January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

Expect the Unexpected
The more that Adamao talked about this mission, the more that Jade became intrigued. She definitely wanted in, it was something that she’d be able to have over Rubeus and be able to rub it in his face if they’d succeeded. But that wasn’t the most important thing.
She hoped to obtain Adamao’s affection. Granted, she’d known that he’d been oblivious for a while, and she’d at times questioned his sexuality. But Jade was determined to obtain it by any means necessary, even if it meant starting with his praise.
“I completely understand.” Jade said calmly, leaning into the table as they discussed. “You intend on informing me of the rest of the details at headquarters, yes?”
Jade knew that if this mission was as risky as Adamao claimed, that they couldn’t have eavesdroppers. Jade was careful to keep a hushed tone, but it was a challenge with customers in the building. More so, she also wasn’t sure if the establishment was anti-White Moon.
She hoped so. The coffee was rather good.
“Let’s hope she makes a mistake,” Jade grinned mischievously. “Our government was wrong to allow aliens to govern us. We are the strongest nation, and we should demonstrate our power by being governed by humans. But…”
Jade’s gaze became firm, the situation at hand was delicate. While they’d make their mark in terrorism, they had to be careful when they used their own power. They were humans, but their powers were unnatural. “We won’t be using our gifts in this, will we?”

Adamao Megalos
Headquarters meant eavesdroppers, people constantly stepping on the toes of others to get ahead, and that was one of the reasons that Adamao appreciated the Black Moon, they were ambitious, but it could pose problems as well. "I would like to keep this just between us until things are finished. I would feel more comfortable discussing it at my place, there's no question of privacy there." Anyone who dared to invade Adamao's privacy would quickly find out why he was not only a commander, but the first that Wiseman had approached and recruited. Adamao might not actually be in charge, but there was no doubt that he was more than willing to step up and make it known why he should be listened to.

That smirk on Jade's face, the look in her eyes, it had been exactly what Adamao had seen in the woman when he told her about the Black Moon, and invited her to join the cause. He hadn't been sure back then if she was truly fit for the group, but she had joined without hesitation and even when Ruben had publicly questioned her loyalty, she had been more than willing to step up and prove herself, even though she didn't need to. It impressed Adamao, turning on her own family. Being the first recruit, Adamao hadn't been forced to prove his loyalty with a kill to join, but it didn't take long before he was doing missions for Wiseman, more than proving his loyalty. It was Sapphire that Adamao had been concerned for, and had convinced Wiseman that the Black Moon needed Sapphire, whether he killed or not, because only Sapphire was smart enough to make the technology they needed. Now, Adamao's assurances to Wiseman were proven correct, as Sapphire would be a huge part of Adamao's plan.

"Just be careful Jade, don't lose sight of the ultimate goal." It was a vague comment, knowing that Jade didn't know the details of the mission, but she was smart enough to understand exactly what he meant. If she lost her composure and did something just out of spite, they might fail.

Shaking his head, Adamao wasn't prepared to make his true self public just yet. He wasn't ashamed, but what was the point if the people barely knew who they were outside of some vague news stories? The Black Moon were named, but none of them had been pictured just yet, so Adamao wanted everyone to know exactly what that black crescent meant before Adamao showed himself, and truly made them listen to him. "This mission is about sending a message. By the end, everyone will know what we're capable of, without even knowing about our secrets. It's not yet time to make us famous, not individually at least."

“Very well,” Jade nodded in agreement. Jade would always accept an offer to visit Adamao’s home. It was more personal, and that’s what Jade wanted. She would offer extending it to her apartment at Dark King Towers, but it was an apartment. The walls had ears, there were eavesdroppers everywhere and Jade briefly considered having her apartment remodeled to have soundproof walls.
Jade appreciated privacy, it’s why she chose to live on one of the high leveled suites. But it also wasn’t any secret to the Black Moon that members of the White Moon had also lived in Dark King Tower, as well as Sky King and Sea King.
It irritated Jade after the revelation, but Jade wasn’t about to move. It was a perfect way to keep an eye on the aliens from the far reaches of the Solar System when they weren’t being cooped up at the Crystal Palace.
“You have my word, Adamao,” Jade reassured him. “Then…are we not meeting at headquarters? Does he know about your plans?”
Jade wondered just how much authority Adamao had. Adamao was Wiseman’s favorite, that was public knowledge—he’d given him the power of Evil Sight and that increased Jade’s suspicions of the man. Just how much power did Wiseman truly have? Were they just pawns in his own game? Or were they all working to achieve a common goal?
Jade had made it clear that her loyalty only extended to Adamao, or at least she hoped he understood. Jade wasn’t about to fall under the trap of Wiseman.
“You have me intrigued, Adamao,” Jade smiled, getting up from her seat. As long as they weren’t heading for headquarters later that evening, Jade was willing to go straight to Adamao’s home instead. He’d already seen her a mess and it didn’t matter to her if Sapphire saw her imperfect. “Do we want to keep chatting about this here? I’ll ask one of the employees for a towel and we can head out to my Porsche. It’s not too far from here.”

Adamao Megalos
When Adamao had first moved to Orlando, he had made use of a small apartment, which was practically ideal at the time, when Adamao was so busy trying to build his career, as well as convincing Sapphire to come and join him. Of course, when Sapphire finally agreed to come and join Adamao, the small apartment actually began to feel small, and the brothers practically lived on top of each other. That was when Adamao proposed finding a house to live in, and Sapphire had found the perfect one, in a suburb just outside Orlando, it was close enough to work in the city, but just far enough to get away from the city when they wanted. They didn't know it then, but the location would prove to be perfect, once the new 'queen' rose to power.

