Moving Amid the Nocturnal
Cyn/Soo Min // July 20th 2030

Yoon Soo Min

With the waffle maker heated, Soo Min poured batter into the mold, closing the lid and allowing the batter to begin baking. Turning her back to the queen to procure more ingredients, Soo Min removed the strawberries from the fridge and began to cut them as the queen went to the pantry in search of cereal.

Skeptical, Soo Min had never before been tempted to try cereal, and it was never a meal listed on any restaurant menu she had ever seen, so it didn't even seem as though Americans placed a lot of interest in the simple meal, but Soo Min had seen it on TV. "Cheerios?" Looking at the yellow box, Soo Min picked it up and opened the box, smelling it first, though she was having a hard time associating it with much.

Pouring the cereal into a bowl, Soo Min added some of the milk she had pulled out for the waffles, just as she had seen on TV. Trying a bite, Soo Min's head tilted slightly to the side as she chewed the cereal, considering the taste. "It reminds me of misugaru a bit, the texture."

Busying herself with removing the first waffle and refilling the waffle maker for another one, Soo Min let the new waffle cook as she returned to the pantry, removing a bag of tan powder. Adding a couple scoops of the powder to a glass and adding milk and ice, Soo Min mixed the ingredients together and pushed it towards the queen. "Misugaru, Americans would call it a latte, of sorts. I also used to make it for Iseul, it's a multigrain powder mixed with milk and has a slightly nut flavor, but it looks like coffee without any caffeine, so little girls can think they're drinking adult drinks too." Smiling to the queen as Soo Min explained it, the drink could pair nicely with waffles, though the drink could easily be a meal in itself too. Retaining a slightly gritty texture, similar to vanilla bean in drinks, that was what the texture of the Cheerios reminded Soo Min of.

"Have you tried meditating before bed?" Though science had come a long way, Soo Min still believed in some of the ancient medicine, and meditation could be very important for a person who was so busy and needed to force themselves to sit down and clear their mind of their worries.

Azure hues fluttered as she listened to Soo Min associate cheerios with misugaru, especially when she claimed it was like a latte. Huh. She’d never thought of associating it with that, but then Serenity wasn’t usually the type to associate foods she often ate with other foods. She just dug right into her meal!
She laughed a little, grabbing a bottle of milk from the fridge and pouring it into a bowl shortly after the cheerios. She wasn’t sure how much milk Soo Min preferred, so she kept it at a minimum.
“You’ve got to try it to see for yourself. They’re yummy, healthy, and great for when you need something quick just to fill your stomach and keep you going!” Though growing up, Serenity would confess that she only really had cereal when she wasn’t going to school. Toast and other finger foods were usually her breakfast meal as she often overslept and was on a rush.
But when Soo Min advised meditating, she was a little surprised. That wasn’t something within her capabilities. Sure, Mars would have encouraged her to at least try it, but hadn’t they already tried similar remedies when she was anxious?
“I think Mars suggested something like that once, but it didn’t really work for me.” Serenity fidgeted a little with her fingertips. “Sitting still hasn’t ever been my forte.”

Yoon Soo Min

"The body and mind must be in sync for all things to work correctly. It is normal for your mind to not settle down if your body is not settled. Learning to sit still is a very important thing to master in life, and I imagine that it would be very important for your role as well. A pacing queen appears uneasy, and if the queen is uneasy, then anyone watching may be uneasy as well."

It was a harsh factor of life, but one that Soo Min herself had been forced to learn early in her life. To be taken seriously by patients, Soo Min had to be confident in herself and take herself seriously as well. It took her a few years out of school, still in her residency, for Soo Min to truly find her confidence in her own medical work, and now, several years later, Soo Min was not only confident, but well respected and a top surgeon in her field.

"Perhaps it wasn't the right time to try meditation before. You could also consider talking to someone before bed, to ease your mind?" Getting sleep was very important for anyone, but for someone with such an important role in the universe, Soo Min wanted to make sure that the queen of all people was taking care of herself and staying healthy.

Pulling another waffle from the maker, Soo Min put a couple waffles on a plate and lightly dusted them with powered sugar before placing strawberries neatly on the sugared waffles. Setting a fork on the plate, Soo Min gently pushed the placed towards Cynthia. "Do you like syrup with your waffles?" Knowing the palace, there were no less than a dozen different flavors, and picking which one Cynthia liked best would be a challenge even Soo Min wasn't up for.

Sitting still? Yeah, no, Serenity already knew that she was terrible at that! She had to fidget at least a little bit for her to really put her mind at ease. She wondered how many noticed her bad habits, she wasn’t exactly the standard image of royalty.
“Eheheheh, it is,” Serenity confessed nervously. “But it’s not something that I’m really good at….” She trailed off, her fingers fidgeting a little bit. She was still Cynthia Lunette in many ways, and this happened to be one of them.
“But I do my best to reassure people that everything’s okay. It’s just a bad habit of mine, I guess!” She laughed nervously, her side-glancing as she wondered how well Iseul might’ve handled the royal circle. It seemed Soo Min was a very proper woman.
“Endymion tends to handle that a lot better than me, and I admire him for that…” But he also grew up a lot more differently than she had. “It might be an idea though, I suppose….”
And maybe I can use it as an excuse to talk with Endymion more! Serenity thought to herself internally, though she normally didn’t need an excuse to talk to her husband. It just seemed that lately, they were more apart with everything that was going on and it was bothering her as each day passed.
Sniffing the air as she smelled the scent of the waffles, Serenity could hear her own stomach grumbling more as Soo Min prepared the plate. “They look so yummy, Soo Min!” Serenity bounced. “I do! Did you want some, too? Or were you going to have cereal?”

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