Expect the Unexpected

Jade’s black heels clicked against the pavement as she walked down the street of Infinity’s shopping district, carrying two shopping bags filled with expensive brand clothes. Normally Jade would have preferred to be chauffeured on her shopping sprees but today wasn’t that sort day.
Jade had no desire to head back to the Dark King residential tower, so she parked her Porsche not too far from the district. As much as Jade wanted to shop until she dropped, she knew that she was desired back at the Black Moon HQ later that evening. She had little more free time to shop and grab a bite to eat before she needed to leave.
But just overhead, Jade was witnessing what Florida was known for during its July months—the abrupt arrival of downpour in the afternoon. Most Floridians knew what to expect during the rainy season, but Jade watched the news today and it wasn’t supposed to rain.
Grumbling, Jade quickly tried to dash for one of the coffee shops nearby. At least there she’d be able to become occupied as she waited for the rain to stop. But she was too late, by the time that Jade was able to reach the coffee shop her hair was soaked.
“Ugh! This is pathetic.” Jade growled, opening the door and rushing inside quickly. She had the ability to teleport, but Jade knew better than to reveal herself as a Black Moon in public. “My clothes better not be wet, too!”
Jade placed her shopping bags on a nearby table without paying attention to whether or not it was occupied. No one in Infinity district was worthy in Jade’s perspective to have her respect, not even if they were another celebrity. Not unless they were Adamao.  Jade carefully made sure that the clothes in her bag weren’t wet.
It simply wouldn’t do!

Adamao Megalos

You didn't really need to have powers of any kind to feel the sudden dark energy that entered the coffee shop, Jade was fuming when she came through the door, water dripping from the ends of her hair. It was amusing, to say the least, mostly because Adamao had never seen Jade not looking perfect. She was trained as a model prior to joining the Black Moon Clan, so it made sense that she always looked perfect, but there were times that it seemed almost inhuman, like when Jade was fighting on behalf of the Black Moon Clan. Honestly, Adamao really never paid any attention to her hair, but today, it was hard to miss. It was also hard to miss the look on her face.

"Not afraid of a little rain, are you?" Grabbing his coffee from the counter, Adamao cringed with disgust as the teenager behind the counter mispronounced his name. Yes, his name was foreign, but it wasn't really that hard to pronounce, was it? It didn't matter much longer anyway, soon enough, Adamao wouldn't be important anymore and the only name that Earth would need to know was White Diamond. Commander White Diamond that was. Very soon, Adamao was going to show the people of Earth, especially those in the 'perfect' Crystal City, just how powerful the Black Moon Clan was.

Stepping closer to Jade, hazel eyes glanced downwards to the table that held her shopping bags. Why wasn't he surprised that she was out shopping? It seemed to be her favorite thing to do, and if she wasn't so good at taking orders, Adamao would question if she was truly ready to leave her former life in the past. He had been happy to give up his job when he joined up with Wiseman, no longer needing a source of income. Wiseman provided everything that the Black Moon Clan needed, it was just up to the members to execute things properly, which was where the coffee shop came in...potentially.

The coffee shop was one of many locations that Adamao was scouting out as a place to execute his next big plan. Having discussed it with Wiseman, who was elated to hear Adamao's plans, he needed only to find a suitable place now. Coffee was something that drove people, it was always a popular spot, and there was a considerable amount of foot traffic visiting. Though the building was small, and that would put a damper on Adamao's plans. He needed to send a true message to the Moon Family, and a tiny coffee shop wasn't enough of a message, he could do better.

Brushing a strand of white hair out of his face, Adamao had left the white suit back at the headquarters and instead opted for a simple pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. White made a statement, it demanded attention, but it wasn't yet time to demand attention. Today was a day to remain covert, though now that Jade had popped up, Adamao wasn't expecting to remain covert. She had a flair for the dramatics and lived for attention on her.

