Welcome to Eternal, a post Sailor Moon Stars site relocated to Orlando, Florida, utilizing the canon portrayals as they were in the series. We’re set during the rise of Crystal City, shortly after King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity ascended the throne. Wiseman is making his mark for the first time in history and creating the Black Moon as a human, but lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom is also slowly reforming.

Canon Reservations
Are you interested in applying for a canon character? In order for you to apply, please make sure that you reserve your role! All applications must be finished before your reservation period ends.

Canon reservations last 14 days. In order to reserve a canon, you MUST reply to the canon reservations thread. After 14 days and your application is still unfinished, you are able to ask for an extension in the canon reservation thread for 5 more days.

After that if your application is still unfinished, no re-reservations will be given unless on a case-by-case basis (e.g. you've talked it out with staff). The role will be available for someone else to take, and while you will be able to continue working on your application, the person who reserves the role has priority. This means that if someone else has a reservation while you have an unreserved WIP for a canon role, we will not review your application until their reservation period ends.

If someone has an account registered for a canon but doesn’t have a reservation, can I still apply?
Yes. If there are no reservations for that canon currently active, you may reserve them. We also permit reservations if the applicant has failed to reserve a canon, yet has a WIP posted on the site. The person who reserves the canon will ultimately have priority, as while we understand that a WIP can finish at any time, reserves are held to higher regard and the person who isn't reserved won't be able to be reviewed until the reserver is out of a reserve. However, please always be considerate to the other WIP poster. We don’t allow canon battles!

7/30/2018:  Reservations can only be reserved by the account that the reservation is for, e.g. if you’re reserving Sailor Moon, then you must reserve the role under your Sailor Moon account. In the event that the applicant hasn’t chosen a name, name holder accounts like Sailor Moon are permitted for 24 hours. You can change your username under UCP > Change Username.

08/05/2018: Applicants will no longer be able to have two reservations at a time, only one reservation at a time will be permitted.

Currently Active Reservations

Sailor Vesta has been reserved until 9/20 by Dusk

First Time

[code*][b]Character Name[/b] has been reserved until [b]Date[/b] by [b]Your Name[/b][/code*]


[code*][b]Character Name[/b] has been reserved until [b]Date[/b] and extended to [b]Date[/b] by [b]Your Name[/b][/code*]

[b]Sailor Nemesis[/b] has been reserved until [b][9/28/b] by [b]Maki[/b]


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