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tag: liuxing // February 4, 2031

Steel yourself, her mother's voice would ring in her ears, brisk as a sharp wind. She would not let her emotions overflow, would not let any weakness present itself, especially in this more vulnerable state. It was hard, and bitter - especially when one would consider that last week, the imperial Queen would have considered Jeremiah (and by extension, the Crystal Empire) a close ally.

Perhaps he, and the others of the empire, still considered her a part of their friendly, trusting alliance.

That alliance had done nothing but cause her loss, all for their own gain.

Maybe, in time, she could forgive. That time was not now, and she wasn't sure when it would approach.

The woman's eyes were icy as she watched the man place a bundle upon her table, body stiff with suspicion. What could he possibly have to offer her - she knew it was nothing good, her head turning to make contact with Chandra, as if pulling support from the guardian. Wordlessly, she leaned forward, slender fingers wrapping around the bundle, a knot forming in her stomach. Bile bubbled in her throat as her back leaned against the end of the couch, hand clenching as she felt the distinct, pointed shape of a star.

Instantly, she knew what what it was, her breath catching in her throat. Slowly, she forced herself to unwrap the gift, her teeth clenching together in an attempt to keep her lip from quivering, the rest of her body stiff and motionless. What seemed like hours passed, the last piece of emerald fabric unraveling, leaving something so sacred to her sitting emptily in her lap.

The sight of Saariyah's Star Yell made her nauseous, her mouth opening to gasp in air, as if she was suffocating - darkened, blackened, corrupted. Jeremiah's words were hardly comprehended by her, her almond orbs ripping from the object to meet his own. Even she could see the pain on his face, despite the high stone walls she had built around her own emotions. Perhaps another time, she would have tried to console him, to offer support - and despite her own true nature, she struggled to feel the will to do so.

"You are correct, Doctor Mercer," she finally stated, her hands wrapping around the Star Yell subconsciously. "I am not sure what will be enough to correct the egregious mistake that resulted in my own being taken." The word was sharp, her chin raising in defiance - against perhaps Jeremiah, or perhaps her own tumultuous emotions. "Once my lady is retrieved, I see no reason for my people to stay within this galaxy, less they themselves prefer to." Although she truly doubted some of the Galactica would remain - especially not with how conflicted many of them were in the first place.

"Is there more to this meeting, or will this be all?"

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