Now, it proved as a getaway for Adamao, a place to be alone when he needed privacy. Though there were meant to be no secrets within the Black Moon Clan, that didn't truly work out, and there were secrets, but it was practically an unspoken rule that Adamao was given his privacy. Even within their headquarters, no one walked into a room that Adamao was in without being invited in, or knocking. He had helped form them all, there was an implied degree of respect, but even with that, nothing spoken within the headquarters actually went unheard. There were just too many ears around the headquarters.

"Not just yet." Adamao had made this plan to further the Black Moon Clan, at the end of the day, it truly was for them, but too many heads together often caused trouble. After it was done, Adamao would explain it further to the other members, and why he decided to go about it the way that he did, but not before. There could be no risk of someone disagreeing and showing up, trying to be a hero, only to make things worse.

"He knows the overall plan. He does not concern himself with the details of my plans." In truth, Wiseman trusted Adamao, and Adamao appreciated that. Perhaps that was what drew Adamao to Wiseman partially, the way they worked together without truly needing to work together. Adamao's gift had been the gift of sight, but it also seemed to prevent Adamao from being controlled in the same manner as others. It didn't escape Adamao how others seemed to be under Wiseman's complete influence, but Adamao never felt that way, he always felt like he still remained in control of himself and his thoughts, though Adamao saw how other's remained skeptical of Wiseman.

Smirking to Jade when she discussed her intrigue, Adamao knew that he was a valuable member of their clan, for several reasons. "My younger brother is not always the brains in the family. Sometimes I can have pretty good ideas myself." Standing up, Adamao didn't want to stay here any longer, though he shook his head slightly when Jade talked about grabbing a towel. "It's still just water, it doesn't hurt."

Brown hues quickly turned sharply towards Adamao, waiting for him to elaborate. Wiseman worked in mysterious ways, yes. But Jade would have thought that their leader would have wanted to know what his favorite was doing.
Then again, maybe that was why—was it possible that Adamao had gained the trust of Wiseman to a point where details weren’t needed? Jade tried her hardest to comprehend it, but she brushed it off in the end. She wouldn’t question Adamao, nor would she dare question Wiseman.
“I see,” Jade said nonchalantly, her features easing a bit. Ultimately, Jade trusted Adamao impeccably. He knew what he was doing and she doubted that he’d get them into any serious trouble with Wiseman if he could help it. He wasn’t Ruben, after all.
 “Your ideas haven’t failed us yet, Adamao. I look forward to learning more.” Jade smiled, until he continued his banter about the water. Baffled, Jade looked at him dumbfounded.
“It’s not about the water, Adamao. The water has caused an imperfection that I will not tolerate.” Jade informed him, snapping her fingers at one of the waiters and asked for a towel. The waiter would leave and return with one.

Adamao Megalos
Things were cryptic between them right now, mainly because they were in public and Adamao couldn't just open up about his plan here. Not only were they surrounded by humans, but there was no telling who was part of the Dark Kingdom, and the last thing the Black Moon needed was for the Dark Kingdom to overhear their plans and do something to intervene. Going back to Adamao's place was best, where they could talk freely, and Sapphire could explain just how his explosives worked. Well, partially explain it, most of them didn't truly understand everything Sapphire was talking about, he was a genius with technology, and everyone let that stuff for him.

"It will all make sense when we can talk more. Let's go." Standing up, Adamao stood around as Jade continued to insist on a towel, which seemed to confuse the people behind the counter too when they realized that she wasn't using it to clean a spill. Was she going to take their towel with her? It was an odd thing to do, but Adamao didn't care what Jade did, and he knew that Jade certainly didn't care about what humans thought either.

Walking to the door, Adamao opened it and glanced at Jade as she mentioned again why she disliked being out in the rain, which continued to baffle Adamao. "Who is going to notice? I'm sure Sapphire doesn't care." And Adamao certainly didn't care either if her hair was wet. Other than the unusual color of her hair, Adamao hardly noticed it looking different than any other woman's hair, even when wet.

Stepping out into the rain, Adamao walked to the nearby Porsche, waiting for Jade to unlock the car before he could get in and give her directions back to his place.

After Jade was able to get a towel, she left some change for it as she had no intention to return it. Something like this was junk change in Jade’s perspective, but worth it. The remark that Adamao made bothered Jade immensely, as it seemed that he still didn’t understand.
It made Jade realize just how oblivious that Adamao was. She was going to have to work a lot harder in obtaining his affections, being more opportunistic and ensuring that her missions would never fail. Briefly, Jade wondered if a talk with Sapphire concerning Adamao’s mentality was worth it, but she didn’t have the courage to talk about something so personal to Adamao’s brother.
She refused to be laughed at in the Black Moon.

“Never mind about the towel, Adamao.” She shook her head disappointingly. Whether he would believe her or not, it wouldn’t matter. And she definitely didn’t care about what Sapphire thought about her imperfect hair, she was simply grateful that Ruben wasn’t around to see it. Hopefully, Adamao hadn’t intended on inviting Ruben over for input on their plans. That’d be a problem.
After she led Adamao to her car, Jade took out her keys and unlocked it, sat in the driver’s seat and waited for Adamao to get in.  



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