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Born into a noble family on the moon Healer of Kinmoku, Saariyah was raised to be a perfect lady with the family’s goal to get her to become a lady-in-waiting for the Imperial Princess. Saariyah has since accomplished that goal, becoming a senior lady-in-waiting for her now Queen. When Saariyah isn’t busy with her duties, she enjoys photography and modeling.

Saariyah has sacrificed much of her personal freedoms in favor of her duty to her planet, and this has greatly impacted how she sees people. She doesn’t have many friends, and the ones that she does have she holds them close to her. She tends to hold grudges, is egotistical, and straightforward—traits that make her undesirable for marriage.

When her Queen announced her desire to go to Earth with the rest of the Galactica, Saariyah greatly disapproved of this motion, but tagged along in order to protect her Queen. She ensures absolute privacy in her overall activities, as not much has gotten out about her personal life.

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