A Tale Of Two Queens

Celeste Lunette

Princess Lady Serenity was more than afraid of her decision, she was terrified of the consequences it would bring, and how much the future could change. But, not only that, this was her first and final mission before her next phase in life, one that would change her world forever, becoming queen of crystal city. It was something that she knew was approaching her entire life, however, she found herself feeling reluctant to take the throne. Her mother made the task look easy, constantly dealing with whatever came her way, and in turn taught her everything she needed to know.

But wholeheartedly she was still terrified to even become queen, her life was going to change and that was terrifying. But as she walked down the hall and into the meeting room. Her eyes scanned the room as she stated at empty seats. How many times would she have to be in this room? How many people would be waiting on her hand and foot, jumping on every word she said in front of them. It was pressure that she wanted to ask about to her parents, they both handled everything so we'll, but never spoke of the issues behind it.

Her heels clicked and clacker against the marble floors as she took her seat. The young princess placed her hands upon her lap as she looked at the door. She was waiting for her mother to arrive, and only hoped she accepted her plans to leave. She needed to fix the timeline she was the only one that could after all.

Tag:Mama Neo
Time: Morning
Location: Palace Meeting Room

Serenity knew that this day was coming, she had sensed it in her dreams. When she tossed and turned even at Misha’s side no matter his reassurance. She wasn’t even sure what it was about this day, but when Serenity was asked to have an audience with her in the meeting room, she knew that what her dreams were sensing had finally come.

Walking back inside from the balcony, Serenity had chosen this meeting room due to its openness and exposure to the outside. The city was engulfed with a blanket of familiar darkness, its citizens were all too familiar with it by now. It discouraged Serenity from ever leaving the Crystal Palace at that, as it seemed that the outside world lacked hope.

The door leading back inside disappeared as quickly as it came. A small smile formed on Serenity’s lips when she saw Celeste sitting in one of the seats. “I remember how much you used to hate attending meetings, and now you’re summoning me to one.” Serenity teased a little, walking towards the chair that sat directly in front of her on the opposite end of the table.

“What is on your mind, my Cele?” Serenity asked.

Celeste Lunette

Her heart was racing as her mother came into the room. She was still trying to come to terms with leaving her parents again, she was worried about what would happen while she was gone. While she knew they were both capable she didn't like leaving them. Since her previous brush with time, she made a silent vow to stay home and spend more time with them, but her wish only flew so far before the trouble started again.

She'd already spoken to her friends before coming here, so it was only a matter of time before she had to say goodbye to mother. The two of them didn't always get along, but as she got older, everything changed for the better. The two of them had more respect for one another. This made leaving even worse, but this time she was ready, kinda.

"Yeah, you are right. I usually only come in here for my own meetings, but today I wanted to talk about what's happening to our home. The timeline is fading fast…"

She said with a heavy sigh as she got up from her seat and pulled out a large poster titled, "My plan to save the timeline." It was a detailed poster involving cut out drawings, glitter, and hearts, all leading up to an elaborate plan that would save the city. Most of the poster was checked off, such as the visiting Pluto and Saturn. Her final check was speaking to her mom.

"As you can see through several arrows, I've decided to go back to the past. Hopefully fixing some incidents…" She paused for a moment. "I don't actually want to leave, but…" She placed the poster down and took her seat again. "But circumstances make it difficult to stay home."

Serenity remained silent as Celeste talked. So she was aware, and she had been paying attention just as she and the others had. Serenity had hoped to keep it a secret from Celeste. The timeline was forever changing, and there’d been incidents in the past that should have never been. The union of their previous enemies made things a challenge in their time.

What she wasn’t expecting was the poster that Celeste had pulled out. A small, faint giggle appeared on her lips as she felt like she was in school again with a presentation. The glitter, the hearts, arrows, pictures all reminded her of how she attempted to do her own projects.

But this was a serious matter. Serenity remained still in her seat, listening carefully as Celeste discussed her intentions. Once she was finished, Serenity stood up slowly.

“My little Cele,” Serenity spoke calmly, leaning into the table. “It is our duty as Sailor Guardians to protect this planet. I am no longer a Sailor Guardian, but you are preparing to take on that mantel. You’ve already prepared your journey as far as okaying it with Pluto and Saturn. If your team is prepared, then you may go forward with your intentions.”

