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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

At Her Majesty's Service (Cynthia)
The light steps of Luna's high heeled sandals echoed through the hallways firmly, as she progressed through the big corridors of the Crystal Palace towards the Queen's office. It was time for another of their weekly audiences.

While it was true that they've met more than once a week under informal circumstances, Luna figured that setting a weekly appointment with the Queen, where she could lay out all the subjects she thought of during the past week, would be easier for Her Majesty. Cynthia could have a scattered mind at times, and as Queen she had to give attention to so many people at once, and Luna did not want to interrupt her. Moreover, Luna wanted to make sure that during their audiances together, Cynthia will be as focused as possible, so that she will receive the right decisions for her realm. And that could not be done, she knew, if the Queen had so many people asking for things from her all at once. Anyone wouldn't be able to be focused under such circumstances, not even Luna herself - and she had a better ability to concentrate than her lunar Queen had.

But as a matter of fact, the Mauan felt as though the frame of a weekly meeting could suit her needs, as well. That way, she could write down subjects that required the Queen's special attention and were raised during the passing week. Luna carried the notebook in which such subjects were written as she progressed through the halls. She liked being organized and took the notebook with her to every important meeting and of course to every audience with Cynthia. That is why she was now in her human form, for it was far easier to carry a notebook in your hand than in your paw or mouth as a feline.

Luna's ebony hued form was covered by a yellow summer dress, made of a fluffy, thin material, above which she wore a black cardigan made of thin wool. Her feet were shod in a pair of black leather sandals with a cat heel that provided a sound that echoed throughout the hallways. Her mane of unruly black curls was unbound, taking an additional volume and bouncing a little as she progressed. Her neck was decorated by a golden crescent moon pendant that resembled the one she had drawn on her forehead.

As the palace guard saw her progressing towards the Queen's office, he immediately made way for her and opened the big crystalline door, to which Luna nodded in approval. She was a familiar enough face in court by now to know that if she wanted to enter the Queen's office, she must have had a good reason to do so, and that reason usually was that Her Majesty was about to arrive to the place she was in.

The ebony skinned girl entered the big oval room, only to find it completely empty. She sighed, and took a seat at one of the many chairs in front of Her Majesty's white, round desk. She was probably late, again. Luna couldn't help but sigh. When will she learn?

And yet, the sigh was followed by a little, uncontrollable smile that featured the Mauan's face. Queen or not Queen, Cynthia was still Cynthia, the same old Cynthia she had met so many years ago and learned to love. Some things never change, she thought to herself while waiting for her Queen to arrive.

She was late!

Serenity couldn’t believe it. These meetings with Luna had been scheduled nearly a month in advanced, primarily due to the habitual nature of it, and she’d already forgotten about this one! Serenity carried a piece of her dress in hand, running through the halls to her office.

It wasn’t as if she had anything majorly important that day, yet here she was, late. She didn’t know what to even say to Luna aside from the fact that she’d nearly forgotten about it. While most of the meetings covered much of what’d occurred during the week, along with other things, Serenity looked forward to the smaller details of these meetings.

Primarily the part where they reflected on the Silver Millennium, to compare how their current governing was towards her mother’s kingdom. To see how much she’d grown as a ruler. Serenity was still young and learning, and she hadn’t exactly reached her full maturity yet. But if there was anyone who she trusted aside from Kali in regards to the ways of the Silver Millennium, it was Luna. Not that she was even trying to actively make her’s and Misha’s kingdom like the Silver Millennium, but she was using it as a basis to the way she wanted to govern.

When she finally arrived at her office, Serenity breathed deeply, the guard didn’t even question to let her through and opened the door for her.

“I’m so sorry I’m late, Luna,” Serenity smiled sheepishly. “I just…lost track of the time, that’s all. Were you waiting long?”

Luna shifted into her feline form and started to walk on the elongated table, restlessly. It's been more than ten minutes already, and the Queen showed no sign of appearing. By now, the feline was starting to be worried. The most likely possibility was that Her Majesty had simply forgotten about the meeting altogether, but what if she didn't? What if something was to happen to her? One couldn't possibly know, these days, with the Black Moon performing acts of terrorism almost every day, and the public opinion about the royal couple changing drastically. . . Who knows, maybe her beloved Queen was in danger? Her little heart skipped a beat only at the thought. If that was the case, then she'd have to send a message to the girls at once, using the communicator. . .

But just as Luna was about to approach the bracelet that was left near her notebook and pen, her right ear twitched at a sound that reached it, one that she couldn't ignore. She could hear the sound of feet shod in high heeled shoes running through the corridors of the Crystal Palace. At first it was vague, but the more she listened - the stronger it became. Her heart was beating strongly, as she gave one last glance at her reflection that could be seen on the crystalline table. She was coming. And it was a good thing that she was, for finally Luna could know what was the reason Her Majesty had kept her waiting for so long!

Just as expected, the majestic figure of Neo-Queen Serenity could soon be seen entering the room, her dress held in her hand. Even the serious expression on Luna's face couldn't hide the shine of excitement and relief in her blue eyes. She was always glad to see the Lunarian Queen, and especially today, after she had caused her so much worry.

"You're late. Again", Luna said in an authoritative tone as she slowly progressed along the table, until she reached the end of it that was closest to where the Queen stood. The black cat knew that it was no longer in her authority to rebuke Cynthia, now that she was her superior - she was not one to forget her place. However, she could see no harm in stating the facts.

Her Majesty went on to apologize, claiming she had just forgotten the meeting was due. As much as Luna was trying to respect her Queen, she just couldn't help a sigh from slipping her lips. She should've known that's what would happen, in spite of all the reminders she had sent her.

"I didn't wait for too long, though at some point I couldn't help but wonder where you are. . . It's been so dangerous these days, one just couldn't know for certain. . .", Luna explained, a shiver in her voice. She didn't want to cry in front of the Queen, but holding her feelings inside was difficult. Just the thought of loosing Cynthia, after everything they've been through together, was unbearable. She was so relieved to see her there!

You’re late.

Serenity cringed subtly when she heard Luna’s scolding. She couldn’t help it, she was a Queen now and here she was, late as if she was a child all over again!

“Come on Luna, I think we can all agree that by now that everyone is just early!” She teased, moving to hug the feline. “It just wouldn’t be me if I was early for everything, right?”

But in all seriousness, Serenity knew that that she had to work more on it. She was getting better, but there were times Serenity had found herself preoccupied, especially when it concerned talking over voice chat with Misha. Each time she was able to see the Golden Palace in the background it brought back so many memories of the two of them, Serenity wondered what more they would recall if she was to go back to the palace.

Of course she wasn’t supposed to be there, but Serenity found that she enjoyed herself a little too much.

“But I promise I’ll do better at remaining in contact with you if I’m late. It didn’t cross my mind, I was just in a hurry to get to you. And I promise that I’ve been good lately at making sure to go outside with an escort! Uranus would throw a fit if I didn’t.” She smiled warmly. “What did you want to talk about today?”


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