A Tale Of Two Queens

Celeste Lunette

Princess Lady Serenity was more than afraid of her decision, she was terrified of the consequences it would bring, and how much the future could change. But, not only that, this was her first and final mission before her next phase in life, one that would change her world forever, becoming queen of crystal city. It was something that she knew was approaching her entire life, however, she found herself feeling reluctant to take the throne. Her mother made the task look easy, constantly dealing with whatever came her way, and in turn taught her everything she needed to know.

But wholeheartedly she was still terrified to even become queen, her life was going to change and that was terrifying. But as she walked down the hall and into the meeting room. Her eyes scanned the room as she stated at empty seats. How many times would she have to be in this room? How many people would be waiting on her hand and foot, jumping on every word she said in front of them. It was pressure that she wanted to ask about to her parents, they both handled everything so we'll, but never spoke of the issues behind it.

Her heels clicked and clacker against the marble floors as she took her seat. The young princess placed her hands upon her lap as she looked at the door. She was waiting for her mother to arrive, and only hoped she accepted her plans to leave. She needed to fix the timeline she was the only one that could after all.

Tag:Mama Neo
Time: Morning
Location: Palace Meeting Room

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