Crystal City - January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

Increasing Suspicions
Tensions were high in Crystal City and Serenity was becoming increasingly concerned with the war between the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom. While the Black Moon became more public, the Dark Kingdom remained lingering in the shadows and seemed to be increasing in their activities with murderous intent as citizens dropped dead when their energies were collected.

And there was one soldier within her ward that still left things up in the air: Sailor Saturn and her Silence Glaive. It was time to put her suspicions at ease, time to ensure that her kingdom wouldn’t fall victim to the glaive if it were to fall into the wrong hands. The war between the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom was worrisome in that regard, as both were after the Silver Crystal.

Just what would happen if the Silence Glaive fell into the hands of either factions?

After managing to convince Lena to disguise temporarily as her in the Crystal Palace, Serenity—or rather, Cynthia now—managed to leave the Crystal Palace undetected using her trusty disguise pen. Her hair was let down from its twin odangos, her crescent moon no longer on her forehead and she for a change wore casual attire.

It was refreshing. No one in the city knew that the Queen was amongst them.

I know I should go to Kali and the others first….but I need to find this out for myself. That’s understandable, right? Serenity thought to herself as she placed an index finger against her chin, making her way towards the courthouse. It was rare nowadays that Serenity was able to travel so freely, but she’d known that her Guardians were only a communicator away.

Walking up to the secretary, Serenity calmly asked, “Excuse me, is Judge Chase in? I’m one of Neo Queen Serenity’s advisors, she sent me to speak to him.”

“Judge Chase? Yes, one moment please.” The secretary replied, swinging her chair towards the right to call Max.

Maximilian Chase
It should have been the end of the day, just a few more signatures and his stack of paperwork would be finished and Max would be done for the day, which was good because he had scheduled to have a case back in court at 8am, and even he didn't particularly want to come that early. In all, however, the things Max disliked about his job were minuscule in comparison to what he liked about his job. It was a good job and there was no reason to move away from it now.

Picking up the last form to sign, Max stopped when he heard Kate's voice come through the phone's intercom. It interesting comment, and one that Max wasn't sure what to do with. Someone that worked with the queen here for him? It wasn't Sera, she wouldn't have announced herself that way to Kate, and furthermore, Max had asked her not to come to his work. He didn't want to be seen around the guardians, they were too political for him to associate with freely, especially at the courthouse. Not to mention that Max wasn't flaunting their relationship, and hoped to keep it a secret. If he was caught with would not be a good day facing Lilith.

Rather than replying to Kate, Max walked out towards them, to see for himself who was here, hopefully before they saw him. "Thank you Kate, I've got it from here." The advisor didn't look like anything special, just a young woman, which made Max wonder all the more why she was here. Had Sera done something? Clearly she must have, because before he met Sera, he had never gotten a visit like this before. Motioning the girl to follow him back to his chambers, Max walked in and leaned against his desk, crossing his arms over his chest. Unlike the time that Sera had confronted him here, he preferred not to have the desk between them, just in case something went badly, but Max was already thinking up ways to use this surprise to his advantage.

"Close the door behind you. What can I do for you?"

Oh wow! Serenity internally thought as she observed Max when he came through the hallway. He’s really hot!

Wait, what am I thinking?
Serenity’s slight childish decorum kicked in then, as she remembered the days that she and Lena used to fawn over hot guys. Lena would have loved to be here, for sure! There were brief interactions that she’d had with the judges, and while she vaguely recognized Judge Chase, her memory was slim at best.

“Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, Judge Chase.” Serenity smiled softly, closing the door gently behind with one hand. Her azure hues remained focused on him, her palms soon clasping in front of her once the door was shut.

“And in private. Neo Queen Serenity wanted me to report back to her with some questions, she informed me that you’re acquainted with Seraphina Bailey, yes?” Being disguised as an advisor, Serenity knew that she couldn’t get straight to the point without appearing too suspicious. It was best to start slow, to see where he personally was going to lead her.

But that still hadn’t made the situation any less uncomfortable. Serenity was used to traveling with a guard, if Uranus became informed that she and Lena had personally arranged this….Serenity internally shuddered at the thought. But she had to know more, she had to get to know this man for Sera’s personal safety, not to mention the entire planet.

Besides, who was to say that the Outer Guardians would take any of this lightly if they’d heard it just from Sera? It was best to hear both sides of the story.

