Fate Always Wins
// July 17th 2030

Kali Portner

Instantly Kali regretted her question, which had seemed so innocent to her, but she very quickly learned that it wasn't a good question to ask. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I never should have asked." Blushing with embarrassment, Kali wasn't sure what else to say. She could point out that she hadn't grown up with parents either, but that was a difficult thing to describe. It wasn't like Kali could just explain she was the child of a time deity and thus, dad was never around. Talking about his mother seemed like a much better subject, which Kali had only recently gained much knowledge about. "But she's telling the truth. I never expected I would ever have the opportunity to be a mother, but my daughter kind of found me. I couldn't help but adopt her, and now I can't think of a life without her." Sera could have been reborn anywhere on Earth, just as the other guardians had all originally been reborn all over the world. Instead, she was reborn right there, in front of Kali, Charlie and Neptune. It was just what the Outers needed, to be complete, and to raise Sera properly.

Since staying on Earth, Kali found herself giving advice to people constantly, though she knew that not everyone liked all her advice. It didn't bother Kali, the time guardian was a patient woman and wasn't quick to temper like some of the other guardians, which was why she speculated that people enjoyed talking to her and at least hearing her opinion. Kali tried to see other people's point of views, so long as it didn't interfere with Kali's ultimate mission to protect the universe as a whole. "As long as you have something you're passionate about, that's all that really matters." Kali suspected she would never find the appeal in cars, but it was Charlie's passion towards them that drew Kali in and made her ask her friend questions, and that was what mattered.

"My job now keeps me very busy. But who doesn't love the science behind matter and space and time? Such powerful forces with infinite possibilities on how to use them." Kali had learned quickly that so many other people didn't find physics as fascinating as she did, but those people were also the ones who didn't literally control time and space as well.

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