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This was why she liked Max. He said things exactly how they were, and she briefly wondered if he’d ever been so outspoken in front of Beryl herself.
A small chuckle escaped her lips as she listened to him, smiling. “Imagine, a servant becoming the wife of the future king—it’d spark outrage!” At least in those times it would have. Lilith remembered God’s Law, the law that forbade Earthlings and Lunarians to interact with each other. That alone was enough to spark a war between the Earth and Moon.
“And that is why we must obtain the Silver Crystal for ourselves. We can decide who obtains immortality, but we will give it to the people—even those blessed with darkness in their hearts.”
Oh, how grand that would be! Lilith internally thought. She’d known the reasons why the White Moon chose not to give those with dark intentions immortality. They didn’t want to give Chaos more energy, but Lilith did, she saw Chaos as their one true savior. Chaos was the one who would put the Earth back in order.
But the more that Max spoke about the Dark Kingdom today, it made her angry. Just who had Beryl recruited for the Dark Kingdom? Was it truly that dysfunctional? Lilith intended to finally bring order to her kingdom once more.
“Hmph, that’s pathetic. Beryl can’t even get people to get along to complete their task now, yet she’s the Chief of Police?” Shaking her head disappointingly, Lilith walked towards her desk and pulled out her car keys from her desk drawer.
Tossing the keys up and catching it, Lilith gazed back towards Max.
“You mean she hasn’t told you…. it seems that she’s letting the kingdom slip. Energy collection, Max. I need energy, human energy that your stones should be able to absorb. Now let’s go have a little talk with Malin.”

Maximilian Chase

Talking to Metaria explained a lot of things to Max, things that he had never quite understand about the Dark Kingdom before, but knew that he couldn't ask about. Beryl was clear about many things, and talking about the past was something that she never seemed very open about. "Not everyone is strong enough to lead an army." Not that Max really had experience with going to war, but perhaps that needed to change. They needed to strike the White Moon, but no one could agree on a single plan, and so they continued to do nothing.

"We need to agree on a single plan so that we can actually execute it. Good luck getting London to agree to anything that isn't his own plan, and since he's our fearless leader..." Trailing off, Max knew that he didn't need to fill in anymore details. They had literally just met to discuss the fallout from the explosion, and even then, knowing that they needed a plan, they never formulated one.

Of course, people weren't exactly excited about Max's plan, but at least he had a plan, and it was a reasonable one. Going after the people that worked in the palace first made the most sense to him, and they could possibly even learn more about the guardians that way, but then there were other ways to learn about the guardians too, like talking with them directly.

Sera was a possibility, especially now that Lilith had turned out to be Metaria, who already knew about Max's past with Sera. Of course, she didn't know that Max and Sera had crossed a very important line, but that wasn't essential. If Max could have his cake and eat it too, if he could figure out why Sera was so magnetic and learn about the other guardians, then it was the best of both worlds.

"While we're on the way to Malin, I have a new proposition. You remember the guardian I told you about at dinner? She's popped up again a few times. I know what we talked about, but if instead of recording her to protect myself, what if I engage her to learn more about the guardians? She's a talker when you get her fired up, and it isn't hard to get her fired up at all." Walking away from the desk and towards the door, Max was careful to make sure he proposed his plan before they reached the door, to allow Metaria to consider the plan on the way to her car.

“Are you?” Lilith asked wryly, wondering if Max had what it took to lead even a small group of subordinates. Lilith knew she was, she was a dark being who’d been skilled in manipulation and successfully won a war thousands of years ago.
But Lilith still believed that she thought wrong in choosing Beryl to be her messenger, her Queen of the Dark Kingdom.
“He’ll lose his life if he doesn’t listen to what I say.” Lilith said sternly, a flicker of dark energy could be seen in her eyes as she gazed at Max’s heart, his soul, the stone. She could crush it right there, but Lilith’s own mannerisms were suggesting just who was in charge instead. She liked Max, and he was being very informative.
“Who among the Dark Kingdom is the one who everyone listens to most besides my little Beryl?” Lilith asked. “If I must, I will be reassigning ranks and duties. This is our last chance, and our Dark Kingdom must reign supreme!”
With that, Lilith led Max to her car. She liked the sound of Max’s plan, but even then she saw flaws—flaws which Lilith wondered whether or not the other Guardians would catch on. “Do what you want, but don’t get attached. Don’t be so obvious that you’re inquiring about the Guardians, ensure that she’s the one informing you.”

Maximilian Chase

"I'm ready to go after the White Moon the moment everyone comes together." It would be a suicide mission to go alone, but that was the entire point of having the Dark Kingdom, they were an army together. Attacking citizens was one thing, but the big picture was the White Moon, the silver crystal, and there was only one way to get that. "Let the Black Moon take their war to the citizens, we have a more important target."