Maximilian Chase
Already Max was annoyed and she hadn't even said anything, but simply knowing that she worked for the queen was enough for Max. But then, as she started to speak, Max was becoming all too aware of what the reason was for the visit. It wasn't hidden or subtle in anyway, this advisor had immediately led with Sera, and Max, who already knew he had nothing to tell an advisor of the queen, found himself even more shut down.

"I've met her, yes."

And that was all Max had to say on the subject, though it was clear now that Sera had said something, his name had clearly come up, and now Max needed to figure out a way to convince Sera to stop bringing up his name. If the Dark Kingdom found out that his time spent with Sera was more than just gathering information for Metaria, then Max would be the one in trouble. Instead, it was this advisor who was in far more trouble than she even imagined.

"I'm sure you're very good at your job, but the queen has no power in this courthouse, I do, so if her intention is to send a messenger every time one of her guardians steps into my house, then she will be very disappointed."

Unbuttoning the cuffs of his dark purple shirt, Max slowly rolled up the sleeves of his shirt until it reached his elbows, making him feel less constrained in his clothes. Of course, he wasn't planning to stay in these clothes long, because this was by far the perfect opportunity to test out this theory that the other knights had shot down. The regular people who worked in the palace, they undoubtedly had an abundance of powerful energy that Metaria would love. Especially one who had already annoyed Max.

Startled, azure hues fluttered at how abrasive and straightforward Max was. This….this was the man that Sera had a crush on?

She wasn’t sure how to feel about it. She was irked. She didn’t like this sort of behavior and she’d known that Uranus would’ve probably become super overprotective of Sera, if her experiences with Star Fighter were anything to take into consideration.

“U-Um no, it’s not about what business she may have in this courthouse, really.” She couldn’t help but stutter a little bit, she was trying her hardest to gather her thoughts and try to figure out how to approach what she was truly here for without sounding like she wanted to accuse him.

“It’s just that she had some concerns about one of your recent meetings, when you touched the Silence Glaive…” She informed him, deciding to go straight to the point. There was just no other way to address the situation without seeming like she was wasting his and her own time. Besides, if she wasn’t back by a specific time she was sure that Lena was going to freak out.

She didn’t want that at all.

“The Guardians are attempting to gather as much information about yours and her experiences in order to learn more about their tools. They’ve never experienced anything like it from a civilian. The Queen would have preferred to come herself, but she would have been forced to bring one of her Guardians…”

Maximilian Chase
The weapon. That's what this was about. It didn't surprise Max, but he was actually more focused on the woman herself than her comments to him, she was clearly shaken up, and that amused Max a bit. He wasn't even threatening her, he wasn't trying to hurt her...well, not yet, and she was stuttering like she was a child.

Leaning his weight forward onto his feet, Max stood up and began moving away from the desk, walking towards the woman in front of him. "Everyone seems to make a big deal out of that weapon like it's something special..."

Closing the gap between them until she was within reach, Max fully fixed his gaze on her. "It was merely like holding my own." As the words passed his lips, Max transformed into Hematite, his double-bladed weapon appearing in his left hand as his slacks and button-up shirt turned into black armor with a purple trim. Reaching out with his right hand, Max's fingers grasped the woman's neck, squeezing it to keep her in place.

Raising his left hand, Max held up his weapon as he used the weapon to capture the energy he began drawing from the girl. It was powerful energy, just like he had predicted, and Max knew immediately that Metaria would be pleased with this energy. It was different than the energies from other people, more intense. The girl had a lot of life within her, and it was a shame that her time had finally come.


Serenity’s brows fluttered when Max became too close for comfort, gazing upward at him questionably. What did he mean by holding his own?

Just as that thought crossed her mind, Serenity was in shock to see him in a uniform well-known to the Dark Kingdom. No! He couldn’t be, he couldn’t be part of that and Sera couldn’t fall into his trap. Absolutely—

Her neck was caught within his grasp, her palm moved towards his as she winced. “Let g-go of me!” Serenity exclaimed, and when she began to feel her own energy being drained the disguise she had would soon fade. Her crescent moon shined on her forehead as a moon beam would soon be released towards Max in self-defense.

Her very defensive technique could be sensed within the vicinity, her own power strong. Serenity was attempting to try and not hurt him, merely to make him let go with her power.

