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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

[Ball] Subtlety Not Needed
Adamao Megalos
Walking into the palace, Adamao stopped near the entrance, his hands in his pockets as he took in the interior of the palace. It was the first time that the palace was opening its doors, and while Adamao had to do a bit of work to get his name onto the invite list, it would be worth it. They needed to know the secrets of the palace, they needed to speak freely with the guardians to figure out what their plans would be in the near future, and they needed to do it all without raising any suspicions of themselves. Would the Dark Kingdom be in attendance as well? There was no doubt, which meant that it was even more important for the Black Moon to talk to people, to garner new information. Wiseman was waiting, and he was not a patient man, not for things like this.

Dressed in a white suit, Adamao stuck with the color that fit him best, at least, as White Diamond of the Black Moon family. Of course, only the other members in attendance would understand the reference, but it was his way of showing the queen just who she truly had in her midsts, that she didn't even know about. How close she was to danger, and she didn't even blink at the thought.

Would she remember him? It had been months since they talked outside the palace walls, through the gate, though Adamao remembered. He remembered everything, the expression in her eyes when she realized that she wasn't beloved by all. When she learned how her people distrusted her for living behind walls, never letting anyone in. Was that one of the reasons that this ball had been thrown? It was unlikely, surely her personal guardians would have put their foot down at such a proposition. Something else was amiss tonight, and Adamao would be remiss if he had let the opportunity go without coming personally.

Walking forward into the main ballroom, or at least, Adamao assumed it was a main ballroom, a palace this size likely had more than one, Adamao picked up a glass of champagne from the tray of a waiter, bringing the golden liquid to his lips. It wasn't his usual red wine, but with so many people in such fine clothing, red wine was likely not to be seen anywhere here. Instead, Adamao would be left with this bubbly drink, taking a sip as he glanced around the room, putting on a very fake smile for those who passed by him.

Malin was irritated. Before Metaria had returned to Earth, she had ruled over the Dark Kingdom on her own. While she had not been as powerful without the ruler of the Dark Kingdom, she had had freedom. She could make her own decisions and focus on her own goals. She never would have made Max a general. Metaria had been desperate and angry and now she was ruing that decision because the idiot had outed himself to the queen herself. As much as she had wanted to tell them both that she had told them so, she kept it to herself. She stayed quiet and merely watched everyone burn around her.

At the end of the day, she was going to be the one that sat on the throne and she was going to win over Metaria. She had learned over the years that impatience was going to get her killed yet again. Her jealousy over Serenity's relationship with Endymion had been her undoing. She had wanted to take her time this time around. She wanted to gain a true foothold before she tried to make her move.

Tonight was a fancy ball that the royal family was throwing. Why? Malin didn't really care. She didn't even want to be here but as the chief of police, she needed to be here in order to make a good appearance. She didn't want to hear the complaints if she didn't show up. And the last thing that she needed was more suspicion being thrown her way.

Malin wore a black gown that left little to the imagination but she had made sure that she didn't show too much. While she knew that she was an attractive woman, she also knew that she was in a position of power and needed to be respectable.

The woman nursed a glass of wine in her hand as she wandered her way through the main hall and she sighed. Everyone here was either a politician, a guardian, or some random fuck that she had no interest in. Everyone here was a waste of her time because they all loved the king and queen.


She noticed a handsome man that wore a crisp white suit. She watched him for a moment or so before she slowly wandered over to him. Malin allowed a bit of a smile to grace her lips as she spoke up, "You look like you're enjoying yourself."

Adamao Megalos
Standing on the sidelines wasn't Adamao's normal routine, he liked to be in the center of it all, or at the very least, the mastermind behind everything, watching his plan go down. That was what had happened during the explosion, he and Jade had done it together, with the help of Sapphire's bombs of course, and they had delighted in watching the scene play out. Was that the reason for this impromptu ball? It was so sudden, and so strange that the queen would shut the world out of her home, then suddenly invite them all in. It was intriguing, but so was being inside the palace, and so was she...

Watching the queen, she wasn't doing much of anything, talking to people, standing beside her king, but probably acting just as much like a child like she had when they first met. Would she remember him? Probably not, he assumed that she met new people all the time, yet still, he wanted to come and see her again, and the palace and see what, if any, information they could gather during this party of hers.

As Adamao further scanned the crowds, making certain to find each of the queen's pretty soldiers in the crowd, his efforts were interrupted by a voice too close to him to be addressing anyone else. "Just came for the free alcohol, political parties aren't typically my scene. Everyone is too concerned with how anyone else sees them here to actually enjoy themselves, but I guess we all hide behind our own masks in public." Turning his attention away from the crowd and to the woman's voice, Adamao's gaze took her in. He knew who she was, she was on the news all the time discussing what the police force was currently doing, but she didn't exactly dress like this on the news. Wearing a dress that clung to her enough to silhouette her frame, and some well-placed sheer fabric, she certainly seemed like she might be interested in being the center of conversation.

"Of course, you don't seem to be hiding much, Chief. I'm Adamao. Are you enjoying yourself?" He was well aware that he probably sounded cynical before, but he was, and Adamao wasn't interested in hiding that part about him. He didn't look for silver linings everywhere he went, he made his own silver linings, and the silver lining of the party so far was the free alcohol, and possibly his brother successfully planting some sort of surveillance technology within the palace. Would it be found? It was a high probability, but perhaps they would learn something before that time. That is, if his brother could pull it off properly, Sapphire always was better at staying behind the curtains.


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