great powers.
Closing her eyes, Serenity began to yell out the words, “Moon Healing Escalation!” and a white light emerged from the Silver Crystal. The white light would expand and cover the vicinity of the explosion site, but Serenity was careful not to let it blind the people.
The white light was used to aid the wounded victims, healing their injuries as Serenity believed it would help get things under control.  Unfortunately for the deceased victims, Serenity was unable to restore their lives no matter how much she wanted to. It used far too much power for Serenity, and it was a power that Serenity believed should only be used under absolutely dire circumstances.
Fires that were started from the explosion would abruptly cease when they were touched by the white light, but the debris left from the explosion would remain. The white light would eliminate what remainder of the smoke there was from the explosion, revealing the Black Moon symbol in its entirety.
Once the white light had cleared and the smoke from the explosion was gone, Serenity had collapsed on the pile of debris.

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