“Do not worry about your father and I or anyone else here. We will do what we can to secure our future. But your mission…. as you’ve already decided, is in the past. Rectify the wrongs that we’ve made as well as prevent the unification of our enemies. You have my consent…”

Serenity moved around the table, moving towards Celeste as she placed her palms on her daughter’s shoulder. Serenity didn’t need to read the rest of her presentation, the fact that Celeste had put so much effort into it was enough to convince Serenity that Celeste knew what she was doing.

“But remember this, Cele. Time is forever changing. Our timeline may cease to exist when you return, or a new timeline may form from the repairs. But your father and I will always love you, and this world owes you if you are successful. But do not, in any way, reveal yourself to the people of the past. You must remain a secret to them.”

“In that timeline…the royal family is not informed that they eventually have a daughter. Guardian Cosmos ensured your secrecy until the appropriate time for events to play out as they should.”

Celeste Lunette

Serenity sat back as she listened to her mother speak, she loved seeing her many mannerisms, and ways of holding herself in general. She was so graceful and smooth, sometimes Serenity felt like a complete mess. But her mother was different and her word encouraging, she was right about already be prepped for this. Unlike the first time she wasn't a child anymore, and while she didn't see the scope of her previous trip to the past, this time she knew. On the upside, she had a team behind her, ones of variety that stick with her in rough situations. She was going to succeed in her mission, and having her mothers back was relaxing. While her mother mentioned not being able to transform anymore, Serenity's fingers twitched.

While she'd thought about her queen duties often, she ignored her own succession into the Sailor Guardian lineage. She always held onto both as a sort of dream, something that would come later, rather than sooner. But, now, she was going on her own mission and that in itself was terrifying. It was her duty to protect her home, fears or not, she hadn't realized it before, but now it was becoming clearer, that she was truly growing into a lady, much like her mother and grandmother. She was proud of herself and happy to know had support.

"Thank you, mother. I am awfully nervous about going but then I remembered that I have a team behind me. I'll make sure to tell the others about our identities staying secret, although I felt as though I'd have to do it again. We aren't sure of what triggers the events now, so, I wouldn't want to mess with anything further." She had a stern look upon her face as she said this, she was fired up to go. "Mother, I just want to say, thank you again. However, If I am to go on my journey, I think I should go tonight." She said as she stood up and looked at her mother with the biggest smile ever. "How about when I get back, we have some tea, and I'll tell you all about my mission?"

Serenity smiled softly, briefly reminiscing about her own time when she was a Sailor Guardian. Her team was her family, the ones who helped her immensely mature to a point where she was now. She could only imagine what her daughter would think of her seeing herself in that era, when she was still very immature and not ready to govern an entire world, let alone a country. If it wasn’t for her own Guardians, she doubted that she’d ever have chosen to continue onward.

She couldn’t do it alone and she refused to.

“Cele, your team is your family. If you haven’t already done so, you need to encourage and gain your team’s trust in order to succeed in the past. If it wasn’t for my own Guardians, I wouldn’t have ever won the battles that I have.” Serenity moved her palms to her chest near her heart. She forever held them very dear, even now as they were all fighting hard to combat their enemy.

Serenity paused momentarily though when Celeste suggested on leaving tonight. She wasn’t expecting that, but she understood wholeheartedly why she’d choose to do it. Serenity’s azure eyes fluttered slightly, before she remained neutral and nodded her head gently.

“It seems that perhaps I’ve been letting you spend a little too much time with Pluto, but for the better. This is your mission. You must do what you must, when you must. But please be careful. I have no doubt in your abilities, and I’ll be looking forward to that. But instead of tea….” Serenity grinned mischievously. “How about a cake for each?”

Celeste Lunette

Lady Serenity smiled at her mother's words, it had been ages since they'd spent time together, but they'd spend tons in the past, even if it wasn't exactly how she wanted it. She had to keep her cover up for the time being, revealing the history of her own time would be an issue. Although she revealed her identity last time things went fine, but then again she didn't exactly say who she was before,her father revealed that to the others.

This time it was on herself and her team to pull through this mission. "I believe we can do this,well to a certain extent. But I worry about what events might change in the past, some we might not even be informed about." She kept that worry to herself, but nodded quietly as her mother mentioned cooperative family was important to have, most importantly the family you pick can lift you up.

