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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

(Open)  Its never Easy
After the mermaid solider lost her job, Mar had been dealing with hate mail for letting a child die. She had become slightly depressed since then but she was trying to make as much amends as she could. She was in the street market and searching for something things to help her further her attempt at helping. She had also sort of confined herself to the palace to work on her abilities. She wanted to be stronger and not seen as a weakling. Marcelline had trained so much but she still hadn't progressed as much as she wanted. To take her mind off the stress she decided to go out for shopping.

As she was walking along she passed quite a few booths but before she could react she was shoved to the ground as people screamed and ran away from the area. Mar instantly stood and looked around trying to find the source. Her eyes locked on the youma and the solider of Mermaid instantly glared. Finding a spot clear from people before she transformed. It wasn't that she was trying to hide but she wanted to make sure no one was close so she could do it. "Mermaid Power! Make-up!" With a flash of bluish light Mar was replaced with Sailor Mermaid with her flowing light blue dress that was slightly different to the one her counterpart had worn but only because it showed less skin and was more aerodynamic for water use. Her shell choker glowing before the light finally faded around her neck and her tiara that had one large blue with two smaller greenish stones on either side of it on her forehead. Her hair receiving the color of blue, green, and purple as well to replace the brown it had been.

The transformation ended and her trident was in her hands. Running toward the youma the young female used her trident to try and attack the youma. Before long she was blasted across the ground and groaned at the pain that shoot through her. Pulling her communicator out she instantly contacted people. "I could use some help here. I'm at the outside market. It's a youma." Mermaid turned on the GPS locator to help any active scouts to locate her so they could. She put her communicator away and stood using her trident for leverage. "Now where were we." The blue haired female went in for another attack using her Hydro Sea Snake to attempt to weaken the youma. But she was finding it wasn't going to be easy.

Grocery shopping is boring.

That is the latest revelation that Rosalind has received since arriving to the 30th century. An ordinary human might find that discovery somewhat dull and obvious, but the blonde never had the need to actually go to the grocery shop before. Back in the jungle, when she wasn't sunk in a deep slumber, she'd feed of what the trees around her had to offer. Back in the Dead Moon Circus days (a time she'd rather forget any aspect of; even the thought of it gave her a shiver) it was the Amazon Trio who was in charge of the dining room and/or pub, preparing meals and drinks for everyone. And in the grand Crystal Palace of the 40th century, alongside the princess, with all the servants around - who would've possibly even thought about grocery shopping? The servants probably did it, as far as Rosalind knew; she never actually gave it a thought.

But here, in the 30th century, even though the Queen's court had already been established, she and her sisters were no part of it - they couldn't afford it, their mission couldn't allow it. And thus, having no infinite amount of fruits around her like in the jungle, Rosalind took it upon herself to manage the four sisters' household. She wasn't thrilled to do so, but someone had to. . . The Amazonian leader knew if she were to leave matters to the hands of her sisters, their apartment would surely be in flames by now, and they'd starve to death. A quiet sigh slipped her rosebud lips. Sometimes, it seemed as if all the three of them cared about was playing, fooling around, eating and sleeping. . . Well, someone had to actually change the sheets, pay the bills, and buy the food they were eating! And that certain someone did it all while wearing high heels. Now if that's not resourcefulness, Rosalind didn't know what is.

Her unbound golden tresses fluttered in the wind as she marched through the shopping district, her hands full of bags. Luckily she still retained her healthy hand muscles from her days on the trapeze, or else she wouldn't be able to carry all of these! The bags were filled with fruits and vegetables - mostly fruits, such as the oranges, pineapples and bananas that her sisters loved so much. Her feet were shod in a pair of high heeled sandals, colored in a bright shade of pink, and on her legs she wore a pair of worn out skinny jeans, colored in sky blue that matched her eyes perfectly. Her upper part was covered in a simple white singlet, with a print of a single pink flower at the front, located right on her fruitful bosom. To complete the look, she wore a floral pink scarf on her neck, and a pair of big sunglasses covered her azure eyes. Even when doing something as dull as grocery shopping, there's absolutely no reason for her to neglect her appearance! People were still viewing her, after all, and why shouldn't they get the best?

Done with the greengrocer, now to the butcher, Rosalind thought to herself, when all of a sudden the sound of an explosion came to her ears. Seconds later, all around her people started running and screaming. They were running in the opposite direction.

Rosalind may have been somewhat new to this whole Senshi business, but she had no doubt as for what it was.

The blonde's first instinct was to run straight into the battlefield, but then she remembered that arriving into the scene when not transformed would be meaningless. Thus, she turned to a darkly lit ally instead, and after making sure no one sees her she pulled her Sailor Crystal from her pocket and said the incantation: "Ceres Power, Make Up!". Within seconds, her ordinary cloths were gone, replaced by a much grander sailor suited dress. The Senshi of Flowers was prepared to fight. 