Were this any other situation, Max probably would have smirked and make a crack about London, but this wasn't the best situation to do that in. He was still trying to figure out Metaria and how that personality was different from Lilith, and yet, she didn't seem much different. Yes, this Lilith was a darker woman, of course, but in the way they spoke and interacted, that felt the same.

"There is no other leader. It's chaos, figuratively speaking of course." It wasn't actually chaos, Metaria was chaos, if you wanted to get technical. "We haven't really spent much time working as a team, Beryl kind of just gave us all powers and threw us together, which brought about a lot of personality clashes." It sounded bad when Max said it, like they were teenage girls fighting with each other, but when you threw together a group of people with powers from very different backgrounds, it wasn't quite so easy to get them on the same page.

Walk past Lilith's secretary and all the others working in the building, they headed towards the parking garage, where Lilith's car sat. Listening to her advice for his plan, Max smirked and looked directly at Lilith. "I spent 5 years as a lawyer before I was appointed to the bench, I am well versed in getting people to talk, even about things they swore they'd never talk about in public." Perhaps the other members of the Dark Kingdom didn't see use in Max's job, but it did come with an unusual training background that could help them gather information.

Lilith enjoyed the way that Max thought, the more that she got to know him as Hematite. From the moment that she’d met him, she knew that he was special. They got along far too well, which was quite rare. Most people weren’t able to put up with Lilith’s fierce nature, and even her own personal secretary sometimes trembled when she was angry.
It wasn’t entirely her fault. Lilith felt her feelings very strongly, even as simply just the Mayor. It was her mission and desire to lead the people of the City of Orlando into the future that most people enjoyed about her. She didn’t give up, even when facing Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion.
“Max,” Lilith curved her lips just a little. She’d seen enough of him to know how he thought, she didn’t need to meet any of the other knights that Beryl recruited. “Would you be interested in becoming my General, my insight into Beryl’s current Dark Kingdom?”
Lilith smirked when Max mentioned chaos. Of course.
“You’ll learn more as we go, Max.” She smiled, twirling her car keys in her fingertips as she made her way towards her vehicle. “I intend on changing that. When Beryl recruited the Heavenly Kings, they already knew how to function as a single unit.”
Perhaps it was their memories that were the cause of this, but they were buried deep. Clicking a button on her car keys to unlock her car, there was a beep beep from her vehicle that signified that it was unlocked. She would then proceed to toss Max her keys, giving him permission to drive her car.
Lilith had no desire to use a GPS when she had the map right next to her.
“Regardless, I expect a report."

Maximilian Chase

Max wasn't entirely new to the Dark Kingdom, and yet, it almost felt like he was with the way the Dark Kingdom was so out of touch with each other. Of course, it was just Max's luck that he was the one to find Metaria and be the one to explain all this to her, which obviously surprised her. And yet, she wasn't surprised that Beryl hadn't brought them all together, which was telling about their relationship. Soon enough, Max was about to take her right to Beryl and see it first hand.

"A General? It sounds like a job made for me." Max didn't know exactly what he was agreeing to, but if Metaria was offering him a new rank within the Dark Kingdom, Max was going to jump at it and grasp it with both hands, figuring out what it entailed later. Whatever it was, Max could do it, and he would do it better than anyone else would have.

Did Metaria mean that Max would learn more about chaos as time went on? Chaos seemed...mysterious and difficult. It didn't make a ton of sense to Max, but he understood that chaos is what their powers came from, and anything that could give people powers was something powerful.

Reaching the car, Max looked up just as Lilith tossed the keys to him. Leaning forward and stretching out a hand, Max caught the keys and opened the passenger door for Lilith, leaning on it. "Malin has been waiting for you to show yourself while she's still working on rounding out the team. If we take charge of the current team we have now, bringing in more will be easy."

Lilith laughed at the response she got from Max. Of course. Anyone who achieved the rank of a judge usually believed that they were capable of greatness, and Max seemed to be one of those people. It was merely the fact that Max was one of the few people that she could presently trust that encouraged her to grant him the rank of General.
He was, after all, her eyes and ears in the present day Dark Kingdom. Whether or not there were some knights who were attached to Beryl was uncertain, but she’d soon learn for herself on who she could trust within her own kingdom.
They all had two missions—gather energy for her and destroy the White Moon. It seemed that Beryl was failing at both, her conflict with her current persona of Malin seemed to be evident. She hadn’t seen much activity from the Dark Kingdom like she had before, whereas the Black Moon seemed to be the more fearsome power.
Lilith fully intended on changing that.
Taking a seat on the passenger’s side, Lilith gazed upward towards Max and shook her head. “It seems that all she’s been doing is waiting. I expect a full report on what the Dark Kingdom’s activities have been as of late, Max. Consider that your first assignment.”
“I would have thought that Malin would have been more destructive when the king and queen ascended the throne, but it seems she’s merely been operating in the shadows. She was never a concern to me when I was merely Lilith Rey. Let’s see how much we can change of how the current Dark Kingdom operates, they’ll learn why I am their True Queen.”