Brown hues sharply turned towards Adamao when she heard his familiar voice, it was hard to miss when he’d become the man of her affections.  Her hues widened in surprise, blush marks appeared on her features without Jade’s knowledge.
Why did he have to see her like this? Of all people!
“A-Adamao!” Jade’s brown hues fluttered, quickly looking away in embarrassment. “I wasn’t expecting you to be here. Don’t be silly, of course I’m not afraid of rain.”
If she was, she wouldn’t be a commander of the Black Moon. For a commander, failure wasn’t an option, and as a commander she wasn’t allowed to let a little rain get in her way. But as Jade, she wasn’t about to let herself become imperfect.
Rain was a sign of imperfection. And right now Adamao was seeing her imperfect. That was embarrassing, and something that she’d hoped would never ever happen again. Adamao wasn’t allowed to see Jade when she was anything but perfect. More importantly, no one else in the Black Moon was allowed to see her this way.
“What are you doing here?” Jade quickly asked, grabbing her dark green hair and squeezing it to get some of the water out. Jade was careful not to let the water get close to her bags, but when Adamao was carefully observing them she frowned. Was there a problem that she enjoyed shopping? While Jade was no longer a model, Jade had expensive tastes and she wouldn’t be seen wearing the same thing all the time.
To Jade, that would have been embarrassing. The Black Moon were powerful, and they needed to demonstrate that, and clothing was a sign of perfection and power. The wrong person wearing the wrong thing was imperfection, but Jade was a former model, who looked stunning in nearly anything she chose.
Jade glanced briefly around the coffee shop, taking a good look at who was present. Insofar, Jade saw no one associated with the Black Moon, but what if they were in the restrooms or coming inside? Jade hoped not.
“Is anyone here with you?” Jade arched a brow. If Rubeus was, Jade wouldn’t have it. She needed to find something to hide her wet hair from him, but Jade was also aware that Rubeus had never seen her with her hair in a ponytail.

Adamao Megalos

Jade's reaction to the rain was peculiar to Adamao, but he had never cared about being stuck in the rain. It wasn't like he needed to impress anyone, and now that he was a commander with the Black Moon Clan, he didn't need to impress anyone. Adamao was the one that people needed to impress now, and he had to admit, it felt good. Now, if only Sapphire could get more on board with Wiseman and stop trying to convince Adamao that the man was a bit odd, everything would be much better.

"You just look very upset about the rain. It's only water." Had they not been in public, Adamao would have questioned how she would react against the two Sailor Guardians that had water-based attacks, but this wasn't the place to have that conversation. Of course, it probably would be worth having that talk if Jade had such a strong reaction to water just falling from the sky. Eyeing her reaction as she tried to wring the water out of her hair, Adamao only really noticed that her hair was wet by the way it seemed to cling to her body. Other than that, the dark green of her hair looked exactly the same as it always did. Sure, he'd admit that a green-haired woman grabbed his attention from the beginning, it was unusual, but as time passed, Adamao just got used to Jade

Taking another drink of the coffee, Adamao found that coffee didn't seem to have the same effect towards him as before he joined the Black Moon. Nothing in his life was the same as it was before, and Adamao loved it. Now that he had the Black Moon Clan, and the powers that Wiseman granted him, Adamao felt more powerful than ever before. He didn't fear the Sailor Guardians, in fact, he couldn't wait to come face to face with them, but he had to do it carefully, plan it out, which was exactly what he was doing right now.

Tossing the full cup of coffee into the nearest trash bin, Adamao didn't really want the coffee anyway, it was mostly just a cover to come here. "I needed to look at a few locations to find the perfect place for my upcoming plans. There is a lot of traffic here, but most people don't stay, they just come and go. This isn't the place I'm looking for." Adamao was looking for a place that had a lot of people, one where people lingered and stuck around. If he was going to plan an attack, then he needed it to reach as many people as possible, and the handful of people that stayed in this coffee shop just weren't enough.

"Sapphire offered to come with me, but he's been acting weird lately, so I came alone. You and Rubeus were both gone, which is a shame. I think Rubeus and the sisters could really be an asset for this plan." Though Adamao couldn't openly speak in public, he had been trying to keep quiet on this plan since it first struck him. He had talked to Wiseman about it, and got the green light to go ahead and execute the plan at his discretion. The more Wiseman stepped back and allowed Adamao to make his own plans, the more Adamao felt like he truly found a place he belonged. He was trusted in the Black Moon Clan, and it felt great.

Only water?
No, it was much more than that. It caused an imperfection and with that reaction Adamao clearly wouldn’t understand. Jade was a former model, trained to be perfect and nothing but perfect by her deceased mother. For the man who captured her affections to see her as anything but perfect, and for him to have curiously taken notice bothered Jade.
She decided not to answer. Adamao wouldn’t understand her disposition and she merely shrugged, continuing to squeeze the water out of her hair. The moment that it stopped raining, Jade had to hurry home and blow dry her hair. She was not going to a meeting at headquarters with how she looked now.
She refused.
“It sounds like you’re looking for a mall, Adamao.” Jade advised, placing a small fingertip against her cheek as she curiously wondered what Adamao was planning. She wanted in, she wanted to prove to him that she was much more useful. Jade wasn’t just a pretty face.
But the fact that he had dared to bring up Rubeus and the Specter sisters enraged Jade. The grip that she had on her hair tightened in efforts to not show Adamao just how upset she was. All Adamao had to do was ask, and she’d always put down what she had planned for him.
“Oh Adamao, why didn’t you just ask me?” Jade asked as she let go of her hair. “You don’t need those pesky little sisters, when have they accomplished anything?” It was a simple, honest question. They were soldiers for a reason, they’d yet to achieve commanding rank and frankly Jade highly doubted that they’d ever will.
“Leave whatever you have planned to me, Adamao. I do everything myself, I don’t leave it to foolish lackeys like Rubeus does. My subordinates Chiral and Achiral are on the verge of becoming commanders themselves. Is this what you plan on discussing at the meeting tonight?” Jade inquired, walking up to the counter to order a coffee.