"Stop right there!", the Amazon Senshi said, once arriving to the place where the youma was causing havoc. "Shopping is a part of everyday life that should be spent peacefully! Interrupting people's daily lives like that is simply unforgivable! For Love and Justice, I'm the Senshi of Flowers, Princess Sailor Ceres! In the name of Ceres, I will punish you!".

A proud grin featured her face, as the sunlight that was caught in her silver tiara made it shine even brighter then usually. If there was one thing the Amazonian leader loved about being a Senshi, it was making an entrance.

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Mermaid ducked as something was shot out toward her head. "O fantastikí!" Lifting her trident the sailor scout used it to block the attack of the youma. She groaned as she pushed the youma as it was pushing on her. Before the monster could notice, Mermaid raised her leg and kicked it away. She also used the momentum to flip backwards into the air and away from the youma. When the Mermaid scout landed she was on one knee and the trident was in her hand as she looked up. She would not let this youma get the better of her. She would show the others as well as the world that she was not completely useless. She was worthy of her title as Sailor Mermaid.

When the youma stood, Mermaid stood as well and took a deep breath. "Den tha me nikísete! Mermaid stared over at the youma before repeating her words in English. "You will not beat me!" She ran toward the youma with her trident and summoned her Hydro Sea Snake which went to wrap around the youma but stopped when they both heard someone yell their heads snapped toward the voice. Mermaid was surprised as she didn't recognize the scout that was standing there.

Mermaid had never heard of Sailor Ceres and so she was shocked at the girl. The distraction was perfect because as Mermaid was looking at the other scout the youma took that and blasted her away. The mermaid scout rolled and yelled out in pain. This was not boding well for the scout from Mermaid.

It was only after giving her formal introduction that the youthful Senshi of Flowers noticed the presence of yet another Senshi at the scene. Or at least that's what she assumed the other person was, due to the Sailor Collar attached to her uniform, because it was the only familiar part about it. Her uniform was very revealing - much more than anything the Solar System Senshi had ever worn, anyway - and colored in bright shades of light blue and lilac - hues that reminded her very much of her sister, Pallas.

Ceres has never seen anything like it.

Or at least that's all that she could see, because the other woman was constantly in movement, trying to fight the youma that made it all happen in the first place.

And then, suddenly, she looked at her, and their eyes crossed.

At first, the Amazonian leader wasn't sure whether or not the alien Senshi spoke her language or not, because she had previously uttered words that sounded like a completely different language to her. Then, when the fellow Senshi moved to speaking English, Sailor Ceres felt more confident approaching her.

"Who are you?", she asked, somewhat puzzled, but mostly curious. She has heard stories about alien Sailor Senshi before, but never got to meet a real one before, save for the Sailor Starlights.

The fellow Senshi didn't have the opportunity to reply, though, as just when they looked at one another, the youma took advantage of the situation and launched an attack towards the woman dressed in blue.

"Look out!", Sailor Ceres called towards her, but it was no use; the youma was capable of tossing the alien Senshi aside, making her scream in pain.

Now was the time for some action.

"Truthfully, you're getting on my nerves!", Ceres said to the youma and ran towards it, only to jump right above its head and flip whilst still in the air. As she landed behind the puzzled monster, standing perfectly on her feet - of course - she aimed her hands towards the ground and called out the attack's name: "Florid Harvest!"

As soon as the Asteroid Senshi spoke the words, pink flowers started to grow on the ground in front of her. Then, she raised her hands forwards, which made the petals, detach from the flowers and be released towards the youma in a floral blizzard.

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Everything happened so fast. Mermaid flew through the air landing hard on the ground, causing a small drop of blood to trinkle do her chin. Wiping it off she stood and was about to retalliate when the new arrival ran towards it and flipped over their head only to land on her feet behind it and call out a floral attack. Mermaid rose a brow as she watched the flowers grow and to be honest, Mermaid though this was a silly attempt at an attack but just as she was about to take advantage of the distraction the petals detacthed from the flowers and turned into a flower blizzard.

Mermaid was surprised but opted for the distraction. Raising her trident in the air, water trickled out of her bracelet and wrapped around the weapon heading toward the three spikes on the tip. The water culminated to the center spike before growing. Quickly it grew and began forming a snake. "Hydro Sea Snake!" The scout from Mermaid yelled and before the youma could react the snake engulfed the youma with the flowers and the combined attack destroyed the monster.

With the destruction of the youma, Mermaid rose her arm and called the water back to her bracelet and released a breath. Closing her eyes she dropped her head but then remembered the other scout and headed in her direction. "Who are you?" The mermaid scout had never heard of Sailor Ceres and she had met most if not all of them and if she hadn't then she knew the by name. But this one she had never heard of and wasn't sure if she trusted her even though she came to her rescue.



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