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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

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It was hard being in such a jovial environment and not having the man she loved by her side. Asteria's life in the palace had never really revolved much around fancy parties and balls like this. There had been festivals on Kinmoku, but she had rathered spend her time on the streets among her people rather than throw a party for the rich. The only time she had thrown any real balls had been after she had crowned as the Empress of Kinmoku. It had been a moment where it was socially expected for a formal celebration to be thrown in the palace.

She still would have preferred to spend her time on the streets among her people where they could see her. It didn't matter what throne she sat upon, she believed that a ruler always needed to keep their heads down and close to the ground where their subjects could openly question them. A queen didn't expect her people to serve her, but rather, she served her people. That was a lesson she had learned from her father's many mistakes. He had been a wonderful man, but he had sometimes lacked as a leader.

Asteria took a sip from her glass. There was an undertone of tension in the air. A lot of the guests had no idea what the real reason for the ball was being held. She had never really been one for spying, but she also knew that they were in the dark on the goings-on of the world and they needed more information. She was personally leaving the subterfuge to the Sol guardians. A lot of humanity still hated and feared the Galactica.

In partly for good reason.

Her own personal mission for the night was to try and change the minds of the general public. She meant them no harm and she was only trying to help. Neo Queen Serenity was still young and very inexperienced in how to rule. It was her hope that she could use her own experiences to help guide her going forward. Serenity wasn't a girl anymore and it was the time she became a queen in more than just name.

It was time for her to learn that she needed to serve her people, and that meant that she needed to grow up more quickly.

Asteria had made some small talk with a curious lawmaker and some other minor officials. Some of their questions had been a little too probing, but she had been honest and open with them. They had seemed to be genuinely surprised that she was more or less just as human as they were. She didn't look like an invading alien queen. If she hadn't introduced herself as Queen Fireball, they wouldn't have known she was anything but your average partygoer. That was the angle she was going for. She wasn't all that different from everyone else there in attendance.

She turned and narrowly avoided running into someone. She stopped and stepped back, a graceful smile spread over her lips as she pushed back some stray hair with a slender hand, "I'm very sorry about that. I didn't mean to almost run into you."

She was polite as always a queen was expected to be.

The people in attendance at the ball were an expected lot, most of them Lilith had known. While she did her best to memorize names and faces, Lilith had been preoccupied with the Dark Kingdom as of late and hadn’t bothered with such details until it became of importance.

What she wasn’t expecting was the appearance of King Endymion. The performance of the alien Neptunian Princess. What was the Queen trying to propose? Was she trying to emphasize the friendly nature of their lot by entertaining their guests?

Regardless, Lilith needed a drink. She’d been doing her best to conceal her dark energies of Metaria on her person, knowing fully well the security that the Crystal Palace had. But she did wonder if it was becoming weaker, the appearance of herself and Beryl should have triggered something, shouldn’t it?

Her dark hues scanned the room momentarily for other Dark Kingdom members, before she noticed that someone had stepped on her dress. No, it wasn’t just a somebody—it was the Queen of the extraterrestrials.

Lilith felt her blood boil just a little bit inside. She had to be polite, for as much as she detested the extraterrestrials, Lilith also had to retain the façade that she was for the White Moon.

“Do not apologies, it is a fortunate circumstance. I don’t believe we had the opportunity to meet yet. You are Queen Asteria, aren’t you?” Lilith inquired, holding out her hand for her to shake as she moved her dress aside. “I am Lilith Rey, the Mayor of this city.”

Asteria still always wasn't so sure of herself when it came to human customs. There was a lot that confused her, to be honest. Kinmoku was a very different place and it was rare for people to touch one another, even if in greeting. It had taken her some time to get used to the idea of shaking someone's hand upon first meeting them. It was the polite way to greet someone, and not doing so could be considered especially rude. Her mind was still whirling with how different their customs were and how outwardly friendly the humans seemed to be. A lot of people were also far too forward, laying a hand on her arm as they spoke.

It made her somewhat uncomfortable. The only people that she really allowed to touch her on a normal basis were her three guardians and her husband. It wasn't because she was a snob, but like all her people, she had been raised with a strict sense of personal space, and having that personal space invaded was a violation of her comfort zone.

Regardless, she didn't want to look rude in front of people here on Earth. She reached out and she shook the woman's hand. She nodded slowly. Yes, it seemed that everyone here knew who she was. It made her wonder how so many people knew. Had her image been posted everywhere for the general public to see?

"Yes, I am the queen of Kinmoku. Put you may just call me Asteria. While I am here, I'm no different from anyone else," Asteria spoke quietly. She really believed that too. She was a guest while on Earth, and she was going to remain poised and polite. The last thing she needed was to make a poor impression on the people.

Her brow raised somewhat. This was the mayor of the city? Interesting. She nodded to her in greeting, "It is my pleasure to meet you, Mayor Rey."

When Asteria took hold of Lilith’s hand to shake it, Lilith arched a brow with how long it took for her to do so. As an American citizen and politician, Lilith knew fully well that different cultures had different cultural norms. This incident only made Lilith realize that no one on Earth knew much about the Kinmoku people or others from outside their Solar System.

It disgusted her. How were they supposed to become familiar and accept these people when they knew nothing about them? Why weren’t they putting effort into revealing their culture, their histories, and more specifically, where Kinmoku and other habited planets were?

Just as Lilith considered the situation, she hadn’t realized that her own touch had become cold when Asteria took hold of her hand. It was her own frustration as Metaria showing in a subtle way. This woman was not a Queen, and neither was Neo Queen Serenity in her eyes. But she had to play the part of a supporter well.

It was becoming increasingly difficult, however.

“I’m glad to finally meet you as well. It’s also good to see that you’re putting boundaries on yourself.” Lilith placed her hand down at her side after she shook it. “As you may be aware, you hold no political powers here. It is a wise start for you to start at a smaller pace if you wish to gain acceptance of our people.”

As a politician, Lilith knew well how to cover her words with utmost sensitivity to the receiving party, her tone was as gentle as possible despite the fact. It was her own way of showing that she was providing advice, rather than criticism.

“Would you mind informing me of what you’ve learned so far during your time on Earth? What do you think of this precious planet?” Lilith inquired, smiling and gently nodding with her greeting.



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