She knew the Quartet would have her back and she their own. She thought back to their first appearance, stunned by their beauty, and even more shook once revealing their true identity of being her team. She was unsure if it was true or not years ago, but once the quartet finally emerged once her power awakened she knew it was time, time for her to step into the role she was given. This meant going to places she didn't want to go, or do things she didn't want to do. This was a moment she'd remember for the rest of her life. "You're right mother. I'll make sure to believe in them and myself as well."

She even nodded in agreement as her mother spoke again, but soon the mod turned into a giggle as she brought up Pluto. Her dear friend who she said goodbye to previously, she'd miss her as well, but she knew that they'd see one another again. "I actually like to think I don't spend enough time with Pluto. There isn't enough time. Hahaha. Get it cause time and she's...the guardian of time? Hehehe."

Serenity laughed at her own joke for a few seconds before she paused momentarily to smile at her mother again. "I'd love to have cake with you again, it'll be fun!" She said with an energetic nod, but her mood quickly changed, as she clutched her dress. "So. Let's go to the time door, together? I'm a little afraid to go back to the past...but I know I can do it." She walked towards the door as the guards pulled the doors open. Lady Serenity made her way out the door and turned to her mother.

Serenity was glad to hear that from Celeste. She remembered moments when she had to obtain the Outer Guardians' trust and the endless efforts that she made to get them all to work together as a team. Even now Serenity still felt like she was still earning it all. She didn't feel like she made the wisest decisions in the past if things had crumbled as they had.

But was it really her fault? Serenity wondered about that often. She blamed herself more times than not for having failed her people, none of this would have ever happened if her mother was governing. Earthlings had made it very clear: they didn't want an extraterrestrial monarchy, especially for the country of America. But Serenity firmly believed that there was a great future ahead of them that was worthy of fighting for.

But was it selfish? Serenity tried her hardest not to worry, not when her daughter was about to go into the past and forever change it. "Celeste, when you're in the past… I want you to attend the royal ball from that time. Do what you can to make sure that you get an invitation, and observe it very closely. But be careful not to reveal your true identity as Neo Sailor Moon. Lie about your name if you must fight, but if anyone suspects that you're of royal lineage..."

Serenity shuddered to think about it. That day was insane and Serenity didn't want Celeste to slipup. What if their enemies had gotten to her again?

Serenity removed that thought from her mind as she smiled subtly. "Pluto will always have all the time in the world for you." If it hadn't disturbed her duties as a Guardian, then Serenity was one to encourage that relationship. Unlike her mother, who hadn't even informed her that the Outer Guardians existed. Serenity wondered what life would have been like during the Silver Millennium if she had known.

Serenity followed Celeste from behind as they walked to the Space-Time Door. It seemed that her Guardians were already ahead of them. Good.

"The fact that you came to this decision yourself indicates that you are more than capable. I wish all of you the best of luck, and when you return to the future the world will owe you." A spare space-time key that she received from Sailor Pluto would then form in the palm of her hands. But before she gave it to Celeste, Serenity would move to hug her daughter.

"You've grown so much. I'm so proud of you." Serenity whispered into her ear before letting go.

Celeste Lunette

Celeste hugged her mother for as long as she could, while her guardians behind her took their own time to get themselves together. She was going to miss her home and the people she'd grown to love, while her problems with the people as a kid seemed bigger, she was now facing a problem bigger than herself. She smiled and took the key from her mother. She placed it in her pocket, and nodded goodbye to her mother one more time.

Her guardians nodded at their princess, and waved goodbye to the queen. Lady Serenity took a deep breath, this wasn't going to be the same as last time. She couldn't play the innocent child act, or attach herself to someone for protection. She simply had to keep it together for herself and everyone, but just as her mother said she wasn't alone this time. She clutched the time key obtained from sister Pluto and then held it up into the air, facing her mother she shouted the activation words aloud.

"Guardian of time!Tear apart the sky and open the Door of Space-time to us! We call your true name, the almighty god of time, the guardian of time's father, Chronos!Guidance to us! Protection to us! The path of light to us!"

A beam of light came down and pulled up Lady Serenity and the quartet. The hands of time were changing slowly, even as they were pulled into the 30th Century. Everyone was nervous and excited, she didn't know to expect, truly no one knew what to expect, but the journey would be a good one.

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