Maximilian Chase

Closing the door behind Lilith and moving to the driver's side, sliding into the seat as Max readjusted the seat to fit his height, Max nodded. "It will likely be a short report." This wasn't school anymore and there was no reason to fill up paper with fluff and legal jargon that only served to make you sound like a pretentious ass and bore people too much to finish reading the full brief. Smirking as he commented on the length of the report, Max wouldn't be surprised if he literally had nothing to report at the moment. Was anyone else doing anything? It sure didn't feel like it.

"Did you know they were going to ascend to the throne?" Max wasn't sure just how much knowledge over the world Chaos had, as well, he didn't know if there was any sort of ancient prophecy of something of the sort that might have led them to understand such an event would happen around this time.

Driving out of the parking garage and onto the city streets, Max headed towards the police station, curious about how that confrontation would go. For the most part, the knights were not supposed to associate with Malin, it would cast an odd image if so many people from different backgrounds all hung around each other. Max, of course, had dealings with Malin due to professional situations, but Max didn't have any reason to be around the others.

"Considering the blackout and all, what if you hold a public press conference? Invite as many people as possible to come. We could use that to attack and steal their energy." It would keep up Lilith's impeccable reputation too, if anyone ever felt that Lilith might know more than she's letting on about the Dark Kingdom, she could always reference their attack on her and her conference.

Lilith didn’t like that, not one little bit. Within the timeframe of the ascension of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, the Dark Kingdom should have had a much longer report, depending on when they actually first reformed.
Of course, given what Max was telling her, it was likely that Beryl hadn’t been as proactive as she should have been. Such a disappointment.
Lilith narrowed her eyes when Max mentioned the King and Queen’s ascension. Did she know? Yes. But did Lilith know? No.  “I did.” She shrugged her shoulders, putting on her seatbelt as she got comfortable in her own vehicle.
“If there are Sailor Guardians, there will always be a King and Queen lingering in the light.”  Lilith scoffed. “It’s a shame that certain curses didn’t fall through.”
Oh, how she wished  that that curse fell through—the one that Princess Serenity would never ever ascend to the throne. It was unfortunate that now, she had been crowned Queen, and there was no turning back.

It meant they had to work harder.
Lilith’s ear perked up when she heard Max’s proposed plan. It wasn’t impossible, but how discreet could the present Dark Kingdom be? And that was only a little morsel of energy; it wasn’t enough to fuel her very being.
“I’ll decide when I see the current members of the Dark Kingdom.” Lilith declared, shrugging her shoulders. “From what you’ve told me, they don’t sound impressive. This could be a nice test for them—and you.” Lilith gazed towards Max as he drove.
“You may have gained my trust, but do not ever forget your place. I can revoke you of your powers, your life, and your status. You can expect a test of your own to see if you are truly worthy of being my General.”
And maybe, just maybe, it may start with that little pipsqueak.

Maximilian Chase

Learning that Lilith was actually Metaria, the lost queen of the Dark Kingdom had initially shocked Max at the start of their interaction, but now he had begun to grow used to her. She was still Lilith, more or less, a confident woman that could come off as intimidating if you lacked your own confidence or self-esteem. Metaria wasn't trying to intimidate Max, she wasn't bearing down on Max with criticism. Up until now, Metaria had been a faceless threat to the Dark Kingdom and why they needed to collect energy, but she was just as interested in making the Dark Kingdom successful as some of the others were.

"That sounds like there's a story behind that." Curses? That was interesting, though obviously not effective as Metaria made it clear that it didn't work. Of course, if it had, then Max probably wouldn't be here now, with his powers, which were pretty awesome, he had to admit.

As they headed closer to the police station, Max knew that things were going to get crazy, not only when Max showed up with Metaria, but also when Malin learned that Max was now going to have a new rank, as decided by their queen. The pressure of a new rank didn't bother Max, he had been pressured his entire life to preform and he had succeeded. There was no reason to think he wouldn't succeed anymore. "You should know by now that I don't buckle under pressure." Let her test him, it didn't really bother Max. He knew that the Dark Kingdom needed to get serious and really attack, or else they would just be spinning their wheels forever.

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