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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

The Sound of Music
Eleanor's facial features remained unchanged, even when the silver haired woman said that she wasn't the only one born into a noble family. So Saariyah was born into her planet's nobility, and it appeared to be a sensitive spot, too. She will have to note that to herself from now on. While her own personal history was now common knowledge, as well as that of any other of the Solar System Senshi, the Starlights were still, in many ways, shrouded in mystery. Sure, Eleanor could've used the Deep Aqua Mirror in order to find out more about them, but she had much more important things to see in her Talisman rather than that.

One thing did puzzle her, though. If Saariyah was born into nobility like she claimed, and knew what's appropriate as she put it, why in most times that Eleanor sees her did she choose to behave in an inappropriate way? Was it due to a rebellious inherent nature, or was there a hidden meaning to it? It seemed as though the silver haired woman was a bigger mystery than Eleanor had initially thought. It is a mystery that will have to be solved another time, though; far more important matters were on the agenda at these times, ones that required the Neptunian's full attention - namely, that one woman she met in the Infinity District back in the day, the one who eerily looked like her. And there were also the signs that the Dark Kingdom was back on the rise again. . . Compared to these new threats, that loomed above her head like a stormy cloud, everything else seemed like trifles.

Which was why Eleanor didn't even bother to reply when Saariyah teased her sense of fashion. In all honesty, she had heard this tease so many times before that it was getting old. While the aqua haired woman wasn't free of charge when it came to teasing, she never meant to truly harm the other person, and was always trying to be original - two qualities which appeared lacking in Saariyah's attempts. Ah, well, not everyone could be as witty as she would like, and it didn't change Eleanor's judgment of them - her partner was very bad at understanding her sharp sense of humor, but it didn't make her love the sandy blonde any less; quite contrary, she found it endearing when the Princess of Uranus would get angry over her little jokes. Unfortunately, there wasn't much that she found endearing about Saariyah's insults. They were just boring. Not even worthy of a reply.

A light chuckle came out of Eleanor's mouth as Saariyah asked whether she was dressed by the Queen's ladies in waiting. "No. This is my Princess Gown. I am obliged to wear it when attending official court events", she replied in an attentive tone, similar to the one she used back when teaching her daughter how to play the violin. "As a noblewoman, you probably know how these things work", she couldn't help but add as her mouth turned upright to form an elegant smirk.

Although for the most part Eleanor was good at keeping her composed nature regardless of what other people said, she couldn't help but laugh wholeheartedly when she heard Saariyah's latest remark about her partner being a third wheel. Even the thought of it was absurd. Sure, Eleanor liked to tease her partner, but it was only because she was cute when she was mad. The aqua haired woman knew that no matter who she dances or talks to, or there will forever be only one person in her heart, and that, in her opinion, was the meaning of true love. Did Saariyah know that feeling? Has she ever been in love? Yet another question Eleanor did not know how to answer, and didn't have the time nor energy to find out.

"As a matter of fact, she was planning on arriving either way, in spite of her fever. I was the one who convinced her not to", Eleanor said when her laughter calmed down, her tone returning to its usual softness. "She's been worried about Her Majesty, as well".

Saariyah’s green eyes fluttered slightly when Eleanor announced that it was her “princess” gown. That… that was a thing in this system? She’d heard about it before, she’d seen them on occasion. But she didn’t expect it to be a non-negotiable choice. The Kinmoku system was comprised of three lesser moons with prominent nobility, Saariyah herself hailing from the moon Healer.

In a way, she was the “princess” of that moon by Solar System standards, but not by Kinmoku standards. There was no other “princess” or “queen” than Asteria. So, when Eleanor asked her if she’d understand that, she merely shrugged. She understood it to an extent, but not when it was an obligatory gown to this sort of event.

“In a way I do, but Kinmoku has its own culture.” Saariyah reminded Eleanor. “On Kinmoku, we are permitted to wear our own gowns, not an obligatory gown to each event. The only one who ever has obligations is our Imperial Queen Asteria and for specific occasions. As a Sailor Guardian...we would sometimes go in uniform if she requested it, but seeing as you all are not in uniform we do not have to.”

Saariyah supposed there was no harm revealing this information to the Outer Guardian. After all, it wasn’t as if she’d leak any of it to the press—and it was only a cultural tidbit. As Asteria’s senior lady, it made it a lot easier than tedious when it came to prepare for formal engagements.

