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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

Distractions Are Necessary
It’d been several days since the incident with Max and Serenity still couldn’t believe any of it. Had their government become that corrupt and had they been so easily deceived that they’d let Dark Kingdom members establish political powers?

Serenity had been moving through the hallways of the Crystal Palace, pondering on ways to reassure her people that they were still alright. Over the past few nights, Serenity had come to believe that they needed a way to bring people into the Crystal Palace—to have her Sailor Guardians be able to ask what questions they needed without anyone the wiser in order to ensure who was on their side.

It hadn’t taken long for Serenity to decide that she may have wanted to start a ball, one which she hadn’t held in a very long time. Perhaps since hers and Endymion’s own coronation. It was probably the better way to do it, Serenity decided, as everyone’s minds would be on the festivities and not their subtle interrogation.

“Please, if you see any of my Guardians or the Galactica, can you make sure that they meet me in the meeting room along with my event planner?” Serenity asked one of the palace’s servants, deciding that the meeting at hand would be impromptu. The servant would nod, quickly running to find the girls as Serenity entered the meeting room.

Finding Nikita would prove to be a rather easy task for Serenity's servant, especially while the events on hand were still very fresh on everyone's minds. If she wasn't at her friend's side, the Martian Senshi would be where she always was in times of unease. The only such a place where she could achieve clarity.

The Crystal Sanctum might've not been the most elaborately designed when compared to the more intricate and palatial temples in India, but Nik could appreciate its holiness nonetheless. Kneeling in her usual position in front of the glittering fire, the Guardian clasped her lightly tanned fingers together, allowing them to be encircled by mala beads she had always carried with her. At first, she did nothing, taking deep breaths while the hearth warmed her. Once she was certain her center was aligned, Nikita chanted silently to herself, allowing the sacred energy of each syllable to reverberate within her.

"Aum Gum Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha..."

Ganesh, the God of abundance and remover of all obstacles. Befitting for what the Guardians were going to need a lot of right now — and these mountains they were forced to climb were proving to be massive. Adding to injury was that with each attack, they weren't getting any closer to finding out what their enemies were truly up to. Instead, their Queen was getting closer and closer to finding herself dead.

The fire roared louder, matching the woman's displeasure at the thought of losing her friend. While the prayer room was growing hotter, Nikita was never bothered by such extremes. She truly looked like a Goddess, the orange glow dancing serenely across her features, playing with the shadows of the room. The same couldn't be said for the reddened, sweaty soul who was tapping her shoulder. All at once, Nikita was broken from her meditation, looking up at her intruder. A meeting by the orders of the Queen. She blinked at the servant's explanation, concern surging through her, but she rose immediately. "Thank you. I am just finishing up. Tell her I'll be there shortly." What was Serenity up to now?

In moments, Nikita found her way in the meeting room. No one else was there yet save for the Neo-Queen, but no doubt the others would arrive soon. She herself hadn't really spoken to Cyn or Sera or even after everything else that went down, but that would change now. Even with all their disagreements, she would never abandon her friends in need. "Cynthia... Is everything alright?" Her dark eyes gazed into her companion's own blue, searching her for any signs of suffering.

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Serenity had been sitting at end of the lengthy meeting table which was capable of seating eleven people. This wasn’t the largest of the Crystal Palace’s meeting rooms, not by a longshot. It showed that Serenity wasn’t expecting a lot of people to come to such an impromptu summons. It gave her time to turn on the laptop in the room and begin to browse the web for ideas if her planner wasn’t available.

Within the past several years, Serenity had learned a lot about technology that she failed to learn as a teenager. She was extremely grateful to Luna, Iseul and Misha for that, as what would it have looked like if the world had a queen who couldn’t work something like a computer?

Not good at all.

Getting lost in décor images on Google, Serenity’s head jolted up a little when she heard the door open. Her azure eyes quickly landed on Nika. Nika became a little distant within the past few months, and although Serenity could understand why, it was surprising to her that she was among the first to arrive.  Knowing that the fiery advisor would likely disapprove as she had with the original discussion with Sera, Serenity closed the laptop’s lid.

“Everything’s fine, I promise.” Serenity said reassuringly, getting up from her seat as she’d walk over to Nika. Serenity wouldn’t confess that she was right about the fight that they had, not after everything that they’d went through—there simply wasn’t enough time for her in the day to do what she’d wanted. She was an adult now with dozens of countries to govern.

But this…this was different, wasn’t it? It was an opportunity to get to know the most important persons in Orlando. They needed something to reassure their people that everything would be alright, to calm their minds and perhaps make new friends. Things weren’t going to happen overnight, no, but Serenity was determined to show the people that she wasn’t going to let something like a judge’s attack frighten her away.

“I just…had an idea, that’s all! I think it’d be a good way to get to know people. Mama did it all the time!” Serenity knew that she was being vague with that remark, but she wondered what would cross Nika’s mind. She didn’t want to go into depth until she knew that there weren’t going to be many to come to the meeting.

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