A Tale Of Two Queens

Celeste Lunette

Serenity sat back as she listened to her mother speak, she loved seeing her many mannerisms, and ways of holding herself in general. She was so graceful and smooth, sometimes Serenity felt like a complete mess. But her mother was different and her word encouraging, she was right about already be prepped for this. Unlike the first time she wasn't a child anymore, and while she didn't see the scope of her previous trip to the past, this time she knew. On the upside, she had a team behind her, ones of variety that stick with her in rough situations. She was going to succeed in her mission, and having her mothers back was relaxing. While her mother mentioned not being able to transform anymore, Serenity's fingers twitched.

While she'd thought about her queen duties often, she ignored her own succession into the Sailor Guardian lineage. She always held onto both as a sort of dream, something that would come later, rather than sooner. But, now, she was going on her own mission and that in itself was terrifying. It was her duty to protect her home, fears or not, she hadn't realized it before, but now it was becoming clearer, that she was truly growing into a lady, much like her mother and grandmother. She was proud of herself and happy to know had support.

"Thank you, mother. I am awfully nervous about going but then I remembered that I have a team behind me. I'll make sure to tell the others about our identities staying secret, although I felt as though I'd have to do it again. We aren't sure of what triggers the events now, so, I wouldn't want to mess with anything further." She had a stern look upon her face as she said this, she was fired up to go. "Mother, I just want to say, thank you again. However, If I am to go on my journey, I think I should go tonight." She said as she stood up and looked at her mother with the biggest smile ever. "How about when I get back, we have some tea, and I'll tell you all about my mission?"

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