Extinguish the Flame
Crimson Rubeus

Crimson Rubeus

Crimson Rubeus is the leader of the Specter faction and Jade’s biggest rival. She hates him, and she wants nothing more than to see the Specters fail in their missions. However, Jade’s become rather ambitious lately with the explosion and taking over the duties of Rubeus and the Specters just to impress White Diamond. I’d really like to see their rivalry develop IC!

Whether or not Rubeus has a romantic interest with one of the Specters is up to you, including his FC. Rubeus should have a fiery temper, and he should claim the Specters as ‘his property’ even though he doesn’t care if they’re disposed of for personal gain.

It’s possible that Rubeus may have caught sight of Jade’s own recent activities with London (Dark Kingdom/Moon Knight) and can use that to his advantage.

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