Adamao Megalos

"A mall?"[b] Considering the suggestion that Jade made, Adamao glanced out the windows of the cafe, thinking it over. Was a mall really what he wanted? It could have quite a few people within it, but malls were large and spacious, places for people to potentially hide, that wasn't what Adamao wanted. [b]"No, I don't think I want a mall. I want something open, no where to hide, and something I can observe." That was the important part as well, Adamao needed to be able to see the plan executed to the fullest. He couldn't just plant a bomb and leave, what if it didn't work? What if the message sent wasn't clear? No, that was the difference between Adamao and many of the others, he saw his plans all the way through, while others just thought they executed it properly.

As Jade continued to fiddle with her hair, Adamao's mind continued to think of the perfect location, which he was determined to find tonight. He would walk the city, in the rain if need be, to find the location, so he could announce his full plan at the meeting, without any gaps that might make someone think he hadn't thought things out. Adamao needed to do this, to show Wiseman that he knew exactly what was going on, and to put the Black Moon Clan on every media outlet in the world. The world would know of them, and the world would know what they were capable of.

"Huh?" Pulled out of his own thoughts as Jade questioned why Adamao hadn't asked, his gaze turned back towards her. Why had he considered Rubeus? It seemed obvious in Adamao's mind, Rubeus was a commander, but he maintained a soldier's mentality, he was completely loyal and devoted to the cause. It wasn't had Jade wasn't loyal, but she was very independent, and Adamao didn't think that would work in this circumstance. He needed someone to follow orders, not go off on their own.

Following after Jade when she moved towards the line to buy drinks, Adamao still wasn't sure if Jade could truly do what Adamao needed. Reaching out and placing a hand on Jade's shoulder, Adamao wanted her attention, needed her attention, so she knew what he wanted. "Yes, I am planning to discuss this tonight, but I need someone who can be very patient and not stray from the plan. You aren't exactly known for your patience, Jade."

A mall….didn’t qualify for that?

Startled, Jade glanced at Adamao briefly with curiosity. She was intrigued. Just what did Adamao have planned? What required him to be able to observe? The Black Moon were powerful in their own right, much more powerful than those pesky Dark Kingdom vermin. Surely, whatever it was that Adamao had planned a mall would have sufficed?
But Jade wasn’t about to question him. She was intrigued. A mischievous smile formed on her features, her curiosity increasing by the second as she wanted the meeting to happen now. But they couldn’t let eavesdroppers overhear their plans let alone know that they were part of the Black Moon.
It was bad enough that they were talking about something suspicious in public, but they were careful with their tones.
After ordering her coffee, Jade was grateful for Adamao’s touch, but it was short-lived. A smile quickly turned into a frown when Adamao claimed that she was impatient. She huffed, turning her head the other way.
“I lack patience? Adamao, I lack patience for things that should be quick and efficient. Perfection is an absolute necessity.” She said matter-of-factly. Rubeus was anything but perfection in Jade’s perspective. He might have had certain qualities that made him a valuable asset to their cause, but Jade strived for perfection. She expected nothing less from her subordinates, Chiral and Achiral.
“You can count on me in this mission, Adamao. If you want things done correctly, I’m your woman. Or you can rely on Rubeus and his pesky little girls and things will take much longer than necessary.”

Adamao Megalos

It wasn't uncommon for Emerald to walk away when Diamond didn't listen to her ideas, she contained a lot of passion for herself, but not so much for others, especially Rubeus. More than once Diamond had caught the two of them arguing, but it wasn't like the arguing that Diamond and Sapphire displayed, it was an argument out of true dislike, and it drove Diamond crazy. They were all on the same team and they needed to work together as a team, or they'd be just as well to tear each other apart without even trying to accomplish Wiseman's dreams.