“I wonder, with how much your Queen stresses getting to know us ‘aliens’, how much have you put effort into it?” Saariyah raised a brow questionably, an emphasis on ‘aliens’ as that was what they truly were. But she also didn’t have much room to talk here—Saariyah had noted that she had put no effort whatsoever to learn the culture of Earthlings. She didn’t want to.

When she was on this planet during the fight with Galaxia, that was enough time to adjust to her new surroundings and it was the hardest thing she ever had to do. Granted, she did enjoy her time on Earth, but she longed to go back to Kinmoku the second they were given that chance. She supposed at that point in time, she welcomed being a musician as a distraction. But she’d wished that they didn’t have to use their power for it, it made things that much harder.

Saariyah chuckled lightly at Eleanor’s remark. That definitely sounded like the famed overprotective Outer Guardian, and she did admire her for that. Duty came first before her own wellbeing. Perhaps if they hadn’t started off with so much hostility in the beginning, they might’ve been good friends. Now, it was going to take a lot of effort for Saariyah to be willing to get along with the Outer Guardians.

“Well, let’s hope that she actually abides by what you say.” Saariyah chuckled once more. “She’s known to us for stubbornness. Are you the only one performing tonight?”

Eleanor listened carefully as in an uncharacteristic move, the silver haired woman revealed some information about the culture of Kinmoku. It wasn't much, and it wasn't anything classified - Eleanor knew the Starlight wouldn't trust her enough to share anything of that sort, and to be honest couldn't exactly blame her - but it was something. Something that made the Neptunian Princess experience an emotion she didn't think she'll ever experience - jealousy. The freedom to choose what to wear could've been nice, she couldn't help but wonder as she imagined the almost infinite amount of outfits she could wear had her princess gown not been mandatory. Granted, she knew that her traditional teal gown had a ceremonial role, and a lot of meaning behind it, and she always wore it in pride, refusing to replace it with anything else. But having at least a certain amount of variety must've been nice, too.

"I understand. How interesting", she answered eventually, her tone as serene as ever, her dark blue eyes gazing deeply into Saariyah's eyes. Even if she was jealous - and of Saariyah, of all people, too! - She would never admit it out loud. Besides, she had plenty of her own to be thankful for. Plenty of her own that she needed to protect.

The aqua haired woman couldn't help but lower her head a little when Saariyah asked about her efforts to get to know the alien culture of Kinmoku - efforts which were pretty much nonexistent, as much as Eleanor did not like to admit it. But it wasn't out of lack of interest, as the little detail about their courtly fashion showed. It was just that she'd rather put her efforts into her duties as a Senshi of the Outer Solar System first. And as one of this elite group of Senshi, she knew that her duties were never over. Constantly lurking, always on the watch - that was just their way, always has been and always will be.

"The Queen and I have different duties to uphold. It is understandable that she'd find such matters important, especially considering who she is. But I cannot let my guard down, not even if it is to make her happy", Eleanor replied, her tranquil voice turning somewhat more serious. Had Her Majesty heard this conversation, she might've been sad, but Eleanor did not mind. She'd rather have a sad Queen who was alive and well, than no Queen at all.

"Ah, I wouldn't worry about that. If there's anyone out there to whom she listens, it has to be me", Eleanor replied playfully, an elegant grin featuring her face as she did.

As much as she would've loved seeing her sandy blonde partner around here, she really did hope she won't bump into her by a mistake. The Uranian needed to rest, if she wanted to continue to be able to protect their Queen and Realm. And Eleanor knew that she won't be able to perform her duties all on her own, so her partner remaining sick was completely out of the question. It was only thanks to her protective presence by her side that Eleanor was able to get this far, to cope with everything that they've been through. She could still stand by her statement from back in the day - a world without Uranus was not worth saving.

Saariyah then went on to ask whether Eleanor was the only one to perform here tonight, a question to which she did not know the answer. Something in the Queen's plea to her made it seem as though many artists refused to perform here tonight, a decision she couldn't blame them for, considering the latest events. And thus far, she wasn't able to see any other familiar faces in the crowd, not even Lena who always jumps on every opportunity to perform.

"So far it seems like it. I have not seen any other performer around here, other than you", the aqua haired woman replied. "How about we have a little duet, in honor of the good old days?". Eleanor did miss performing with the Starlights - even if she still couldn't fully trust them she had to admit that the trio was musically gifted.