“Yo-u’ve confir-med my own suspi-cions.” Serenity stuttered, hoping that he’d let go. Hoping that he’d learn his lesson from attacking anyone outright, especially within her fold.

Maximilian Chase
Hematite had anticipated a lot of things, but he hadn't expected to see the woman literally changing in front of him. Her facade was disappearing as that well-known symbol appeared on her forehead, and suddenly Hematite realized that he was in a very interesting position. This wasn't an advisor at all, Hematite had only seen that symbol on a couple people, but only one had the golden hair.

Hit by the beam, it was enough to force Hematite to let go and stumble back a few steps. "Well that was anti-climatic. Forgive me if I don't bow, but queens don't intimidate me." Smirking, Hematite raised his weapon once more, twirling the double-bladed weapon as he continued to use the powers that Beryl had granted him to steal life energy from others.

"You shouldn't have come here. Do you wonder? If anyone will miss you when you're gone?" Raising an eyebrow as he questioned here, Hematite's senses were now alerted and the queen took on a glow that only he could see as she presented herself as a threat towards him. Not for long, though, all he had to do was finish collecting her energy and everything that Metaria wanted would be finished. Surely, she had that damn crystal on her, and Hematite would find it once she was done with.

It almost felt too easy, but Hematite wasn't entirely surprised. He had done well to keep up his secret identity, even the queen herself didn't suspect that he was who he was, or else she wouldn't have come alone, and no doubt, Sera would have been with her. One thing was sure though, Sera couldn't find out about this. There was just something about Sera, Max couldn't stay away from her once he had kissed her, and the feeling seemed mutual once the initial shock wore off.

Lena Moore
Lena had been in the middle of training when she had suddenly felt a powerful pulse of energy. It was the kind of energy that she could never mistake as anything else other than her queen. She whirled around on her feet, her eyes widened as she burst out of the room, her eyes darting around for anyone that might be able to tell her where the queen was. Panic was beginning to fill her as she could feel something was weakening the queen. Her heart began to pound and she wasted no time. She figured that the others could feel it just as much as she could, but she wasn't going to take any chances with this.

"Venus Crystal Power, Make Up!" She shouted into the air, feeling that warmth wrap around her and the light erupted around her as well. She didn't hesitate from allowing herself to be drawn into teleportation so that she would be taken straight to Cynthia. She had to make sure that whatever was threatening her life was ended before they could do any further damage.

She appeared in the middle of the judge's chambers in a bright flash of light. At first sight, she had no idea who he was. On any other occasion, she might think he was handsome. But that uniform? It reminded her of the planetary knights. Wait. What was a knight doing attacking the queen?

The Dark Kingdom.

Her expression darkened. She wasn't going to hold back even if he was a knight. If he ended up getting destroyed in this, she wasn't going to shed any tears. Cynthia's safety was what mattered most. Without her usual announcement of who she was, which to be honest, had gotten old at her age and there was no point in any sort of introductions, she summoned the holy sword into hand.

"My lady, you are not alone!" Sailor Venus hissed in anger and she lunged forward. When she had been a teenager, she hadn't known how to use the sword very well. She had been awkward with it. But now she was precise and deadly. She had been training with it every day. She immediately went for his arm to make him release her queen.

The moment that Max let go, Serenity gasped for air, moving her fingertips against her own neck in efforts to reassure herself that she was fine.

Firm, azure hues soon landed on Max when he asked her that question. She didn’t have to think twice, she’d already known that answer. “I know people will miss me, whether they’re my friends or family, I am not alone!” Serenity exclaimed. “But I won’t let you take my life here!”

Serenity stood strong then, and although Max continued to drain her energy, she refused to show signs of weakness after that brief moment of weakness. She was having her energy drained, but that didn’t mean that she had to go down as anything other than a queen!

Serenity was using her own power to fight back Max’s own efforts to drain her energy, but it wasn’t without consequence—she felt her own actions being used against her in the conflict of power. But even from a distance, Serenity felt the power of the Silver Crystal flowing through her, protecting her each moment.

I may not be Sailor Moon anymore…but I still control the Silver Crystal!

Venus’s own appearance was met with relief, azure hues beamed towards her.

“Venus! Thank goodness~!” Serenity exclaimed. “That’s Maximilian Chase, the judge~! The one that Sera likes!” She took no time to waste, Venus had to know who the man before them both was. “He’s with them!”

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