Diamond had done his best to step up and try to reign them all in, to make them listen to reason. He had spoken nicely, had threatened them, had fought with them, all of it to no avail. He knew full well that the only thing Diamond had over the others was a short bit more time with Wiseman, they were all full commanders, held the same ranks and Wiseman put the same expectations on them all, but some times, Diamond felt like he was the only one truly dedicated to the cause. Even now, as they spoke in hushed whispers and subtle wording, Diamond felt the same way.

Jade was so convinced that she could do a better job than Rubeus, that if Rubeus helped, he would mess everything up, whereas she wouldn't. Adamao didn't doubt Jade's abilities, but he noticed silently, once more, how she always talked Rubeus down and never volunteered to work with him. It was for the best, truly, Adamao knew the two couldn't come together and work side by side, but it was things like this that made Adamao feel like he needed to step up and take charge.

"You're certain you can demonstrate patience and restraint?" Adamao didn't want Jade running off and losing her temper, like she could be known to do. This mission was different than the norm, it was mostly hands-off, and the last thing Adamao needed was Jade showing herself physically during this mission. They weren't going to start a fight, they were going to start a war, and Adamao was throwing the first punch.

"Since Rubeus wasn't around earlier, I will let you help me. I know I don't have to tell you what will happen if things don't go smoothly." For one, Adamao would be discussing Jade's future with the clan if she ruined his perfect plan, though Wiseman would likely already be thinking of the very same topic.

Demonstrate? With the way that Adamao sounded, Jade was under the impression that he believed that she couldn’t. Jade was a very independent woman, who believed that you shouldn’t rely entirely on others to complete a task. She was already under the impression that this was a very, very delicate matter, that if she failed, she would lose Adamao.
She wouldn’t have that. For Jade, the clan was Adamao. Everyone else could drop dead for all Jade cared. None of them had impressed Jade enough, but Jade had also realized that she hadn’t spent enough time with her clan mates.
Not that she cared.
“Of course,” Jade placed her index finger against her cheek, moving to sit down at a table. She leaned against her chair, crossing her legs flirtatiously. “You have yet to work with me on a mission, Adamao. When have my missions ever failed?”
It was an honest question. Jade couldn’t recall any failure yet on her track record, aside from her own unwillingness to work with Rubeus and those little sisters.
“Adamao, I will do what I can to aid you, at your command. Let me make this clear that you are the one I am loyal to.” It wasn’t an open confession of her affections, but Adamao needed to know that Jade trusted him immensely. Even if she wasn’t willing to work side-by-side with others, Jade was at Adamao’s beckon call.
“But we must consider all factors in your plan, even the…most unlikely factor.” Jade advised, taking a sip of her coffee. The rain continued to pour outside, and Jade was under the impression it wouldn’t end anytime soon with the darkened sky. She smiled, gazing towards the rain. “It’s fitting for this occasion, no?”

Adamao Megalos

Confidence was one of the things that Adamao had admired about Jade, and one of the reasons that he had brought her into the Black Moon Clan, but confidence only went so far. This was going to be one of their biggest missions yet, not just a single murder or bringing in a new recruit, but a huge explosion that would leave mental and physical scars on the city for plenty of time to come. Picking the person he trusted to work with him was a very difficult thing, and truthfully, Adamao would have preferred to work alone, but this was too big of a mission to truly work alone. He knew he would need someone else, and Rubeus seemed the obvious choice, for his soldier-like loyalty, but now Jade was confessing her loyalty as well.

Following her back to a table, Adamao sat across from Jade, listening to her reasoning why she would be a good accomplice. "This is bigger than a normal mission." So big that Adamao would need to bring Sapphire in on it, because without his brain, it would never even be possible. Though Adamao loved to joke with his younger brother, he couldn't deny just how talented the kid was.

"I appreciate your loyalty, and if you're certain that you're up to the task, then I will carry out the mission with you. Be mindful though, this will make or break both of us." It wasn't just Jade's position on the line, it would be Adamao's position too if things went horribly wrong. He couldn't afford to screw up that much with Wiseman, but he couldn't afford not to take this chance. It would put the Black Moon Clan on top if it went to plan, no one would even care about the Dark Kingdom anymore.

"The most unlikely factor would only aid in our cause." Gazing off towards the direction of the Crystal Palace, Adamao couldn't see it through the buildings, but he knew it was there none the less, always watching over the city now. "Let her come, and show the world how useless she is, or how unnatural she is." Speaking very softly, Adamao couldn't imagine a scenario that he couldn't twist in favor of the Black Moon. If the queen stayed in her palace or she left it and did nothing, then the world would lose faith in her ability to protect them. If she came and brought the dead back to life...Adamao couldn't think of a better display to prove that she is unnatural and wields too much power for a single person who isn't even human.

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