Perhaps Saariyah underestimated the Outer Guardians during this event. Although Saariyah refused to admit it out loud, she was pleased to hear those words from Eleanor. She needed that reminder from her. The Outer Guardians were fierce warriors who were duty-bound to their positions, unlike the Inner Guardians who seemed freer spirited.

It also meant that Saariyah was a little overprotective of Asteria after everything that happened and leaving her simply in the care of the Solar Guardians didn’t settle well with her. Only a subtle smirk would form in response to Eleanor’s remark.

“You have a lot of confidence in your relationship and ability to persuade.” Saariyah replied calmly. Or was Uranus truly that submissive? Saariyah wondered which was the case, because if it happened that Uranus was the submissive one, then that altered Saariyah’s perspective of their marriage.

What Saariyah wasn’t expecting was what Eleanor proposed. Saariyah hadn’t performed since they’d left Earth the first time. She couldn’t help it, but her green eyes fluttered slightly in surprise. She hadn’t even considered once on whether to return to performing. Sure, Star Fighter and Maker may have discussed it from time to time, but Saariyah always envisioned herself as the third wheel.

It would have been refreshing to perform for Asteria, rather than to find her. But when the request was coming from Eleanor, she didn’t know what to say. It would have been easier if it was coming from Cynthia as she was on good terms with her. It would have been easier if it was even coming from Lena. But Eleanor?

Saariyah didn’t know what to say. She remained silent for several minutes, simply gazing into Eleanor’s own eyes as if wondering if it was a joke.

“Have you talked it out with Fighter?” Saariyah asked, breaking the silence.

The aqua haired woman could only shrug indifferently when Saariyah spoke of her confidence in her relationship with her sandy blonde partner. Well, why wouldn't she have confidence in it? Eleanor had known her better than anyone else. Even more so than the other Outers. While it was true that Seraphina was her daughter and she got to raise her since she was a baby, the Soldier of Death could still surprise her with her grave seriousness and sheer amount of deadly power. As for Pluto, she too was often a mystery for the Neptunian Princess - her role as the Guardian of Time meant she held many secrets, ones that she couldn't tell even to her closest teammates.

But with Uranus, it was a completely different story. She was her one and only, her soul mate, and as such could predict exactly what she'd think, say or do, at any given moment. It seemed as though her partner lacked such ability to predict Eleanor's own actions, but she wasn't bothered by it - her cluelessness was what made her so endearing.

Awkward silence occurred between the two women as Eleanor's question regarding a joined performance remained unanswered. It appeared as though the silver haired alien was thinking thoroughly about the possibility, considering it carefully. Almost as if she was unsure whether she wanted to perform with her or not. Eleanor's porcelain face remained completely serene, but inside she could feel a bitter feeling that she wasn't all too familiar with. Was it. . . Disappointment? She could understand why Saariyah would be indecisive about performing with her, but she had hoped that when it comes to the arts they would be able to put their differences aside. Even if she didn't agree on everything with the Starlights, she couldn't possibly deny the fact they were talented, and it was their talent that she had appreciated. She was hoping the silver haired lady in front of her was mature enough to do the same.

Eventually, Saariyah answered with a question of her own. Has Eleanor asked Fighter about it first? In reply, Eleanor couldn't help but chuckle wholeheartedly. She soon placed a palm on her mouth, in order to not look rude - she didn't want to insult the other woman, though she did find the idea amusing. "No, I haven't. Why? Do I need to ask for her permission?", she asked playfully.

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There was a part of Saariyah that wanted to say that she was retired from the music industry. As much as she loved music and playing for others, it brought back so many unwanted memories during their battle with Shadow Galactica.

But Saariyah knew that Fighter would have seen this as an opportunity to get better acquainted with the Outer Guardians, to slowly regain their trust – hadn’t they already lost it, that is. Saariyah understood their concerns regarding the younger Galactica. She was paranoid about them, too. But hadn’t their previous dealings with Shadow Galactica proved their loyalty and good nature?

“No, but she is our leader. I’m also just surprised,” Saariyah admitted. It was rare for her to be open about this, but perhaps it needed to be said. “I wouldn’t have expected it to come from you. You Outer Guardians always look at us with distrust.”

“But fine,” Saariyah shrugged her shoulders and lifted her arms in defeat. Her head was lowered just a little, sighing as if she almost disliked the idea. “One song. What did you have in mind?”

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